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Environment and Development Ministers from Germany and Global Partners to Announce New Approach to Solving Urgent Food, Climate, Livelihoods and Rights Challenges

- 16 Novembre 2016

Government and civil society heads to lay out new vision for ramping up commitments to protecting and restoring natural resources—essential to achieving Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development goals

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) has emerged as an incubator of concrete solutions to the sustainability crises playing out in forests, oceans, farms and settlements worldwide—from forest fires in Indonesia to rural poverty in Africa’s drylands.  At the close of this year’s GLF, German ministers for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, H.E. Dr. Barbara Hendricks and Economic Cooperation and Development, H.E. Dr. Gerd Müller will join sustainable thought leaders to make an announcement about the GLF that will impact urgent global efforts to achieve the most pressing sustainable development goals.
Established in 2013, the GLF is one of the largest gatherings of experts on the elements comprising landscapes: forests, farms, waterways and settlements. It has emerged as a staging ground from some of the most important natural resource pledges to emerge from the climate talks. Participants have pledged to restore 148 million hectares of degraded lands in Africa, Asia and Latin America; 127 city and regional governments across the Andes have pledged to restore and protect watersheds; and 170 global companies have been assessed for impacts on deforestation.
Germany is a major funder of sustainable development efforts. At last year’s climate talks in Paris, for example, the country joined the United Kingdom and Norway to pledge US $5 billion to combat forest loss in tropical countries. Germany and those countries have also jointly pledged to US $3 billion in funding for some 50 countries engaged in forest protection and restoration efforts known as REDD+. The announcement at the GLF will mark the country’s latest investment in global efforts to harness landscapes to achieve sustainable development. It also represents the next stage of the country’s campaign transform Bonn, the former West Germany capital, into the world’s new development hub.

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