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Hamas can still get justice by uniting Muslims & influencing global order

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 17 Août 2014

If there is one issue where practically entire non -West mankind has been sympathizing with the victims then it is Palestine. The latest interview of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal to a TV channel should arouse the moral sensitivities of non - West mankind that the organization (Hamas) which is keeping the candle high against the immense injustice inflicted by West (USA & its European Allies) and Israel against Palestinians should seem to be so pathetically helpless. Especially given the fact, as Mashal said, that despite Palestinians agreeing to 1967 borders since Arafat etc, Israel never stopped and inflicted encroachments in Jerusalem and through settlements etc (despite US objections) and even two-State-solution (which was huge concession by Palestinians to Jews) never allowed by Israel.

But now Hamas need not feel helpless and need not give huge and unjust concessions to Israel and rather should do the following if lasting & just peace is to be achieved for Palestinians :-

(1)- First of all Hamas should understand the importance of Palestinians and other Muslims who have shed blood and laid down lives during last 66 years for getting justice to Palestinians. People (martial) like militant wing of Hamas who consciously shed blood and laid down their lives for their country are under moral obligation to only avoid inconvenience to civilians to the extent possible but nothing beyond that. Therefore Hamas should work for one-state-solution as I mentioned at and should be prepared to give up Gaza strip for this. After all Gaza strip is only a tiny piece of land hence Hamas should appeal to other countries especially Muslim countries across the world to accommodate the residents of Gaza for maximum 2 years in their countries, till Hamas gets justice for Palestinians.

(2)- Hamas should further understand that it can still get justice by uniting Muslims across the world and by influencing global financial order. For this Hamas need not protect the interest of West-Bank Palestinian politicians and should open dialogue with Muslims across the world over the heads of the governments specially of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran etc (who all in fact are presently working in the interest of West & Israel in perpetuating injustice against Palestinians)

(3)- In this regards ISIS has spoiled and unnecessarily bloodied the entire scenario by resorting to human rights abuses and war crimes especially against minorities and for which so-called Caliph (Baghdadi) and his implicit colleagues may be prosecuted and punished as per law . Hence Hamas should campaign for Human rights friendly Islamic democratic model in especially NAME countries including in Syria & Iraq [It is not necessary that every country should practise western type of democratic model. If China is respected and even given veto power at UN without having Western democracy and even with not so good record about human rights, then there is no reason why Muslims of SOME countries of NAME region can not be allowed to live in peace by practicing Caliphate and Ayatollah type of democratic political model]

(4)- But Hamas should be under no delusion. West will not relent unless it is hit (and that too with justice) where it hurts their leader (USA) the most. For this Hamas should mobilize non-West world to launch global currency with proper asset back-up. Here it does not require elaboration that how fake money born out of fiscal deficits under the influence of usurers (where public debts have gone from envisaged 60 % up-to over 200 % of GDP) has resulted in open plunder and pauperizing the gullible mankind. Hamas (true to Islamic preaching) can get mankind rid of this malaise born out of usury, the unbridled interest earning. It hardly needs any mention that when USA will find Dollar (presently de-facto global currency) replaced with de-jure global currency, its all the immoral support to Israel will come to an end.

(5)- One more factor will go in Hamas favor. After Ukraine crises and East Pacific conflicts, West can not simultaneously fight Russia, China and Muslims. Hamas should also rope-in India for new financial global order which will be a very easy task given the fact that NAME region is of great importance to India as it not only provides most of oil to India and employment to large number of Indians but India also has ~ 200 millions Muslims who (more than Hindus) are deeply agitated over immense injustice to Palestinians by West & Israel.

Therefore there is no need for Hamas to further shed the blood or to sacrifice the lives of anybody (including Gaza Palestinians) and instead should try the political solution as mentioned above, which is bound to bring peace and satisfactory solution to Palestinians within a time period of two years.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

Mo: 09784995376

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