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Leniency towards USA / UN will prove costly to India due to Pakistan, China and Sunni-NATO

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 27 Novembre 2017

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- India (despite UN) foolishly entering into US camp against China (ii)-Sunni-NATO (headed by General Sharif) meeting at Riyadh should be eye-opener to India (iii)- Release of Hafiz Saeed bound to be security challenge for India due to unresolved Kashmir problem (iv)- PM Modi turning-out to be paper tiger, poverty-phil and anti-Globalization (v)- PM Modi unnecessarily lenient towards USA / UN (vi)- UN veto-wielding permanent members are more a problem than solution to global problems (vii)- Obeisance by poverty-loving PM Modi to exclusive-private-capitalist Prez Trump depriving India of ~ $ 16 Trillion State-capital (viii)- Not solving Kashmir problem (by retrieve of PoK) is proving PM Modi to be merely a paper tiger (ix)- India unnecessarily allowing UN permanent member China to be irresponsible by not pressing for ‘UN Judicial Commission’ for Indo-China border settlement (x)- India dangerously overlooking danger to Globalization by imminent Sunni-Shia war by not demanding UNPKF and UNEC for solution of NAME region (xi)- India is unnecessarily not demanding global currency (with proper asset back-up) through UN, a sine-quo-non for globalization

---People of India had very high hopes from PM Modi but sadly he is turning-out to be paper tiger, poverty-lover, anti-Globalization and unnecessarily obeisant to USA and if PM Modi does not do course correction in view of the following then it may be too late for India as mentioned below:-

(1)- India is foolishly entering into US camp (including Japan, Australia, South Korea etc of Pacific region) against China especially when there is United Nation through which all the global problems should be solved. USA is incapable of solving such and other problems through UN due to two reasons (i)- USA is pathetically incompetent to develop international laws through UN and (ii)- The present system of veto to 5 permanent members of UN is creating more global problems than solving these as is evident from Ukraine / Crimea problem, Problems in NAME region, South China Sea problem etc - all these problems in which permanent members of UN are mainly responsible / culprits.

(2)- Sunni-NATO (as popularly known, headed by General Sharif of Pakistan and sponsored by Saudi Arabia) meeting at Riyadh should be eye-opener to India. On November, 26 there was a meeting of Sunni-NATO of 41 Sunni Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia about which Pakistan’s former army chief and the coalition’s military commander, Gen Raheel Sharif reportedly said that “A number of our member countries are under tremendous pressure while fighting well established terrorist organizations due to capacity shortages of their armed forces and law enforcement agencies". How much time Pakistan will take in succeeding at Sunni-NATO to include India also in one of such well-established terrorist organizations / countries [due to alleged excesses by security forces (under protection of unnecessarily draconian laws like AFSPA, SPA etc) of Hindu India on mostly Sunni Muslim Kashmiris] is any body’s guess.

(3)- It is adding to the problems of India with Pakistan especially in present situation when Hafiz Saeed (designated terrorist responsible for 26/11 too) is freed by court of Pakistan. India is such a naïve & foolish country that it has not pressurized foreign countries including USA (who’s citizens were killed in 26/11 at Mumbai) to initiate criminal proceedings in their countries against Pakistan and its militant-Jihadis responsible for 26/11. With the result Hafiz Saeed is coming closer and closer to wielding reins of power in Pakistan through elections (by his political party) where he may not become King (PM or CM) but certainly the King-maker given the fact that he enjoys substantial support among Pakistanis due to his support to Kashmir cause and his philanthropic NGOs all across Pakistan. In a nutshell the release of Hafiz Saeed is bound to be security challenge for India due to unresolved Kashmir problem. Over-dependence on USA to bailout India on Kashmir is self-defeating and cowardice on the part of India especially when Pakistan (and its militant-Jihadis) much smaller than India talks 24x7 openly about snatching Indian side of Kashmir from India. Not solving Kashmir problem (by retrieving PoK militarily if necessarily) is proving PM Modi (with self-boasted 56 inch chest) to be merely a paper tiger.

(4)- China with merely ~ $ 4 Trillion spare capital has become world power hence what India will become with ~ $ 16 Trillion spare State-capital is any body’s guess. But such a graceless obeisance by poverty-loving PM Modi to exclusive-private-capitalist Prez Trump is depriving India of ~ $ 16 Trillion State-capital. Americanism is nothing but joint-capitalism where in addition to private –capital the State-capital is also deployed profitably for the welfare of the people. But Prez Trump is against State-capital (which he calls socialism) without realizing that it is anti-Americanism and which is evident from his this year’s speech at UNGA (though USA has used State-capital born out of fiscal deficits which has increased public debt up-to ~ $ 16 Trillion. Like other countries USA has also squandered this State-capital by not deploying it profitably especially for the purpose of removing unemployment). Now PM Modi has gone one step further in his allegiance to exclusively-private capitalism when he is not recovering State-capital of ~ $ 16 Trillion as mentioned at and . It is hoped PM Modi will cease to be poverty-loving and will recover and use this State capital of ~ $ 16 Trillion for converting presently-poor-India [where there is huge unemployment and farmers (especially small and marginal) are practically starving and reportedly over 12,000 farmers are commit suicide every year] into prosperous-India.

(5)- Unlike dispute with Pakistan (which is a political dispute about Kashmir) the dispute with China is a legal dispute about international-border and which can easily be resolved by referring it to ‘UN Judicial Commission’ for Indo-China border settlement. But India is unnecessarily allowing UN permanent member China to be irresponsible by not pressing for said ‘UN Judicial Commission’ especially given the fact that China is a permanent member of UN hence enjoying all the privileges of permanent member of UN hence under legal obligation to resolve Indo-China border dispute especially when it can easily be solved though UN Judicial Commission. But India is foolishly allowing China to be an adversary (especially through Pakistan) and which has engendered security scenario of India.

(6)- Prez trump is against Globalization and is trying to drag USA in isolationism for the simple reason that USA is pathetically incompetent to develop international laws through UN. But India (a secular democracy of ~ 1.3 billion people and that too in Asia hence needs Globalization) should work for Globalization. For this India should understand that without global political order and without global currency Globalization is impossible. Hence India should demand global currency (with proper asset back-up) through Central Bank at UN and its branches in every member country of UN.

(7)- India is dangerously overlooking danger to Globalization by imminent Sunni-Shia war encouraged by USA. While addressing ~ 50 Muslim countries at Riyadh, on May 21, 2017 the US President Trump instigated these Muslim countries to take the responsibility of changing regime in Iran and eradicating Shia terrorism from NAME region (directly and not through UN). This speech of Trump at Riyadh was made in the backdrop of Sunni-NATO which is bound to trigger global-Shia-Sunni-war. Prez Trump is thus acting unethically therefore India should demand that:-

(i)- Instead of present veto system there should be voting rights to every member commensurate with its contribution of men (including martial), money and material to UN and its record about human rights.

(ii)- Instead of creating more global problems through Sunni-NATO, the problem in NAME region should be solved through UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF) & UN Election Commission (UNEC) in which India can contribute immensely by providing manpower (military, paramilitary, police and civilians) in millions.

(iii)- There should be International Political Parties (IIP) registered at UN because in many countries (especially in Muslim countries) if politics is left to local people then it ultimately comes under the strangulating influence of the medieval-thinking religious leaders and blood-thirsty-Jihadis (who do not understand the true meaning of Jihad) in these countries.

(iv)- Merely democracy is not enough to ensure human rights in any country as is evident from the case of India too where communal rights (rather massacre of minorities) have taken place in the past (like 1984 Delhi riots, 2002 Gujarat riots etc) and may take place in near future also at all India level in view of Hindu’s obstinacy to build temple of Lord Rama at the site of destructed Babri Mosque (even if Supreme Court judgment goes in favor of Muslims). Hence instead of optional-protocol OP-1 (at UN) there should be mandatory-protocol MP-1 of ICCPR at UN where individual citizen can move UN for securing his / her human rights even by military intervention of UN in any erring member of UN.

(v)- Nukes of all member countries should be brought under one command & control of UN for ultimate elimination of nuclear & other WMDs.

Let us hope that PM Modi will stop (to be unnecessary obeisant to US, paper tiger, poverty -lover and anti-Globalization) by giving-up his self-defeating policies and instead will do the above mentioned so that India not only has a chance to survive in this age of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ (sponsored by Pakistan and irresponsibly supported by UN permanent member China, as far as India is concerned) but will be able to contribute substantially in ushering the mankind in peaceful, just and prosperous Globalization through UN.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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