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Trump should speak & act as Pompeo failed to serve US-interests at USIBC

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 23 Juillet 2020

Sub:- (i)- USA needs military treaty with India more than vice-versa (ii)- Pompeo’s confusion stems from foreign policy confusion of Trump-administration (iii)- USA also negligent about propagating values of genuine Christianity in rest the world namely of human rights, non-violence and empowerment of working class

-- On July 22, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks to the summit of the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) where ( ) Pompeo said the following in relevance to present Indo-China border standoff:-
“[The USA and India are the oldest and the most populous democracies in the world. The U.S.-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership is the way in which our relationship can become even stronger. The USA and India have a shared understanding of the challenges facing our countries, the region, and the world. Due to the true scope of the challenge posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), at risk are our infrastructure projects, our supply chains, our sovereignty, and our people’s health, and safety. The recent clashes along the India-China Line of Actual Control initiated by the People’s Liberation Army are just the latest examples of the CCP’s unacceptable behavior. and there is a need for democracies to work together to address China’s increasingly aggressive posture vis-à-vis its neighbors. India is important in multilateral fora and the USA and India, together with Japan and Australia, have revived the “Quad]”.

This speech of Pompeo is neither here nor there as it does not serve the interest of the USA. As far as India, it is also like advising a house owner to start digging a well when his house is already on fire. To be fair to Pompeo this confusion in US foreign policies is because of the confusion of Trump-administration about foreign policies hence President Trump should take the lead in view of given below:-

(1)- The USA doesn’t understand that the world will not be the same after the present Indo-China border dispute is over especially given the fact that the UN global political system has already become dysfunctional as its two permanent members Russia and specially China are not at good terms and are always fighting with its other three veto-wielding countries (the USA, UK and France).

(2)- The USA doesn’t realize that in this age of globalization the people who have the most to lose have more stacks in a stable global political order. Hence USA needs India more than vice-versa and the military treaty [for US-boots on ground for India for retrieving Indian territory from China & Pakistan and for independence of Tibet as per suzerainty- sovereignty relationship (as mentioned at in order to overcome the on-going crisis which is threatening the very existence of India due to combined military threat from China & Pakistan in united-J&K] is equally if not more important and beneficial for the USA.

(3)- The USA could not establish a progressive global political order despite starting the UN at its soil in 1945 because the USA (and its organized religion of Christianity) also neglected the propagation of the values of genuine Christianity namely of human rights, non-violence and empowerment of the working class [which is empowered due to advance of about 500 years in modern science and technology in western Christian world which is following the religion having its Prophet (a carpenter) from working class].

(4)- Before developing an intimate political relationship (including military and not merely strategic or tactical) the USA should understand that India has two major deficiencies which has prevented it from becoming of any value to the global political order:-

(i)- The business class (which controls capital) is very important in any democratic country but the business class in India (the Banias of Hindu order) is overly- submissive culturally, with the result they are unable to protect the interests of business in India unlike East India company which ultimately took over India from 18th century for protecting their business interests or unlike businessmen of the USA who preferred war of Independence in 1776 than to succumb to British government which was trying to promote British business interests which resulted in protest in the form of Tea-Party rebellion. On the contrary Indian businessmen didn’t speak effectively and forcefully and didn’t do anything when Supreme Court of India in 2012 illegally cancelled 122 contracts in 2G -spectrum matter or when illegal and criminal demonetization was inflicted in 2016 by Government of India (GoI) which harmed the economy or when in 2020 without proper preparation Corona-lockdown was inflicted on the people which made mockery of physical distancing and ruined the economy. Hence India needs capital investment from other sources.

(ii)- In democracy the moral of the people should be more than of the State. There is nothing wrong with reservation in government services commensurate with the percentage in population if any human group believes that it can not get proportionate representation in government services on merit. But when it is given with the demoralizing tag of oppressed or backward castes (which is against human dignity hence against their human rights) then it is fatal for democracy. Hence unless reservation is stopped for majority of Indians with such demoralizing tag (who elect similarly demoralized leaders), the democratic India has no future whatsoever. This the USA can constrain India to rectify as per human rights laws of global order.

(5)- The USA needs India to maintain US-military-dominance, globally. Rather the USA should be glad to put its boots on ground for India as per the said military treaty. The USA should know that the military power depends on GDP and not on PCI (per capita income) and presently the USA is losing its clout globally because it has less number of people under its political / military management. With India and ultimately SAARC ( plus Myanmar which is part of old India under Britishers with English as working language + Independent Tibet as it will be difficult for it to survive politically especially being land-locked country) under / with it militarily, the USA will be able to use the GDP of about 2.1 billion people which will be huge if the USA can ensure the recovery of about Rs 1,000 trillion income tax from about one million tax evaders as mentioned at ) to develop military power of said extended SAARC under the military control of the USA which will be globally predominant and the USA should not miss this opportunity of gaining such global-military-dominance.

(6)- The USA will have to take the initiative for entering into said military treaty with India because:-

(i)- India will not do it as it has given-up its martial tradition long back which is evident from the fact that unlike the USA it did not raise guns against Britishers for independence despite there were about 2 million battle hardened Indians who returned from World War I & II each, who fought for Britishers in these wars. India follows Brahmanism hence its leadership is always afraid of its martial elements gaining importance. Therefore even after 1971 Bangladesh war (when then PM Indira Gandhi was at her peak of popularity due to resounding victory in this war) Indira Gandhi unnecessarily asked the then Army Chief Late Field Marshal Maneckshaw whether (as per him) he was preparing for military take-over of India.

(ii)- Trump should not forget that the USA could also win the war of independence when in 1781 the French troops came with the US troops with the result British army under Cornwallis surrendered at the battle of Chesapeake. Hence the USA should persuade & convince India that nothing wrong in taking military help from other countries to win a war.

Therefore instead of giving hollow promises and meaningless advices to India (which is in the urgent need of US-military support and US-boots on ground for retrieving its territory of united J&K from China & Pakistan and for independence of Tibet, without which India’s problems with China will never be over) President Trump should take the initiative for said military treaty with India which is equally if not more important & beneficial for the USA too.


Hem Raj Jain

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