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Mirwaiz, the most important Kashmiri (if not loyal to Islam) faces most ignominious future

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Without loyalty to Islam Mirwaiz can’t solve Kashmir problem (ii)- Out of separatist trio, Mirwaiz is different from Geelani and Yasin (iii)- Mirwaiz rightly disenchanted from India and Pakistan (iv)- Without using own capital other’s capital will not come (v)- Mirwaiz utterly naïve if thinks of independence of Kashmir (vi)- Mirwaiz should expand his vision for bringing succor to tens of millions of bleeding and weeping Muslims world over (vii)- Mirwaiz should try non-violent technique which may lead to even Realized SAARC / Common Wealth

----- One does not know whether to laugh or weep over following letter (SOS) which APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has sent on Tuesday to Pope, Imam Ka’ba, UN, EU, OIC, Shankracharya, Dalai Lama etc as a call for help to find a solution to seemingly intractable Kashmir problem which is taking a massive human toll during on-going unrest in Kashmir.

God only knows when Mirwaiz will understand that in a time of difficulty one should first use one’s own capital before expecting other’s capital to come. Mirwaiz presently has two capitals one is Islam (being a Maulvi) and other is his people the Kashmiris. Being a religious preacher (Maulvi) Mirwaiz is different from Geelani and Yasin and other separatists like Shabir Shah, Engr. Rashid etc. Therefore Mirwaiz should understand that without loyalty to Islam he can’t solve Kashmir problem as mentioned also at :-

In order to utilize both of his capitals (other separatists etc should be asked by Mirwaiz to follow him) Mirwaiz should take the lead of non-violent movement for solving Kashmir problem. Once Mirwaiz takes-off with his own capital then the capital of other’s (Pope, Imam Ka’ba, UN, EU, OIC, Shankracharya, Dalai Lama etc) will also come to Mirwaiz’s help.

Here Mirwaiz should keep one very important factor in mind. Present day’s Muslims seem to have developed liking for getting killed and injured otherwise why should Kashmiris also suffer when problem can easily be solved non-violently with honor? This unfortunate development in Muslim societies is evident from the fact that tens of millions of Muslims all over the world are bleeding & weeping profusely especially in NAME and AF-PAK-Kashmir region.

In Syria (after Arab-spring) where democracy easily could have been / can still be brought merely by getting elections conducted for Republic of Syria under some Interim-Government & UN Election observers (with the assistance of UNPKF in present circumstances), the Muslims over there unnecessarily got bogged down in meaningless controversy whether or not President Assad should be head of interim government. With the result Syria ultimately landed in a situation where, as per media, in a country of ~ 22 millions ~ 0.5 million are killed, many more injured, ~ 11 millions displaced (out of which ~ 4.8 millions in other countries) along with immense destruction of properties moreover horrible stories of sexual exploitation of women and girls (in refugee camps etc) are doing round in social media.

Similarly for solving chronic and gory Kashmir problem the Kashmiri Muslims are unnecessarily carrying out a meaningless and ineffective violent unrest [resulting in curfew and killing and injuring (by pellet guns) the Kashmiris] for the last 47 days in Kashmir though Kashmir problem can easily be solved by non-violent method with honor, as mentioned at:-

Mirwaiz is utterly naïve if thinks of independence of Kashmir when he says that freedom struggle of Kashmiris began even before India’s struggle for freedom. Mirwaiz does not understand that in present times when entire world is suffering due to global Jihadi terrorism the Muslim Kashmir (including PoJK) will never be allowed to gain independence because it will be perceived (by powerful Christian West, the USA, Europe and Europe origin countries) as a victory to Jihadis (notwithstanding what Mirwaiz portrays it). Therefore Mirwaiz is left with only one alternative. Mirwaiz should expand his vision for bringing succor to tens of millions of bleeding and weeping Muslims world over. For this Mirwaiz should try said non-violent technique which may even lead to Realized SAARC / Common Wealth.

It goes without saying that Mirwaiz, only by showing loyalty (by adopting above mentioned new Gandhian technique) to modern day Islam, can solve Kashmir problem and the problems of other Muslims, - otherwise he is bound to face most ignominious future.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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