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Brexit good for UK if ‘Common Wealth’ realized

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 10 Juin 2016 modifié le 10 Juin 2016 - 09:48

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- UK still commands respect and gratitude in India

--- Though some of media, politicians and political commentators all across the world are busy in advising UK that it should not leave European Union (EU) through June, 23 referendum but Brexit will be good for UK if ‘Common Wealth’ is realized by UK as given below:-

(1)- First and foremost UK should understand that UK still has immense goodwill in Common-Wealth (CW) countries. Out of its 53 members, in the largest member of CW (India of ~ 1.28 billion people) the UK still commands respect and gratitude of Indians (hence not only India will readily join CW but India in CW will also motivate remaining 51 countries to join CW). Despite some aberrations (like Jaliawalan Bagh for which UK has already apologized) in comparison (with Muslim invaders and rulers who committed immense genocides, brutalities, rapes, conversion, oppression on Hindus) the Indians know that the Britishers were angels who:-

(i)- Not only saved India from bloodbath which was to happen if Britishers had not intervened especially after decline of Moghul power in 18th century.

(ii)- Made India as India we know today under one central political / military authority. Whether Hindus accept it or not but it is a sad reality that before Britishers came to India the Hindus were one only though religion and culture but not politically / militarily (with the result small armies of Muslim invaders could defeat Hindu rulers separately and could rule India for centuries).

(iii)- Introduced modern science and technology through industries, railways, telegraphs telephones, electrification, automobiles, educational institutions (for science and technology) etc

(iv)- Introduced modern political system based on universal adult franchise, rule of law buttressed by institutions of Parliament, judiciary, all India military, civil and Police services etc

(v)- Last but not the least gave English to India which still is the greatest asset of India.

(2)- In addition to be the largest unitary political formation of ~ 2.5 Billion people, especially in present time there is one very great advantage to UK if it endeavors to realize a sort of ‘United States of Federal Secular Socialist Republic of Common Wealth Countries’. Because India is going to get Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion (~ $ 15 Trillion) as income tax as explained at:
Which can be used as State-capital by Indian part of ‘Realized Common-Wealth. Hence with this unprecedented immense ‘State-capital’ the ‘Realized Common Wealth’ through India will be the leading economic superpower of the world.

(3)- Here two points need clarification:-

(i)- Socialist only means mixed economy where in addition to private-capital the state-capital will also be deployed profitably especially in the interest of eradicating unemployment.

(ii)- This ‘Realized Common Wealth’ will be possible only when UK gives up constitutional monarchy and in its place adopts Republic model of State where head of the State (‘Realized Common Wealth’) will be elected by the people through suitable Electoral-College of their representatives.

(4)- This Realized Common Wealth’ will be good not only for its 53 member countries but for entire mankind because it will go a long way:-

(i)- In avoiding bloodbath which otherwise is inevitable in SAARC due to:-

(A)- Unresolved chronic & gory Kashmir problem between two nuclear countries India and Pakistan (in which Jihadis from Afghanistan are also involved who, when got free from cold war, triggered militancy in J&K after end of eighties).

(B)- Unresolved problem of millions of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India.

(ii)- In solving (by way of example) political problems in NAME region where (due to terrorism and oppression by Jihadi terrorists and authoritarian regimes) presently millions of people are bleeding and weeping profusely.

(iii)- With 11 member countries (including Australia and New Zealand) from Pacific in ‘Realized Common Wealth’ the present tension going on between China on one side and Pacific countries (under the leadership of USA) on other side will also find a just and peaceful solution.

(5)- In order to become globally beneficial & effective this ‘Realized Common Wealth’ should become one political entity with veto power / permanent membership of UK transferred to this ‘Realized Common Wealth’ (till voting rights mechanism in UNSC is modified and improved)

Therefore with so many benefits to all in sight, the UK should opt out of EU through June, 23 referendum and should endeavor to realize Common-Wealth (a sort of ‘United States of Federal Secular Socialist Republic of Common Wealth Countries’)


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India