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L'École Polytechnique lance un nouveau programme d'études supérieures en intelligence artificielle et en informatique visuelle avancée

- 13 Janvier 2018

At the edge between computer science and applied mathematics, Artificial Intelligence is a constantly growing field in which recent advances are highly impressive. Its goal is to create intelligent agents or systems capable of operating on their own to achieve difficult goals, such as decision-making or creation tasks. The new École Polytechnique Graduate Degree program combines Artificial Intelligence with Visual Computing techniques; a part of computer science that studies the processing and simulation of visual information in all its forms - both complementing and bringing extra challenges to IA methods.

L'École Polytechnique lance un nouveau programme d'études supérieures en intelligence artificielle et en informatique visuelle avancée
École Polytechnique will launch its Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing program in September 2018 in association with Inria, ENSTA ParisTech and Telecom ParisTech. Its curriculum strongly focuses on digital sciences. The most promising applications include statistical learning and data science and will cover 3D computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, multimodal interaction, computer vision, robotics, and 3D Fabrication. This Graduate Degree program is designed for both French and International students with previous high-level training in either Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. All courses will be taught in English by Professors from École Polytechnique, partner institutions and companies.
Students will have four weeks of introduction courses in either mathematics (statistical analysis, introduction to Machine Learning) or in Computer Science (C++ programming, basics of 3D modeling and algorithmic geometry), in order to complement their initial training disciplines. This introduction will be followed by two training periods of two and a half months, consisting of courses in deep learning, data analysis, robot motion planning, virtual and augmented reality, etc. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss ethical issues and innovative applications during a weekly seminar and work on practical projects. They will finish the academic year by doing a six-month research project, in either a public or private research laboratory such as Google, Facebook, Ubisoft, Dassault, Thales, etc.
Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Visual Computing is one of eight international Graduate Degree programs launched by École Polytechnique since 2016. In a world facing new challenges like climate change, economic mutations and technological break-throughs, École Polytechnique proposes relevant academic programs integrating the most recent knowledge and the expertise of its researchers, aiming to understand and analyze all issues that modern society is facing in the 21st century. Graduate Degree programs are built on the strengths and assets of École Polytechnique: proximity with companies, the needs of industries and a multidisciplinary academic approach closely linked to research. The other Graduate Degrees offered by École Polytechnique are: Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM); Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance; Smart Cities and Urban Policy; Data Science for Business; Internet of Things: Innovation and Management; Eco Technologies for Sustainability and Environment Management; Cybersecurity: Threat and Defense.

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