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Pakistan bound to take advantage of NIT controversy in view of JNU controversy

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 7 Avril 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- India’s acquiescance and delay about POK will prove costly especially due to present Hindutva rule in India

--- The trouble started in ‘National Institute of Technology’ (NIT) Srinagar last week when India lost to West Indies in semifinal of the T20 cricket match at Mumbai. Some local students celebrated the defeat of India and they were allegedly thrashed by those from outside. Next day, the non-local students from outside held protest demonstrations in the campus and raised pro- India and anti-Pakistan slogans. After that some locals also reportedly held counter protest demonstrations raising Pakistan flag and pro-Pakistan slogans. On April,6 the clashes between non-local students and police aggravated the situation and political atmosphere in Kashmir is getting vitiated due to removal of local police and by deploying central forces inside the NIT campus of Muslim majority Kashmir valley and by bringing special teams from HRD ministry of government of India led by pro Hindutva BJP.

These clashes and controversies are not normal campus disturbances rather it has a chronic and gory background. India considers itself over-smart and thinks that merely by mentioning in the Constitution of India or by passing unanimous resolution in Parliament that entire J&K is an integral part of India the entire J&K including POK will forever be integral part of India.

First of all the absurdity of such delusion of India is already flying in the face due to simple reason that POK is still with Pakistan which makes mockery of India’s assumption / claim that entire J&K is an integral part of India.

Secondly even in civil law due to adverse possession the claimant loses the title if he / she acquiesce and commits inordinate delay in retrieving his / her property. Therefore as per law Pakistan has better title on J&K than India for the simple reason that Pakistan much smaller than India did not acquiesce and made no delay rather tried to take Kashmir even militarily (in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc) but India did not try so, not even once.

During the governments led by Congress (which is also communal but subtly) this matter was somehow dragging its feet (despite, as per media reports, ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis have also laid down their lives for Kashmir and who will simply not allow theocratic Pakistan government to forget Kashmir) for two reasons (i)- Pakistan has realized that after separation of Bangladesh now Pakistan has much lesser resources / might than India hence cannot take Kashmir by military strength and is contend to allow the Jihadis to carry out terrorist attacks in India in addition to supporting the Kashmiri separatists (ii)- India is reconciled to terrorist attacks all over India by these Jihadis.

But now during the rule of BJP (which is communal grossly and wears nationalism, patriotism etc on its sleeves due to Hindutva background, in a farcical way) the things have come to a show-down especially after 'Jawaharlal Nehru University' (JNU) controversy where students have been booked under the charge of sedition for raising so-called anti-India slogans.

Because in JNU such slogans were related to J&K and separation of Kashmir from India etc. it is natural that in NIT Srinagar controversy this aspect of JNU controversy will be exploited to utmost by Kashmiri separatists including Pakistan supported separatists.

Kashmiri leaders including separatists are appealing to local students and local people to ensure the safety of non-Kashmiri students who are from out of J&K and it is certain that it will be so also due to the fear of closure of NIT Srinagar permanently which will immensely harm the interests of Kashmir. But if anybody thinks that separatists will waste such God sent opportunity to high light the cause of separatists, then he / she is living in a make believe world.

On the contrary now it will almost be a daily affair in NIT and around NIT Srinagar where anti –India and pro Pakistan slogans will be raised including raising the Pakistani flags or even dishonoring Indian flag, the tricolor. This can be on the covert instigation of NJU students also who will dare Indian State to take action under sedition law against such so-called accused NIT students or discharge them (JNU students) from the charge of sedition.

BJP by this time must have realized that NIT is not JNU and this time Kashmiris are fighting on their turf. Though it is Congress which is mainly to be blamed but BJP also did not retrieve POK during Kargil. However these all are history and now BJP has to face the music and BJP will do well if it soon realizes the fact that unless POK is retrieved without any further delay there is no other solution to chronic and gory Kashmir problem (which is bound to be intensely highlighted and precipitated through NIT controversy.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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