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Trump washes hands off Ukraine and ditches Europe & NATO for Germany due to mistaken financial implications of war

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 30 Août 2015

Donald Trump the front runner for 2016 US Presidential Election during his last speech in a campaign rally washed his hands off Ukraine and ditched European & NATO Allies in favor of Germany. To be fair to Trump he was rightly questioning the foreign policy of USA where many countries are being protected by USA namely South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia etc without getting any money from them for this protection [though intriguingly Trump forgot to mention Israel which has been costing huge money and reputation to USA by supporting absurd unethical and impractical (even against all norms of international laws) two State solution]. But Trump was comparing apples and oranges when he compared these protected countries with Ukraine. This confusion of Trump is because he failed to grasp two points :-

(i)- Unlike these protected countries Ukraine is a legal international liability of USA under Budapest Memorandum 1994, which snatched nuclear weapons from Ukraine and

(ii)- The financial burden of retrieving Crimea from Russia and Donbass Region (Donetsk, Luhansk etc) from Russian supported rebels is on Russia and not on USA. Because war reparations will be paid by Russia which will take care of every expense USA & its NATO and other Allies would make in the war (if necessary) for restoring territorial integrity of Ukraine.

What is worse and extremely harmful for the future of USA is that Trump wants Germany (economically comfortable country of Europe but non-signatory of Budapest Memorandum) to do the needful in Ukraine matter which is as good as giving up the role of the leader of free world and ditching & abandoning Europe & NATO by USA in favor of Germany (which is yet to prove itself as one of the global leader who will use its military power for the benefit of mankind and not for its traditional fascist & genocidal purposes).

Trump evidently does not understand that so many things Americans take for granted (which make life worth living in USA) is the direct result of USA as leader of free world being perceived as dependable and supreme military power of the World. Therefore Trump and USA should be under no delusion. If USA does not take lead for restoring territorial integrity of Ukraine then nobody can stop the decline of USA in every sense of the term.

Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Pennington, NJ - 08534, USA

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