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CAR : MINUSCA concerned about distribution of weapons to youth in Ippy

- 28 Février 2017

CAR : MINUSCA concerned about distribution of weapons to youth in Ippy
Bangui, 28 February 2017 – Verified information shows that the Front Populaire pour la Renaissance de Centrafrique (FPRC)’s coalition is distributing weapons to youth in Ippy, Ouaka prefecture (centre of the Central African Republic), in order to continue its offensive on Bambari in a clear violation of the line set up by United Nations forces.

MINUSCA firmly condemns such maneuvers which, if implemented, would seriously endanger the lives of innocent populations and lead to further attacks on peacekeepers.

MINUSCA urges FPRC coalition commanders to immediately stop these acts and stresses that they will bear full responsibility for any violence against the civilian population and United Nations forces. The Mission urges the coalition commanders to withdraw from Ippy without delay and regain their initial positions.

MINUSCA reiterates its previous appeals and echoes those from the Central African Government and international community to all armed groups, in particular FPRC and UPC (Mouvement pour l’Unité et la Paix en Centrafrique) for an immediate cessation of hostilities and to commit to the dialogue envisaged by both the national authorities and the African peace initiative.

MINUSCA will continue to fulfill its mandate, according to Security Council resolution 2301, with total impartiality, in particular to protect civilian populations, strengthen State authority and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The Mission will spare no effort to reduce the presence and the threat posed by armed groups throughout all Central African territory.

Pour toute information, contactez-nous au : +(235) 99267667 ; 62883277 ; 66267667 (Bureau N'Djamena)