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Fear of Hindu-rashtra overestimated, as Hinduism incapable of centralized & extended rule

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Juin 2017

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- India was made India by Britishers (ii)- Secularism, socialism and rule-of-law is the only solution for India (iii)- Without coming-of-age of Jainism (which presently seems unlikely), Hindu-rashtra impossible

------After Modi of Hindutva forces came to power in 2014 and especially after huge victory of BJP in 2017 U.P elections and after expected sure victory of BJP candidate in coming presidential election the opposition political parties and commentators have started expressing fear that India may give-up secularism and may constitutionally usher into Hindu-rashtra. But this fear is unfounded and overestimated as explained below:-

(1)- If history is any indication then Hinduism is simply incapable of centralized rule. [(i)- First in ~ 300 – 400 B.C. almost all India level rule by Moryas (Chandragupt to Ashoka the Great) could not hold and gave way to Gupta and then to other dynasties (ii)- Alauddin Khilji in 1301 attacked Ranthambor and won in my native State Rajasthan but no Hindu King came to his rescue with the result in 1303 Khilji attacked neighboring Chittor and won in a famous battle involving Rani Padmini (iii)- After Moghul rule established by Babur disintegrated by defeat of Humayun at the hands of Shershah Suri, Babur’s grandson Akbar the Great could consolidate Moghul rule practically in all of India but Rana Pratap after defeat in 1527 of his grandfather Rana Sangha could not consolidate Hindu rule in India (iii)- In third battle of Panipat in 1761 the Marathas were promised support by Hindus (Rajputs, Jats, Sikhs etc) but was not given due to history of Marathas (where they had been indulging in plunder / ‘Chauth-vasuli’ in these Hindu kingdoms) whereas invader Ahmad Shah Durrani was supported by Muslim rulers of Delhi, Avadh and Rohilkhand which resulted in crushing defeat of Marathas (iii)- Even in Karnataka where presently I live one soldier Haider Ali (and his son Tipu Sultan) could rise in ranks and could establish his rule in Mysore / Karnataka and all the Hindu rulers could be subdued by Haider Ali / Tipu. The Wadiyar king got Mysore back in charity only when Britishers defeated and killed Tipu in 1799]. Some people say that it is due to Brahmanism of Hinduism where Kshatriyas consider themselves inferior to Brahmins (hence spirituality of rulers not that exalted) therefore incapable of ruling in a centralized rule of vast territory. But I am not sure whether this theory is valid.

(2)- Throughout history of mankind the civilizations have been shaped mainly by saints and warriors. There is only one religion in India rather in whole of the world (which is nowadays called part of Hinduism) which is Jainism that had saint and warrior in one (its founder Teerthankar Rishabhdev / Adinath). This religion (as per info available at internet) had kings like Kharvela (of Odisha) who in ~ 3 century B.C ruled / conquered two third of India and even Chandragupt Morya in his last days came to Shravanbelgola (famous pilgrim centre of Digamber Jains) in Hasan district of Karnataka and became Jain monk and even Ashoka the great became Jain before adopting Buddhism. The Jainism certainly could have paved the way for Hindu-rashtra but presently it is in hopeless condition. Due to misguided religious leaders (the Muni Maharaj) of Jainism its followers are now less than 1 % of Indian population and these Munis preach such absurdities (even absurd food and life style) to Jains that it should not be a matter of surprise that Jainism has reduced itself to a level of mostly urban middle class religion (mostly traders, shopkeepers etc without having followers in tough professions like military, laboring class etc)

(3)- Hence remembering that (i)- Before advent of Britishers India was facing danger of massive bloodshed and disintegration. Undivided India (including Pakistan and Bangladesh) was made India by Britishers who ruled such vast territory by ‘rule-of-law like IPC, CrPC, CPC, Evidence Act etc which are still administering India and keeping it intact and (ii)- Hinduism is simply incapable of centralized rule - The fear of Hindu-rashtra is unfounded and overestimated because the day India becomes Hidu-rashtra it will start disintegrating.

(4)- At the same time the politicians and commentators who are raising the bogey of ‘imminent danger of Hindu-rashtra’ are dishonest people because they do not acknowledge that this situation has arrived for the simple reason that India has not taken seriously the secularism, socialism and rule-of-law. This is evident from some examples as given below:-

(i)- Restoration not done of legally expected Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of ‘Supreme Court Observer’ (ii)- Muslim Bangladesh was not assimilated in Hindu majority India though two nation theory (the foundation of India’s partition) failed in 1971 (iii)- Muslim PoK has not been retrieved by Hindu India and instead military (under protection of AFSPA, SPA etc) is training guns at civilians of Muslim Kashmiris (iv)- No prosecution done against Hindu guilty found by Sri Krishna Commission about 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai / Maharashtra (while rightly asking for deportation / action against Dawood Ibrahim etc, the Muslim guilty of serial blasts which were direct fallout of said riots) (v)- Identification, tracking and deportation of illegal immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh have not been done (vi)- Discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy has not been quashed (vii)- No legal action has been taken against military officers about Gujarat 2002 riots regarding violation of section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C. (viii)- Unconstitutional cow-slaughter-ban laws have not been quashed (ix)- Constitutional obligation not discharged about public debt under Article 292 & 293 which has been taken more than constitutionally permitted by taking refuge under unconstitutional FRBM (x)- Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion tax out of black money not recovered (as mentioned at ) though, when recovered, will solve most of the problems being faced by India especially arising due to economic hardship.

(5)- The Hinduism is also incapable of extended rule. Presently due to political turmoil the entire Muslim world is in problem where tens of millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely. India can easily, in the interest of providing succor to these unfortunate tens of millions of Muslims, can partly rule over Muslim world by taking a proactive role in UN as mentioned at but Hinduism is simply incapable of extended rule rather any rule (Muslims from Magnolia to NAME region came to India and could rule Hindus for ~ 1,000 years but Hindus cannot rule these Muslims, even partly through UN).

Therefore if these breast-beating politicians (mainly opposition) and commentators (who are unnecessarily lamenting about so-called imminent danger of otherwise politically nonviable Hindu-rashtra) are really serious about well-being of India then they instead should try to restore secularism, socialism and rule-of-law in India (as mentioned above) and which will restore their political fortunes also.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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