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If 5/8 is by Bangladeshi terrorists JuM, entry of ISIS will be any time in India

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 8 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- ISIS threat especially in N-E is already being apprehended (ii)- 5/8 is allegedly by Bangladeshi terrorist outfit Jamat-ul-Mujahideen (iii)- JuM will soon be claimed by ISIS if already not claimed (iii)- 5/8 bound to activate other terrorist groups in North-East (iv)- BJP won election in Assam mainly on the issue of Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators in alliance with two such parties (v)- Hence ultimately issue of Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators will come to fore (vi)- This is bound to activate more terrorist groups in Bangladesh where ISIS already has gained foothold (vii)- Further terrorist attack in N-E will provide ISIS foothold in N-E (viii)- Despite visit of HM Rajnath to Pakistan situation has not improved in Kashmir rather fire of Kashmir has reached Jammu region (ix)- Despite huge local-grievance-capital Kashmiri Separatists and Pak & its Jihadis have failed to satisfy Kashmiris (x)- This has created huge potential of ISIS foothold in Kashmir too.

---- The Kokrajhar terrorist attack (15 killed and ~ 15 injured) on August, 5 in Assam has been termed as ISIS type attack by media but government of India (GOI) and of Assam say that it was carried out by a Bodo terrorist outfit NDFB (S). But many people do not believe government’s version for two reasons (i)- A Bodo terrorist outfit will not kill so many Bodos (6 out of 14 victims) and (ii)- As reported in media (The Asian Herald) the Minister of Environment of Assam Rani Brahma, who is also the sitting MLA of Kokrajhar, has raised some serious questions and has suspected JUM Bangladesh for this 5/8 terrorist attack. If this charge of MLA Rani is true then JuM will soon be claimed by ISIS if has already not been claimed so-far.

Therefore GOI should take 5/8 more seriously because it has potential of ISIS foothold (not merely entry though ISIS linked terrorist attacks) in not only N-E but also in Kashmir as explained below:-

(1)- GOI is aware that ISIS threat especially in N-E is already being apprehended as mentioned also at

(2)- The 5/8 terrorist attack at Kokrajhar is bound to activate other terrorist groups in N-E which ultimately is bound to bring the issue of Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators to fore mainly due to the reason that BJP won election in Assam mainly on the issue of Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators in alliance with two such parties as mentioned at

(3)- This likely new wave of terrorism in N-E is bound to activate more terrorist groups in Bangladesh where ISIS has already gained foothold as is evident from 1/7 terrorist attack at Dhaka and later killing of 9 ISIS linked terrorist by security forces in Bangladesh.

(4)- The GOI should consider this ‘likely to be more’ grave situation in N-E with what is happening in J&K. The Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in Parliament that whatever uprising is happening in Kashmir is due to Pakistan. Hence when HM Rajnath went to Pakistan everybody expected that HM Rajnath will do something in Pakistan which will improve situation in Kashmir (where over 55 killed ~ 6,000 injured including security forces and ~ 150 eyes injured partially or completely since July, 8 killing of Burhan) which is deteriorating by the day as mentioned at

(5)- But except some meaningless information (about HM not getting lunch in Pak, demonstrations against HM Rajnath in Pak, black-out of Rajnath’s speech at SAARC etc) HM Rajnath has not brought anything from Pakistan. Out of ego of Modi government (which has become greater ego than the ego of India who’s people are bleeding and weeping profusely in Kashmir) the HM Rajnath did not even talk (bilaterally on the sidelines of SAARC) to Pak government about said mischief (as HM told Parliament) being played by Pak in Kashmir. With the result after HM Rajnath came back to India not only violence continued in Kashmir (killing and injuring more people) but the fire of Kashmir has reached Jammu region too where anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans / flags are being raised

(6)- These all have very serious implications in J&K. For the first time after killing of Burhan there is such a huge local-grievance-capital in Kashmir where Kashmiri society (including women and Children) are on streets. But Kashmiri Separatists (Geelani, Mirwaiz, Malik trio) and Pakistan & its Jihadis have failed (i)- To bring any succor to Kashmiris where people continue to die and get injured and (ii)- To politically satisfy Kashmiris. This has created huge potential of not only the entry but even foothold of ISIS in J&K (especially in Muslim majority Kashmir) and which will give great advantage to ISIS in getting entry / foothold further in entire AF-PAK region.

(7)- Therefore GOI should shed its false and unethical ego (of not talking to Pakistan unless it and its controlled Jihadis stop terrorism in India which is as good or as bad as asking Pakistan to bring moon) and instead in the interest of bringing succor to the people of India (the real sovereign of India) in Kashmir should do whatever is needed (including retrieve of POK) which will effectively frustrate any likelihood of ISIS getting a foothold in Kashmir (and through it ultimately further in AF-PAK region).

(8)- As far N-E, unless BJP led GOI sheds its communal mindset (which was there in Congress led Union governments too) and instead starts the process of identification, tracking and deportation of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants (not only Muslims but Hindus too who are more in numbers than their Muslim counterpart) nothing is going to solve this problem. Here it is in context if Bangladesh refuses to take these Bangladeshi illegal immigrants then India should demand commensurate territory and exclusive mineral rights from Bangladesh.

It is hoped that during August, 15 celebrations of Independence-Day (the independence which was achieved without raising the guns hence the martially deficient India) through its Union government India will come out of its make believe world and will gird itself up in order to discharge its martial responsibilities in J&K and in N-E where tens of thousands of people have been killed and injured and their properties & honor destroyed & looted since independence in 1947.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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