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Madhav / BJP / RSS trying to be over-smart and grossly underestimating USA

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 16 Avril 2018

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Ref:- Ram Madhav’s article ‘Look Beyond Transactionalism’ in the Times of India April 16, 2018.

Sub:- (i)- Madhav trying to put cart before horse (ii)- Mainly martial and not merely civilian approach will bring USA & India nearer (iii)- ‘Americanism’ believes in hierarchy in the order of martial (in the service of human rights), criminal and civil matters (iv)- Without offering solution to martial problems with Pakistan & China by own initiative, India can’t impress USA (v)- For India SAARC and preferably SEAARC only solution (vi)- For maritime rule-based governance first India should try to enforce UN Tribunal’s ruling in SCS case in order to befriend Pacific countries (vii)- Federation of SAARC not possible unless India gives-up communalism (viii)- Madhav / BJP / RSS of Hindutva forces can’t give-up communalism & caste-ism (ix)- Madhav ridiculously still expecting investment from USA and not vice-versa, despite $ ~ 15 Trillion recoverable State capital (x)- Hence Madhav’s formulations are neither here nor there.

---The RSS of Hindutva forces gives its members / office-bearers to BJP and Ram Madhav the General Secretary of BJP (ruling at Centre with PM Modi as Prime Minister) is one such. Madhav is also in-charge of the affairs of J&K where he has succeeded in bringing communal policies of BJP to the fore. With the result India has stopped talking to Pakistan (not even for retrieve of PoK) and instead security forces of India have been given free run in Kashmir where alienation of Kashmiris is at new high and more and more local Kashmiris are being killed as terrorist (which means more and more local Kashmiris are becoming terrorists).

Now after having failed miserably in Kashmir, Madhav through his article in TOI under reference (which is nothing but trying to be over-smart and grossly under-estimating USA) has naively tried to persuade USA to be not only a major investor in India but also almost a strategic & military partner of India. But Madhav forgot that in reality he is trying to put cart before horse without realizing that mainly martial and not merely civilian approach will bring USA & India nearer because ‘Americanism’ believes in hierarchy in the order of martial (in the service of human rights), criminal and civil matters. Madhav further erred in his judgment when he did not realize that USA will come closer to India only when Government of India (GOI, led by PM Modi) gives-up communalism, caste-ism and myriad-corruption (when not retrieving $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital) which al are not possible for PM Modi hence the formulations of Madhav in said article are neither here nor there, as explained below:-

(1)- USA knows it that India can benefit USA & its Allies tremendously (economically including in massive job creation) but Madhav ridiculously is still expecting investment from USA and not vice-versa (for the simple reason that despite $ ~ 15 Trillion State capital which GOI can easily recover, thoroughly-corrupt Modi government is not recovering it through Income-tax from ~ 1 million tax-evaders) as mentioned at PSHRC brings hope to ~ 600 million Indian farmers & Ors through over $ 15 Trillion huge State-capital . Now Modi Government is finding it difficult to recover this huge State-capital because people will ask GOI to clarify that why GOI did not recover black-money of said Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital from ~ 1 million tax-evaders and instead merely for Rs 3 to 4 Trillion black-money (that too ultimately could not be realized) preferred to harass most of ~ 1.3 Billion people of India through illegal & criminal de-monetization (in which majority of population especially the farmers, farm-labors and their children working in cities and even in other States too, were the worst sufferers).

(2)- India can forget PoK because despite entire J&K (including PoK) being an integral part of India (as per Indian constitution and unanimous resolution of Parliament) the communal-Hindu-India is not interested in retrieving Muslim PoK (hence never tried to retrieve PoK militarily in last 70 years). But India is grossly underestimating Islam. Theocratic Pakistan will never forget Muslim Kashmir (if not non-Muslim Jammu & Ladakh) for which not only Pak military had tried many times to take it but (as per media reports) Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Muslim Kashmir. Therefore whether Madhav / BJP / RSS and other Indians like it or not, the LoC cannot be converted into ‘Line of Peace’ and unification of J&K is the only Kashmir solution. Without solving Kashmir problem (which is nothing but re-unification of Indo-Pak under military pressure through Federation of SAARC or otherwise) if Madhav thinks that USA will be impressed by military might of India (where Madhav says that India has the world’s third largest army, fourth largest air force and fifth largest navy) then Madhav is living in make believe world.

(3)- If India wants to befriend the Pacific countries and wants maritime rule-based governance then India should work (in tandem with USA & its allies) for enforcing UN-appointed-tribunal’s ruling about South China Sea (SCS) which was given in July 2016 as mentioned at Beijing rejects tribunal's ruling in South China Sea case India may ask China to file review of this July 2016 ruling but after that India should see to it that the Tribunal’s ruling is enforced.

(4)- India will be able to counter military challenge from China and Pakistan in a better way if India (also in the interest of right to self-determination of people of J&K especially of Kashmiris and Tibetans) tries to realize SEAARC as mentioned at OR

(5)- But before realizing SEAARC (or before contributing in any way for the solution of problems in NAME region including in Syria) India will have to establish its credibility as secular country in SAARC which is not possible for Madhav / BJP / RSS because:-

(i)- Due to Babri-Masjid dispute where Hindutva forces have destroyed the rule of law and secularism in India by demolishing Babri-Masjid on December 6, 1992 in presence of the Observer of Supreme Court of India (SCI). Moreover the coming verdict of SCI in title suit about Babri-Masjid is highly likely to be in favor of Muslims which will extremely embarrass & enrage BJP (as it will endanger political power of BJP at Center and in many States). Hence BJP which will (A)- Either try to make Ram Temple at disputed site through Parliamentary legislation by converting India into a theocratic-Hindu-State from secular State (otherwise SCI will not allow it even through legislation by parliament as it will damage the basic structure of secular constitution) (B)- Or Hindutva forces will engineer communal rights in India, an euphemism for the massacre of innocent Muslims all across India (repeat of Gujarat 2002 at India level).

(ii)- Hinduism erroneously thinks that Hinduism cannot be there without caste system of hierarchical order. This caste system has not only demoralized majority of Hindus (who are given reservations with demoralizing tag of dalits / oppressed, backward etc.) but has also angered upper and powerful castes with result India has become standstill politically & socially with pernicious effect on its long term economy also.

Without solving martial problems with Pakistan and China and without working for the solution of problem of South China Sea (which is troubling Pacific countries) and without making India a top-class world power (economically & militarily by recovering Rs. ~ 1,000 Trillion State-capital which can immensely benefit USA & its Allies too, economically & militarily) and without making India a genuinely-secular State, - India can’t impress USA and all these requirements Madhav / BJP / RSS (including PM Modi) simply can’t fulfill as mentioned above. Therefore Ram Madhav through his formulations, in article under reference, is trying to put cart before horse hence are neither here nor there.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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