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Obama’s hour of reckoning in view of AIPAC meet

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain (Free author) - 5 Mars 2012

Sub:- Obama’s hour of reckoning in view of AIPAC meet.

Ref:- (i)- Whether Joe Boehner again tries for Joint – Congress
session or not - the Jewish lobby’s huge influence over Washington is
a reality.

(ii)- For non-issue - Obama need not unnecessarily spill blood of
Americans & Allies in Iran.

(iii)- Obama can still try for ‘forced global de-nuclearization
through UN’ in a time bound program.

(iv)- Syrian war can be fought by Syrians but what about Iran?

(v)- Iran is the only country with de-facto ruler - a religious head

(vi)- Demolition of martial and civilian infrastructure of Iran by
technologically superior USA & Allies will not be enough.

(vii)- Likely oil crises due to Strait of Hormuz disturbance, bound to
arouse world community against USA & Allies.

(viii)- Russia will certainly take revenge by converting Iran into

Dear Sir

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) meet of March,
4-6 where US constitutional authorities, political commentators and
media etc will address the AIPAC meet has sent clear signal to world
community that Israel Prime Mister and President Netanyahu & Shimon
Peres are in Washington to pressurize Obama to go for all out war
against Iran preferably (if not war through UN due to veto of Russia
and China then decisive simultaneous induced uprising by arming the
rebels to teeth) in Syria too.

This time whether or not House Speaker John Boehner tries to summon
Joint – Congress Session (as he did last year) to give opportunity to
Netanyahu (or Peres) for the purpose of mobilizing Congress in favor
of Israel policy against Iran. But otherwise also White House has
always been under vice like grip of Jewish lobby. Therefore left to
itself, it is a foregone conclusion that Israel will succeed in its
endeavor to persuade US Government (and through it its Allies) to
launch war against Iran without any further delay. But Obama will do
well to consider the following before deciding to spill the blood of
Americans and their Allies in Iran:-

(1)- No justice loving person can buy Obama’s argument about Iran.
Iran is unnecessarily being harassed and humiliated by USA and its
Allies in the name of stopping Iran from having Nukes. Against all the
logic & reason, USA & its Allies think that they and some other
countries (including India and Pakistan) have some divine right to
posses the nuclear WMDs but countries like Iran, do not have so. As
far the past record, USA still remains the only country, which used
nukes (in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan). If USA is really
interested in mankind getting rid of nuclear WMDs then ‘forced global
de-nuclearization through UN’ in a time bound period is still the only
solution commensurate with justice.

(2)- Instead USA and its Allies are making war cries against Iran
without realizing that it has already sent shock waves to entire world
(including developing countries) which fear, due to this crises,
shortage of petroleum oil and steep rise in its price and which is
beyond their capacity to bear. Let USA & Allies be under no delusion
that remaining mankind will not go against them due to their war in
Iran especially when the just remedy, commensurate with justice, of
‘forced global de-nuclearization through UN’ in a time bound period is
still available.

(3)- The USA & Allies have not taken one more factor into reckoning.
Iran is the only country which is not ruled by politician or
traditional rulers but by a religious leader of Islam (a religion with
traditional rivalries against Jews and Christians including from the
days of crusade) the Ayatollah, who is also a constitutional authority
as ‘Supreme Leader of Iran’. The USA & Allies ought to understand that
there is a fundamental difference between religious leader and other
people. Whether rightly or wrongly but religion thinks that it knows
the final truth (otherwise who will go to religion). Hence religion
never changes its position on various issues. Therefore Ayatollah will
rather take whole of Iran to even destruction with him but will never
budge on its position on nuclear program of Iran especially when as
per Iran it is for civilian purpose.

(4)- Not withstanding present support of regimes of some Muslim
countries to them, if USA & Allies think that global Muslim population
(whether Shia or Sunni) will not go against USA & Allies especially in
the face of total destruction of such a country as Iran by Jews and
Christians then these governments of USA & Allies are living in their
make belief world.

(5)- Even Russia (which has become much powerful after dismemberment
of USSR) will find an opportunity in this scenario and will certainly
try to take the revenge against USA & Allies by converting Iran into
late-eighties-cold-war-Afghanistan. During crucial stage of cold war
USA & Allies used Islam through Mujaheddin In Afghanistan to defeat
USSR and now it will be the turn of Russia to use Islam in Iran
against USA & Allies.

(6)- Moreover one more factor Obama should keep in his mind before
deciding any course of action about Iran & Syria. In Syria at least
Syrians (mainly most of its Sunni Population which is in majority of
74 %) can be used after arming it to teeth to fight the Syrian war.
But what about Iran? In Iran Obama will have to shed the blood of
Americans and their Allies only. Even Muslim regimes of Arab countries
may support politically USA & Allies in their war against Iran but
they will never provide their armed forces to shed their blood and the
blood of Irani Muslims in war against Iran. Even it will not be the
Jewish blood which will spill in Iran.

(7)- Therefore Obama (who, as a Statesman friendly to human rights and
justice, aroused the hopes of entire mankind immensely, when he came
to White House in 2008) is expected, if not to bother about the
hardships of the remaining mankind then at least to respect the blood
of Americans and their Allies and should ensure that it is not shed
unnecessarily especially when alternative remedy, commensurate with
justice, of ‘forced global de-nuclearization through UN’ in a time
bound period is already available.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of “Betrayal of Americanism”)

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