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Trump at UNGA fails as world-leader and disappoints suffering Muslims and poor Indians

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 27 Septembre 2018

Shakopee, MN, USA

--President Trump through his September 25, 2018 speech at UN General Assembly (UNGA) tried to send a message to the world that it is not only USA which is in his safe Presidential hands but the entire world can also draw comfort from the fact that he is the President of USA, the self-styled leader of free world. He claims about unprecedented progress of USA under his Presidency. For rest of the world it does not matter much and as far people of USA they will give their verdict through Congress & other elections this year and in 2020 Presidential election.

But as far rest of the world is concerned Trump has miserably failed as the leader of free world and has especially disappointed the suffering Muslims and poor Indians as given below:-

(1)- This hopeless performance at UNGA of Trump as leader of free world is mainly due to his lack of coherent global policies as given below:-

(i)- Trump says that other countries should share financial & other burden of UN without realizing that how can over 185 countries will share this burden when veto power is given to 5 countries who are more a problem than solution to mankind. If Trump really wants the entire member countries to share this burden then UN should give voting rights to all members commensurate with their contribution of men (especially martial), material (including military), money and their record about human rights.

(ii)- Trump say that he does not believe in globalization but sovereignty of all countries. Even a student of political science knows better than this especially when majority of over 190 UN member countries do not have resources to defend their sovereignty & territorial integrity.

(iii)- Trump is horribly wrong on socialism. India (which he has praised) has socialism in the preamble of its Constitution. Socialism does not mean exclusive State-capital (or ownership). It only means joint-capitalism where State / Sovereign-capital like private capital is also deployed profitably & competitively especially for the protection of human rights of the people. The failed socialist or communist regimes collapsed because they did not do so. Like other US Presidents Trump also cannot understand this because the USA has been squandering Trillions of Dollars of State-capital (born out of fiscal deficits) in order to promote exclusive private capitalism and to discredit State-capital, This is the reason Trump does not utter a single word why India is not recovering Rs 1,000 Trillion State capital from Income Tax (as mentioned at and ) which when recovered will solve all the economic / financial problems of presently economically humble India.

(iv)- Despite avowed policy of UN about de-nuclearization, instead of demanding that [the nukes (WMDs and their manufacturing facilities) of all the countries including of permanent UN members, Israel, Pakistan, India, Iran, North Korea etc should be brought under UN and then destroyed] Trump is unnecessarily harassing Iran and North Korea on the issue of nukes.

(v)- No body says that word trade laws (WTO etc ) or UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) are perfect. But without offering alternative laws and policy frame work simply coming out from these regimes is highly irresponsible on the part of Prez Trump. Whether Prez Trump likes it or not due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology of the last ~ 500 years [brought-about by Europeans (and USA) from where USA originated] and especially of information-technology (brought-about mainly by USA), the globalization is inevitable. But (i)- Without ‘International Political Parties’ (IPPs) registered at United Nations (UN) as people of many countries especially most of the countries of Africa & Asia are, if left to themselves, not capable and competent to manage their political affairs properly and (ii)- Without global currency [which Dollar, with proper asset back-up, can easily become by having headquarter of its Central-Bank at UN in New York (or at any other place in USA) and its branches in every member country of UN] -- the globalization is impossible. Hence instead of working for launching Global currency & IPP, Prez Trump is unnecessarily trying to sail against the tide of the time.

(vi)- Trump is playing with fire when he says ‘We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism’. This is a sure recipe for anarchy across the world especially in majority of weaker member countries of UN where human rights of the people will be the first casualty if Trump’s prescription is accepted. Rather for ultimate protection of human-rights of the people the Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that even the citizens of member countries can move UN, against erring countries, to protect their human rights (even with military intervention by UN).

(vii)- Trump unwittingly has revealed the real reason behind his opposition to globalization. Trump said ‘It has been the formal policy of our country since President Monroe that we reject the interference of foreign nations in this hemisphere and in our own affairs’. Trump knows that USA has predilection to indulge in unnecessary violence (not only in other countries but in USA too) which is evident from the fact that (A)- USA inflicted unnecessary violence against native Americans in order to fulfill the dominant business interests of white Americans (B)- Practically nowhere (in Europe, Latin America etc) slavery was abolished through civil war but USA did it through civil war in 1861 under the pressure of dominant business interests from North and which resulted in death of hundreds of thousands of Americans and huge loss to their properties. Hence Trump knows that any day Governments in USA can resort to unnecessary violence and oppression on the people of USA under the pressure of dominant business interests which will cause intervention from global community if globalization sets-in especially in the interest of human rights of the people across the world.

(2)- Trump has given unnecessary lecture to OPEC etc on high oil prices especially when he says that USA has ample energy to supply to the world at cheap price. Trump rather should have told the world to stop purchasing costly oil from OPEC etc and instead purchase cheap energy from USA (which will automatically constrain OPEC etc to fall in line).

(3)- The patting on his back by Prez Trump for what he has done in Middle East (especially in Syria where people in millions are still bleeding or weeping profusely) is nothing short of rubbing salt to the injuries of the people of Syria. It is not merely NAME region, regarding other Muslims who are suffering in AF-PAK-Kashmir region, Trump (as a leader of free world) does not have a single word as to how their problems will be solved.

(4)- As far India Trump is slightly right. Poverty has certainly reduced in democratic India in last 70 years of its independence but its rate is pathetically low. Given the fact that poverty line in India is not practical and a family cannot survive reasonably at that income level hence people below and little above poverty line are almost half the population of India (as is the case with Pakistan too as narrated by its Prime Minister Imran Khan in his victory speech) . Moreover given the fact that two third of the population lives in rural India where tens of thousands of farmers are still committing suicide every year due to economic distress, it is a testimony to the pathetic situation of majority of the population of India. If Trump really wants economic problems of poors in India solved then he should ask Government of India to recover ~ 15 Trillion (Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion) State-capital from Income tax as mentioned above.

(5)- As far shifting Israel capital and US Embassy to Jerusalem, If USA / Trump think that the Palestinians who were ~ 90 % at one time in Israel-Palestine and who were driven out from their native land (by force by Israel mainly with the support of West led by USA and by roping-in misguided Palestinian leaders who has accepted absurd two-state-solution) is a right solution and will bring permanent peace in that region then they are living in make believe world.

Prez Trump has said what he had to say. It is now, not only, for rest of the world but even for the people of USA to think that in which dangerous and perilous direction Prez Trump is taking the USA, economically and militarily the most powerful country on earth (because if world perishes then no body flourishes especially in present fast-globalizing world).


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Shakopee - 55379, Minnesota, USA

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