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Prez Mukherjee should take immediate cognizance of political scandal about Samajwadi Party etc

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 26 Octobre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- Without corruption in ‘Election Commission of India’ on-going farce (about organizational elections in various political parties) is legally impossible.

---- Political commentators and journalists in media were puzzled and aghast at what Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh said on October 24 & 25 at a party meeting and press conference.

Mulayam on October, 24 said that Amar Singh saved him in ‘Disproportionate Assets’ (DA) case hence he can’t tolerate anything against Amar Singh. Hence people are aghast whether Amar could fix CBI etc & Court to bail out Mulayam in DA case.

Mulayam on October, 25 said that incumbent UP CM will not be the CM Candidate in 2017 Vidhansabha election. People know that every party when in power goes to people in election on the bases of performance of the party government hence seek votes in the name of incumbent Chief Minister by projecting him as CM candidate in coming election. Otherwise it is tantamount to admitting that incumbent party government was a failure (which no political party will do, in its senses and wisdom).

But Mulayam did it which creates genuine suspicion that Amar is black-mailing Mulayam due to said DA case [Amar might have saved Mulayam from CBI etc and Court but might have retained incriminating evidences against Mulayam (in this DA case) with him, in order to black-mail Mulayam in future whenever needed].

The way Amar Singh has succeed in constraining Mulayam to summarily and illegally expel Member of Parliament Ramgopal Yadav from the party (in order to benefit Amar supporters in anti-Akhilesh camp) and in further constraining Mulayam to deny CM candidacy to incumbent CM Akhilesh, it is evident that Mulayam is comprehensively being black-mailed by Amar Singh due to said DA case.

Here it is in context to add that such political scandals including family drama in various political parties (which is going on in Samajwadi Party too for the last one month in full glare of 24x7 electronic media) is possible only due to serious derelictions of Election Commission of India (ECI). But such political anarchy of a democratic country about political parties cannot be merely due to minor dereliction of duty on the part of ECI. Rather it is possible only when political parties are bribing ECI to keep quiet about organizational elections [which are expected to be carried out only after ensuring by ECI that membership lists (of members eligible to vote) are prepared and made public by the political parties before organizational elections].

One such example is enough to prove this point. Shiv Sena (from the days of former SS President Late Bala Saheb Thackeray) operates and fields candidates in the elections in many States of India outside Maharashtra. But SS members especially from outside Maharashtra are never allowed to take part in farcical organizational elections of SS (even annual returns of audited financial accounts of the party are not filed by SS). It cannot happen unless national leadership of SS is bribing ECI regularly.

Unlike former President APJ Abdul Kalam the incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee has been a practicing politician and has been Union Cabinet Minister for many years. Hence Prez Mukherjee must know that organizational election is not a private matter of political parties but it is a public matter of highest importance rather a crucial matter on which any democracy depends.

Despite democracy popularly called ‘of the people for the people by the people’ in all the democracies of the world the people do not rule directly but only through political parties. Hence democracy has meaning only when people are given choice to vote for any political party which functions democratically by ensuring periodic organizational elections.

It is not to belittle the political contribution which Prez Mukherjee has made (in the service of India) throughout his political career but it will be nothing in comparison to what he can make as President if he ensure that corrupt ECI is constrained to ensure periodic organizational elections in all the political parties of India (after making public the list of party members eligible for vote).

Therefore Prez Mukherjee should take immediately cognizance of said murky matter of Samajwadi Party etc and should ensure that:-

(i)- Inquiry is ordered whether investing agency (CBI etc) and Court were fixed by Amar Singh in order to save Mulayam Singh in DA case.

(ii)- Proper Investigation is carried out about obvious corruption of ECI in not ensuring legally expected organizational election in various political parties.

(iii)- In future ECI ensures periodic organizational elections (after publication of lists of members eligible for voting) in all the political parties.

(iv)- Well before 2107 UP elections, immediate organizational election not only in Samajwadi Party (but in all the political parties who are going to contest 2017 election in UP) are carried-out, so that coming 2017 Vidhansabha election in UP does not become a farce.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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