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Bullying practices to maintain hegemony only makes U.S. utterly isolated

Alwihda Info | Par peoplesdaily - 3 Août 2020

In the increasingly multi-polar world, sticking to democracy in international relations and safeguarding international fairness and justice conforms to the interests of the people around the world.

By Zhong Sheng

Certain politicians in the U.S. have fully unmasked their Cold War mentality and attempt to maintain hegemony with a series of crazy talks in the recent days.

Clearly, it’s the U.S. who has been wielding the big stick against China, trying to obstruct the latter’s development in all respects for no reason whatsoever. Shockingly, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shamelessly accused the Communist Party of China (CPC) of pursuing hegemony.

What those U.S. politicians like Pompeo have done represents their bald-faced and authentic intentions to pursue hegemony and power politics, and has grossly trampled on the bottom line of the basic norms governing international relations, and posed serious threats to world peace and development. The international community should be on high alert for them.

Setting up traps is a frequent trick used by hegemonists.

Trying every means to relate China to a hegemonic power, certain politicians in the U.S. have attempted to drag the whole world into their well-designed narrative trap. However, these politicians have obviously overestimated their ability to lie and deceive.

“His credibility is so diminished, any statements he makes are met with skepticism,” pointed out an article published on U.S. magazine Vanity Fair, noting that Pompeo’s unrelenting fixation with punishing China is leaving the U.S. exposed and isolated.

Pompeo’s China-bashing speech was an “angry lament” and “extended ideological rant”, said Daniel Russel, former U.S. assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

The reason why the CPC is far more powerful than the U.S. imagines is exactly that it doesn’t want to dominate the world, said Kishore Mahbubani, a Singaporean scholar.

The Chinese nation is a peace-loving nation, and the Chinese dream is a dream about peace. China has explicitly stated its commitment to adhering to the path of peaceful development and resolve to oppose hegemonism in both the Constitution of the CPC and the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China.
China’s development creates opportunities for the world, while the Chinese dream is closely connected with the beautiful dreams of peoples in various countries around the world.

“No matter how much progress China has made in development, China will not threaten anyone else, attempt to overturn the existing international system, or seek spheres of influence,” Chinese President Xi Jinping told the world in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 two years ago.

Misrepresenting China’s normal development as a threat to interests of the U.S. and playing up China’s active participation in global governance as competing with the U.S. for hegemony, these U.S. politicians are just suffering persecution mania.

Hegemonists never conceal their ambition to seek hegemony.

Shouting “America First” all over the world, the U.S. has long been criticized by the international community for its terribly self-conceited mindset and hegemonic acts.

In order to tout for the so-called anti-China alliance, certain politicians in the U.S. have openly forced other countries into choosing a side at the expense of their interests.

The U.S. has publicly boasted that British officials’ attitude towards Huawei was the result of lobbying from the U.S. side, feeling proud of its despicable acts of suppressing the Chinese sci-tech enterprise through political tricks.

The U.S. has become an extreme example of “hegemonic panic”, criticized British scholar Martin Jacques.

The international community is increasingly aware of the fact that the ever-growing hegemonic ambitions and arbitrary misdeeds of Pompeo and the likes of him have become a destructive force that can’t be ignored.

As COVID-19 is still raging across the globe, the U.S. are making groundless accusations against the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote global solidarity and cooperation for fighting the pandemic.

After making indiscreet remarks about the work of the WHO in protecting the world from the catastrophe and halting its funding to the organization, the U.S. even announced its decision to withdraw from the UN health body.

It must be seen that any country’s arbitrarily cutting off funding, reducing financial support, and exiting from an international organization is regarded as shirking from its international responsibilities and obligations. Such misdeeds are unilateral acts that will never be tolerated by the international community.

These moves of the U.S. destroyed the global efforts to combat the virus and caused severe negative influence on developing countries that have been in urgent need of international support.

The insightful in more and more countries have realized that indulging the typical hegemonic acts of the U.S. not only cannot guarantee the security of their countries, but will only lead to provocation and sabotage against the common interests of the international community.

In the increasingly multi-polar world, sticking to democracy in international relations and safeguarding international fairness and justice conforms to the interests of the people around the world.

Upholding the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, China has carried out international cooperation with countries around the world to cope with common threats and challenges the pandemic has posed to humanity and actively contributed to the building of a global community of health for all.

China’s unswerving efforts to always adhere to morality and justice have won high praise from the international community.

What’s is true is that just like justice will never be defeated by evil, multilateral cooperation will never yield to unilateral bullying.

Hegemony is just a spent round when it has to be maintained through bullying practices.

China has always been a constructor of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order.

People around the world can see through the tricks of the U.S., and the country will ultimately lose support for its attempts to pursue hegemonism and power politics.

China’s firm and rational response to the misdeeds of those rude and unreasonable American politicians is totally legitimate, and represents the will of the people.

The farce staged by the U.S. politicians who think their own interests are more important than the common interests of the international community will finally make themselves fools and are doomed to fail.

(Zhong Sheng is a pen name often used by People’s Daily to express its views on foreign policy.)

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