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USA should stop encouraging India for further killing & bloodshed in Kashmir

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 5 Septembre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- After farce of All Party Delegation (APD) the USA should understand lack of seriousness of India (ii)- GOI is embolden to violently harass Kashmiris due to irresponsible policy of USA (iii)- APD played over smart and didn’t meet OFFICIALLY with Hurriyat (iv)- Hurriyat in 5 point demand mainly wanted Kashmir to be recognized as disputed territory (v) APD did not respond to this demand before coming to Kashmir (vi)- Does USA agree with GOI that J&K is not disputed territory (vii)- Even if yes, why USA doesn’t constrain India to talk to Pakistan for retrieve of PoJK

--- Human rights friendly world-community should expect that the USA, which is so ably supported by so many think tanks, will understand the farce which India played [by way of two day visit to Kashmir on September 4 & 5 of All Party Delegation (APD) of 30 Member of Parliament under the leadership of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh] and will stop encouraging India to carry out further killing & bloodshed in Kashmir as explained below:-

(1)- Both India and Pakistan consider J&K to be integral part of their country. Hence Pakistan tried to take militarily Kashmir in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 during Kargil etc but India never tried (not even once) to retrieve PoJK hence due to adverse possession Pakistan has better claim on J&K. Having said that government of India (GOI) led by PM Modi of BJP has, since last two years, stopped talking to Pakistan even for retrieve of PoJK on the lame excuse that Pakistan is talking to Hurriyat (though in agenda of alliance of PDP-BJP government in J&K it is mentioned that government itself will talk to Hurriyat). Moreover Pakistan is not making Hurriyat the third party in dispute as during bilateral talks only two parties India and Pakistan are supposed to be on table.

(2)- The irresponsibility of India is best reflected the way the farce was enacted through APD as it didn’t meet OFFICIALLY with Hurriyat though in 5 point demand (published in media much before APD left Delhi for Sri Nagar) Hurriyat mainly wanted Kashmir to be recognized as disputed territory which USA also recognizes so (hence asks India and Pakistan to resolve Kashmir problem thorough bilateral dialogue).

(3)- But APD wasted this opportunity to bring peace in Kashmir (where 73 are killed, ~ 5,000 civilians injured ~ 150 eyes injured by pellet guns, immense destruction of properties and over 55 days of curfew) on the contrary it indulged in meaningless arguments (about some members of APD who went to meet Hurriyat leaders) that APD did not go OFFICIALLY to Hurriyat leaders (generally called as Separatists though they did not demand, before said APD visit, the separation of J&K from India rather are only demanding that Kashmir should be recognized as disputed territory). OPD further absurdly said that there was no OFFICIAL invitation to Hurriyat from APD or GOI or government of J&K rather an invitation was there to Hurriyat by PDP President Mehbooba (and not Chief Minister Mehbooba).

(4)- On the top of it during debates on prominent TV channels of India the spokesperson of BJP castigated the APD members (who went to meet the Hurriyat leaders) as stooges of Pakistani sponsored Separatists who went with a begging bowl to Separatists (hence are anti-national).

(5)- USA should understand that despite ‘secular’ India saying that entire J&K is an integral part of India it not only does nothing (not even talk to Pakistan) for retrieving PoJK for the simple that PoJK is Muslim populated but Hindus are also taking revenge against Muslims of Kashmir (by way of exposing Kashmiris to Indian Army with AFSPA etc with immense violation of human rights) for the atrocities committed by Muslim invaders and rulers against Hindus for ~ 1,000 years Hence Hindu India is simply not interested in solving Kashmir problem and hardly concerned even if thousands of Kashmiris are bleeding and weeping profusely (during on-going unrest also).

(6)- Due to new friendship of USA with India (due to China factor) USA is also giving only lip service to dialogue between India and Pakistan for resolving Kashmir dispute. But USA does not realize that this Indo-US new friendship has made India absolutely irresponsible and now India is simply not bothered about talking to Pakistan for Kashmir solution which makes even the claim of India (that entire J&K is integral part of India) as absurd for the simple reason that about half of J&K is with Pakistan (and some with China through Pakistan).

(7)- Hence USA Should understand that (by way of condoning said irresponsible attitude of GOI) the responsibility of all the on-going killings and bloodshed in Kashmir is on USA too [who claims to be the leader of free world despite what it did in bringing gory situation in Ukraine and NAME (Especially in Syria) by way of its acts of omission].

Therefore for protecting the good reputation of the father of the nation of USA (who through Americanism gave such respect for USA as the leader of free world) the present US government should immediately call the bluff of GOI and should constrain GOI to sit with Pakistan for resolving Kashmir problem so that GOI may not indulge in further killing and bloodshed of beleaguered Kashmiris.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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