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Kerui Petroleum Launches High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck to Help Increase ...

- 23 Août 2016 modifié le 1 Janvier 1970

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kerui Petroleum announced that the first paraffin removal operation of their latest independent-developed High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck has been successfully completed at Karamay Oilfield, Xinjiang, where eight paraffin-clogged wells were revived by the new Nitrogen truck. Featuring free switch between normal and high-temperature high-pressure Nitrogen, the truck was appreciated by the client so much because of its wider range of applications, which could ultimately decrease the cost.

The High-Temperature High-Pressure Nitrogen Truck was developed specifically for paraffin removal, plug removal, and heavy-oil exploitation. The oil in Xinjiang is notorious for its paraffin density, which remains the major cause for oil-well plugging and reduction of oil production. The three major existing ways of paraffin removal all have their respective drawbacks. ...

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