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Farooq can’t find Kashmir solution without adhering to Progressive ideology of his father Sheikh Abdullah

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 11 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Farooq right that without remembering past future can’t be built (ii)- But shallow analysis of past and ignoring the present will not do (iii)- Farooq fails to take present ‘global Jihadi terrorism’ especially of ISIS in reckoning (iv)- No Kashmir solution without adhering to Federal-Democratic-Secular-Socialist-Modern-Progressive ideology (vi)- AFSPA etc gradually and pellet guns immediately should be removed from J&K.

----- In view of very serious (even as per Union Home Minister Rajnath) situation in Kashmir after July, 8 killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani (where ~ 60 killed ~ 6,000 injured including security forces and ~ 200 eyes injured / damaged due to pellet guns and over a month curfew) former J&K Chief Minister and National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah said on Tuesday that – [it is important for New Delhi to acknowledge that the genesis of Kashmir turmoil lies in “injustice of August 1953 when a popular, democratically-elected Prime Minister of J&K was illegally overthrown to suppress the political sentiment” in Kashmir].

Farooq is right when he believes that without remembering past the future can’t be built. But shallow analysis of the past and ignoring the present will not do. If Farooq is really serious about finding Kashmir solution then he should understand that without adhering to human rights friendly Federal-Democratic-Secular-Socialist-Modern-Progressive (FDSSMP) ideology of his father Sheikh Abdullah and his party JKNC of that time, there is no Kashmir solution as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost Farooq should analyses the event of pre and post partition of India in 1947. If there is one person who is responsible for trifurcation of India (and attended killing of ~ 1 million people and displacement of ~ 10 million people in gory circumstance due to partition) then it was Gandhi as vividly explained by Maulana Azad in his book ‘India Wins Freedom’. But despite this un-pardonable blunder of Gandhi it does not diminish the greatness of Gandhi whom Indians still rightly respect and revere.

(2)- Similarly if there is one person who is responsible for keeping J&K with India then it is Sheikh Abdullah of J&K National Conference (JKNC). Nehru could go to UN and agree for plebiscite only on the basis of confidence that Sheikh Abdullah (and his colleagues in JKNC) will see to it that majority of J&K will vote in favor of India. But JKNC made a mistake when (after 1948 UN Plebiscite Resolution collapsed due to alleged refusal of Pakistan to vacate PoK militarily) JKNC did not demand from Union of India the immediate retrieve of PoK militarily. What is worse JKNC even allowed India and its Union Government to compromise on human rights friendly FDSSMP ideology. But like Gandhi (who committed blunder of partitioning India) Sheikh Abdullah also deserve the respect and gratitude of Indians for not only keeping J&K with India but also to have shown faith in human rights friendly FDSSMP ideology.

(3)- India was partitioned on the basis of religion and JKNC (over medieval thinking theocratic Pakistan) preferred to remain in India despite J&K being Muslim majority State. This was of-course a right decision of JKNC because FDSSMP ideology is a better ideology [in terms of human rights friendly (which is necessary in any democracy) and capable of providing more economic and military power]. But JKNC which was a role model for rest of India in early post – partition days about FDSSMP ideology (where not only genuine secularism was practiced but even socialism was also being practiced by way of working class friendly JKNC , land reforms etc) said good-bye to said progressive ideology. Therefore if Farooq is really serious about finding Kashmir solution then he should restore FDSSMP ideology not only in J&K but also in rest of India as given below:-

(i)- The JKNC should understand that J&K being Muslim majority State its political party JKNC (which shunned Muslim theocratic Pakistan) has responsibility to uphold FDSSMP in India. Hence JKNC should be renamed as NC

(ii)- As far human rights friendly policies, India is yet to give the crucial institutions of health-care and education under the control of the people. Though in first stage it can easily be done regarding health-care institutions by modifying ESI [Where representatives of the contributors (employees and employers of all the sectors) should be there in management in addition to representatives of the government].

(iii)- Regarding federalism. It should be demanded by NC that genuine federalism should be adopted by India where only martial matters of defense, foreign affairs, national transport (including national railways), communication, currency will be with Union and all civilian matters including natural resources should be with State (State railways should also be with States).

(iv)- For democracy two things are to be done:-

(A)- Because democracy requires higher moral of people than of State hence reservation should not be given in the name of Dalits (oppressed, backward etc). Rather reservation only in government services (and not in education, elections etc) can be given to any identifiable group of Indians who think that they will otherwise will not get proportionate representation in government services

(B)- Election Commission of India should be made legally responsible for ensuring periodic organizational elections of political parties and regular annual return of their audited financial accounts.

(v)- For protecting secularism NC should immediately file following 6 writ petitions in Supreme Court of India (SCI):-

(A)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of Observer of Supreme Court (B)- Query about retrieve of POK in the interest of removal of AFSPA etc from J&K (unlike Hindu majority Goa the POK has not been retrieved by so-called secular India and even Bangladesh was not assimilated in 1971 despite collapse of two nation theory because both are Muslim majority) moreover Indian military does not have courage to take-on the military of Pakistan for the retrieve of POK and instead showing its ‘bravery’ by training guns at the civilians / citizens of India in J&K manly at Kashmiri Muslims (C )- Prosecution against guilty found by Sri Krishna Commission about 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai / Maharashtra (while rightly asking for deportation / action against Dawood Ibrahim etc, the guilty of serial blasts which were direct fallout of said riots) (D)- Identification, tracking and deportation of illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh (E)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy (F)- Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots about section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C.

--- Second writ petitions for retrieve of POK can first be filed in J&K High Court. Even if PoK is to be retrieved militarily NC need not worry about nukes with India and Pakistan because after all it is white man’s burden and the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written.

(vi)- For protecting socialism which is nothing but joint-capitalism or mixed-economy where State-capital should also have sanctity and should be deployed (like private –capital) profitably especially in the interest of eliminating unemployment (for example by constructing residential and commercial building which can be given on rent to be decided by statutory ‘Rent Commission’). But in India (like in USSR which got dismantled as it too squandered State-capital) most of the Public Undertakings have been allowed to run in loss. The worst part of it is that State-capital (out of Tax) to the tune of ~ $ 15 Trillion is not being recovered by GOI. Hence two writ petitions should be filed in SCI by NC about (A)- Constitutional obligation about Public debt under Article 292 & 293 and not under unconstitutional FRBM (B)- Recovery of Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion tax out of black money (declared illegally as agricultural income to avoid tax) which, if recovered, can solve most of the problems being faced by India especially arising due to economic hardship

(4)- Farooq / NC should also stop pampering the people of J&K unnecessarily by saying that they should be consulted about future of J&K. This future was already decided by his Father Sheikh Abdullah that entire J&K is an integral part of India. To be fair to Farooq and people of J&K this absurdity (any doubt about accession of J&K to India) is prevalent in Government and Parliament of India too who are thinking of sending all party delegation to J&K to discuss about political solution of Kashmir problem which is absurd as it questions the accession of J&K with India.

(5)- Of-course Farooq / NC can & should ask Government of India that the AFSPA etc gradually (in a time bound period of say two years) and pellet guns immediately should be removed from J&K. At the same time Farooq / NC should ensure that Kashmiri Pandits are rehabilitated within a time period of two years (even by providing them the protector-companions, if needed).

(6)- Here NC should keep one very important present global political scenario in mind. If NC has ever nursed or is nursing any idea of Kashmir solution by keeping any part of J&K (including PoK) under Pakistan (in any form) then NC should give-up any such idea which is not only unconstitutional but impractical too. Specially in modern times when entire world is suffering due to global-Jihadi- terrorism (including of ISIS) the powerful West (USA, Europe and Europe origin countries) will never agree to any arrangement which will buttress Islamic theocratic ideology (as is being practiced by Pakistan, the factory of Jihadi terrorists).

Therefore instead of indulging in shallow analysis of past or breast-beating about any injustice of August, 1953 the Abdullahs (Farooq and Omar) should try to restore human rights friendly FDSSMP ideology in India through NC for which their father / grandfather Sheikh Abdulla so valiantly fought and lived and which is the real solution to Kashmir problem too and which ultimately is bound to bring lasting peace, prosperity and justice to entire SAARC region.


Hem Raj jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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