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New Al-Qaeda should bring peace & order in Sunni-Muslim -World to buttress global peace

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 4 Avril 2015

The political turmoil and bloodshed in Muslim countries is the biggest source of threat to global peace & stability. Given the nature of Islam unless some religious leader (like Ayatollah in Iran) rule an Islamic country there permanent peace and stability is generally not found. Hence world community should find some way which can facilitate rule, by religious leader in Sunni Muslim world (constituting dominant majority of Muslim world), which will be human rights friendly. This Sunni-Muslims leader may start with Jihadis (always supported by Muslim population) militants from Yemen but gradually military of Sunni majority countries can be merged into it.

War in Yemen [where Saudi Arab led coalition (supported by USA & Allies) is bombing Houthi rebels etc. for the last two weeks from air which has been killing innocent civilians too] has come as windfall for the declining fortunes & clout of Al-Qaeda. Reported release of ~ 300 inmates from prison by Al-Qaeda on Thursday has sent a strong message to entire world that Al-Qaeda is going to play extremely important rather decisive role in shaping the political future of Yemen. At the same time New Al-Qaeda (NAQ) [may be with different name as law (at UN which declares terrorist organizations) will have problem with name of Al-Qaeda] may play a very constructive role (in which global community will also support it) if it tries to bring peace & order in Sunni-Muslim -World to buttress global peace as explained below:-

(1)- Most important of all NAQ should derive some lessons from the experience of ISIS:-

(i)- NAQ should acquire territory of Yemen (a Sunni-Muslim majority country)
(ii)- Though waging war is the sovereign right of NAQ but in contrast to ISIS the NAQ should not commit war crimes and human rights violations (especially against women, children, old people and minorities) and instead should confirm to ICCPR of UN.
(iii)- In contrast to ISIS, NAQ should not try to expand first in NAME (unless it is a low hanging fruit). Because as in epic ‘Mahabharata’ of Hindus, most fierce & extensive battle takes place between kiths & kins.
(iv)- Because NAQ in Yemen will influence ~ 1,000 million Muslims East-of- Iran too (in SAARC, Indonesia, Malaysia etc) hence NAQ in first stage should go in Muslim majority countries of this region.
(v)- For this NAQ should first take AF- 50% PAK which is mainly more or less tribal and very upset the way things are going on in Post-US-Withdrawal-Afghanistan and the way Pakistan military (an euphemism for Punjabi military) has killed and harassed tribal people under military operation Zarb-e-azb in North West region of Pakistan (where Baluchistan was already in political turmoil). Punjab and Sindh the remaining 50% of Pakistan may be taken by NAQ later on.

(2)- Regarding political model of this mission the following should be kept in mind:-

(i)- NAQ should not listen to the clergy if they insist on practicing out-dated concepts instead NAQ should press for human rights friendly Islam.
(ii)- NAQ should adopt mix of Theocracy and Secularism (Theocularism)
(iii)- NAQ should develop modern-Presidential + Caliphate (Presiliphate) model in Yemen and then should implement this model in other regions.
(iv) Because Islam is the only religion on earth which is close to democracy (where temporal power is kept under the authority of people through religion) hence NAQ (unlike it is done by Christians and Hindus) need not do anything extra for democracy at the same time there should be five distinctive feature of Theocular Presiliphate :-

(A)- Proper asset back-up (under physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority) for the currency of Theocular Presiliphate.
(B)- Zakat (mandatory philanthropy) where participatory Philanthropic NGOs (with capital on charity and revenue from fees) will take care of Health Care and Educational Institutions
( C)- Aversion to Riba (Usury) where money owners of bank & financial institutions should be made shareholders [as in Public Limited Companies so that they take care of their profit (interest) or loss] of these lending institutions, interest should be enough only to take care of inflation and working expenses of these lending institutions and investment in shares of industrial units should be encouraged especially through Mutual Funds.
(D)- Public debt should not go beyond consolidated fund of the governments (which is ~ 10 to 15 % of GDP)
(E)- Job guarantee by employment generation program through State-Capital, if necessary.

(v)- Political model of Theocular Presiliphate may somewhat be similar to Indian democratic political model with three major differences:-

(A)- Unlike India it should be a genuine federal structure where only martial subjects should be with Union / Centre / Fed and all civil subjects including natural resources should be with States.
(B)- Governors of States and Presilph at Union should be elected by clergy of Sunni Islam and participatory-philanthropic NGOs
( C)- Presilph should not only be Supreme Commander of Armed forces all the time but during actual war should have powers similar to US President.

(3)- NAQ should establish Theocular Presiliphate ultimately in Sunni-Muslim majority countries of entire world (including NAME) in second stage.

(4)- Theocular Presiliphate of entire Muslim world (Sunnis & Shia) may be tried in third stage only if required. Otherwise Iran may establish Theocular Presiliphate of Shia-Muslim majority countries.

It hardly needs any mention that If NAQ brings peace & order, as mentioned above, to Sunni-Muslim-World (where hundreds of millions of people are bleeding and weeping profusely), it will be a great & noble service to global peace and mankind by NAQ.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru (Karnataka), India

Pour toute information, contactez-nous au : +(235) 99267667 ; 62883277 ; 66267667 (Bureau N'Djamena)