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Zhejiang govt quashes rumors of overzealous G20 security

Alwihda Info | Par peoplesdaily - 27 Août 2016

Caption: Two tourists in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province - which will host the G20 summit in September - pose for a photo on the empty street around West Lake on Thursday. As the summit approaches, traffic control measures have reduced the number of cars running on several streets around the lake. Photo: IC

Source:Global Times, People’s Daily
Authorities in East China's Zhejiang Province refuted a string of rumors spread on social media about intensified security measures for the upcoming Group of 20 (G20) summit in the provincial capital, Hangzhou, reminding the public not to believe or repost such information to avoid legal consequences.

The Zhejiang government's publicity department released an article on its official WeChat account on Wednesday denying several stories about Hangzhou's security measures that have gone viral on social media recently. The rumors included claims that Hangzhou residents were stopped by police officers on the road or before entering the subway and were asked to drink any liquids they were carrying.

These jokes are fabricated, and rumormongers will be held legally liable, the government's announcement said, calling on residents not to believe or further spread fake or ridiculous information.

The article noted, however, that the public security bureau will intensify random security checks on liquids in crowded areas, including railway and subway stations and bus stops.

Hangzhou will host Chinese President Xi Jinping and dozens of leaders from the world's major economies at this year's G20 summit, held September 4-5.

The city is reportedly finalizing security measures in all possible areas, including mobilizing citizen volunteers as patrollers, increasing security checks on inbound travelers and parcels and establishing a special food storehouse for summit guests and personnel.

The article also denied claims that most gas stations,  supermarkets, small and mid-size restaurants and hotels under three stars in some downtown districts of Hangzhou will be closed during the summit.

Authorities have never requested that any restaurants, hotels or gas stations suspend business, and the Hangzhou government will take measures to ensure the 96 supermarkets and 147 food markets in the main districts of the city operate regularly, read the article. 

The article also said that high-speed trains and flights bound for Hangzhou on September 4 and 5 will operate as usual.

"Without security, everything is meaningless … Hangzhou believes that security matters more than anything, and the city is going all out to guarantee security during the G20 summit," Zhao Yide, secretary of the Communist Party of China's Hangzhou Municipal Committee, said at a conference marking the one-month countdown to the summit earlier this month.

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