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REPORT/CAR: Complex elections conducted by coercion

Alwihda Info | Par V.M - 9 Décembre 2015

BAMBARI (LNC) — In Bambari, “General” Joseph Zoundeko from UPC (a faction of Seleka) expressed his non-concern of Political Affairs, his stuff is only to focus on his military chain of command.

“Our Political Bureau agreed to the principle of the referendum and general elections. Nonetheless, you do know the costs we’ve incurred in Bangui lately no?”.

Up in Kaga-Bangoro, Nourredine Adam, with his eight hundred fighters around him seemed surprised after his previous statement:

“My statement was not correctly understood, I didn’t make any type of declaration of war, but expressed all that was necessary to say.
Having elections coming up here, for what? Priorities on here are, educational and health infrastructure among a lot, that’s all. The North of this country has always been neglected.
Holding elections in such difficult conditions is a non sense.
That why we are clearly opposed to it.”

Back to Bambari, where the all powerful Anti-Balaka “General” Gaitan Boade for his part turned that to mockery:

“Only joke for whites, a playgame that’s it. There is nothing in this country, and they need elections against all? Anyway, We will not stand in the way, that is not our problem.”

In Bangui, even PM Mahamat Kamoun is tired, after the absolute tomfoolery in Libreville :

– LNC : You went to Libreville, to forecast the dates for the elections and you back hands empty, explain this please!
– MK : Only you are making that point. The electoral timetable remains unchanged, despite the extension of the political transition period.

– LNC : It is an aberration!
– MK : Once again, So you say, I still haven’t any idea of what you’re talking about.

According to a us diplomat in Bangui talking under anonymity:

“Although holding elections is important, as usual, everything will be decided in the capital. It surely be even more delicate in the provinces, as authorities are unable to secure credible votes over there.”

As a matter of fact, fraud on a huge scale is expected.

With scores of fake inscriptions, no one knows who is who in CAR.
Specially knowing that, since a while, the Central African Republic is well known as counterfeiter.

About the security situation, nothing exists to ensure the good holding of these elections in province. So, with nearly half of the territory controlled by irregular forces or armed bands, stuff is going to be very complicated.

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