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Bengaluru, India: Without reviving martial spirit Britain can’t realize Federation of Commonwealth

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 28 Avril 2018

Sub:- (i)- India will be the key to realize Federation of Commonwealth (FCW) (ii)- Unified J&K may be made 54 th member of FCW (iii)- Pacific countries may also be asked to become members of FCW.

---- On April 19, 2018 the Queen Elizabeth II of UK officially opened the meeting of leaders of Commonwealth (CW) of 53 countries comprising about one third population of the world where Secretary-General of CW Patricia Scotland and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May also spoke and where it was declared that Prince Charles will be the next Head of the CW and Prince Harry as CW Youth Ambassador as given at - But the pious sermons issued at this Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) are meaningless and nothing more than what are normally issued at the convention of some NGOs which are engaged in protecting ocean, climate, human rights etc.

If Britain is really serious about realizing Federation of Commonwealth (FCW) then it should learn, as given below, from the experience of India which was the ‘biggest jewel in the crown of Britain’:-

(1)- First of all Britain need not be apologetic and should understand that notwithstanding customary criticism of colonial Britain in India (which was never India of such vast pre-partition territory under one political control and which was made such India only by Britishers) the overwhelming majority of Indians still not only love and respect Britain but are also grateful to it for what Britishers gave to India including escape from Hindu-Muslim bloodbath (which was otherwise inevitable due to decline of Mughal power in India) and modern science & technology, railways, parliamentary democracy based on rule-of-law, English language etc. Despite Jalianwala Bagh at Amritsar (for which Britain has already apologized which normally conquerors never do) the way Britishers behaved in India they were the angels (compared to what Muslim invaders and rulers did especially to Hindu India).

(2)- Anybody who knows the history of pre-partition India knows that regarding Indian (rather Hindu) leaders the maximum blame should go to Gandhi (who used to say that India will be divided on his dead body) for partition as he was the supreme leader of Congress movement for independence. As per Maulana Azad Gandhi agreed for partition when Patel convinced Gandhi that it would be easier to rule Hindu India than Hindu - Muslim India (as-far Nehru it did not matter as long he was assured of Prime Ministership of India, whether divided or united). As far minority Muslims (who ruled Hindu India for centuries) led by Jinnah they did not want to come under majority Hindu dominance especially at centre in a democratic set-up (because in States the Federalism of Group A,B,C was enough). Moreover 565 princely States in India (covering 48 % territory of undivided India) did not want even independence what to talk of partition of India and Indians did not raise guns for independence against Britishers.

(3)- The cabinet mission plan was the answer for avoiding partition of India where Group A, B and C (what is present India, Pakistan and Bangladesh + North-East) was a practical solution through Federalism with centre having only defense, foreign affairs, Communication etc under over-all control of Britishers over central government of Indian representatives. But Britain (i)- Overestimated congress leaders especially Gandhi who was nothing more than a political humbug, who was not even a primary member of Congress and during World War II ridiculously advised Britishers to lay down their arms before invading Germany and then to fight Hitler with non-violent spiritual power (ii)- Did not launch their political party in India and instead naively depended on Indians of mediaeval mindset namely Congress party led ultimately by Gandhi (and even Muslim League led ultimately by Jinnah) for managing mainly the civilian matters of India.

(4)- In a nutshell Britain could have easily remained in India and could have easily avoided partition (which resulted in ~ one million killed and ~ 20 million displaced in most gory situation during partition) by enforcing ‘Federalism’ (generally as per Group A,B,C of cabinet mission plan with all civil subjects including natural resources with States and by keeping centre under overall control of Britain). But Britain lost India because it lost martial spirit (which not only conquers countries / territories but also rules it with justice). It was rightly reported in British media at that time that – “There was a time when in Britain rousing welcome was given to like of Lord Clive etc who established British empire in India but now time has come when rousing welcome is given to like of Lord Mountbatten who dismantled British empire in India”

(5)- Whatever happened has happened and can’t be undone. But Britain does still not understand the importance of martial spirit / power that is the reason still talking about protecting sea at CHOIGM 2018 without realizing that WC members from Pacific are facing difficulties about it due to China’s refusal to obey UN tribunal award regarding South China Sea and other similar belligerence of China in Pacific region.

(6)- If India joins FCW then it will be much easier task for Britain to make other 52 members of Commonwealth as members of ‘Federation of Commonwealth’. It is also in the interest of India (with meager territory as compared to its vast population of ~ 1.3 billion people) to become member of FCW because:-

(i)- In FCW India will be able to take advantage of vast territories of FCW.

(ii)- Hindu majority India is prejudiced against lower castes (dalits / oppressed and many backward castes) and against Muslims hence majority of Indians (despite hollow boast of India being a rising world power) are suffering especially due to rural-distress where tens of thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year. In FCW majority of India will find succor.

(iii)- On military front India has not been able to find solution to gory and chronic Kashmir problem (about half of J&K is still with Pakistan for the last 70 years) and with powerful China the border dispute is still unresolved. In FCW India will be comfortable on military matters too.

(7)- Therefore if Britain wants to realize Federation of Commonwealth then it should befriend people of India and not merely Government of India (GOI) and for this:-

(i)- Britain should talk to CHOGM about FCW based on Human-rights-friendly Democracy, Socialism (with joint capitalism where like private capital State-capital will also be deployed profitably especially for removing unemployment), Secularism, Federalism, rule-of-law and Globalization.

(ii)- Britain (including its Government) should publicly ask GOI to recover State-capital of Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh-Crore (Trillion) as mentioned at in order to make India (a member of FCW hence ultimately FCW) a top class world-power (economically and politically).

(iii)- Britain should talk to India and Pakistan to unify J&K and make it the 54 th member of FCW.

(iv)- Britain should talk to Pacific countries also (which are being harassed by China) to become members of FCW.

(v)- Britain should send Prince Charles (the next Head of the CW), Prince Harry (the CW Youth Ambassador) and especially Prince William (who has immense goodwill in India) and important members of British Parliament to conduct seminars in all the 53 countries of CW for collecting suggestions for this FCW (which can be a mini-UN).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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