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If not for human rights of Kashmiris, USA & India should work for retrieve of PoK due to Chinese factor

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 20 Septembre 2018

Shakopee, MN, USA

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Religiously misguided Muslims globally don't mind sufferings of their families (ii)- Governments of USA & India should be concerned about human rights in Kashmir (iii)- If not for human rights of Kashmiris, USA & India should work for retrieve of PoK at-least out of concern about presence of Chinese in Pakistan in a big way, before it is too late

--- Sufferings of Kashmiri Muslims do not move the hearts of Hindu majority India because not only in popular perception Muslims (invaders and rulers) for ~ 1,000 years inflicted horrible atrocities on Hindus but also mainly in the nineties hundreds of thousands of Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) were driven out from Kashmir through violence by Militant-Jihadis. Hence, left to itself, there is no hope of relief for Kashmiri Muslims because India will simply not give-up whatever J&K is with it and independence / separation-demanding Kashmiris [along with much smaller (than India) the Pakistan] cannot snatch this territory militarily from India.

Moreover like other Muslims (in NAME region including Syria, Yemen etc) the Kashmiri Muslims are also least bothered about their families (children, old people and women) and do not work for the solution of their problems though their solutions are very simple as given below-

[(i)- In NAME (Syria, Yemen etc) the problems (of both Shias & Sunnis) can be easily solved by carrying out elections under UNPKF & UN Election Commission in which India can provide millions of people including volunteers, if GOI is mobilized by ~ 200 million Indian Muslims who will be supported by other HR friendly Indians. This will also solve problem of Iran which will gain friendship with West led by USA (which blames Iran as trouble maker in NAME) (ii)- Iran can solve its problem regarding sanctions due to nukes if Iran demands (which will be supported by overwhelming majority of UN members, the non-nuclear countries) in UN that in the interest of de-nuclearization the nukes (WMDs and their manufacturing facilities) of all the countries including of permanent UN members, Israel, Pakistan, India, Iran, North Korea etc should be brought under UN and then destroyed (iii)- The solution to Kashmir problem is also very simple if Muslim Kashmiris demand retrieve of PoK which will culminate into Federation of Indo-Pak / SAARC under pressure of Global community. – But Muslims wouldn’t do all these and their families will continue to suffer].

The Muslim Kashmiris have peculiar problem. They are more concerned with Islam (in their own misguided way) than their families (who are suffering immensely, as if Islam is not pro-family) hence do not demand from Government of Hindu majority India to retrieve Muslim PoK militarily from Muslim Pakistan.

It is hoped that (in the interest of fighting & finishing Jihadi terrorism) the USA will not only favor its avowed-friend India but as a leader of free world will also honor its commitment to human rights in Kashmir as mentioned at -

There is one more reason for USA & India to start the process of retrieving PoK which if not started without any further delay then it will be too late due to China factor in Pakistan as mentioned in Major (Ret) Gaurav Arya’s open letter to PM of India as given at in which he said that -

“[China’s encirclement of India is complete. From bases in the South China Sea to the 99-year lease of the Hambantota Port (Sri Lanka), from PLA warships in Gwadar (Pakistan) to the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative (CPEC, passing through PoK and Pakistan up-to Gwadar Port), we are hopelessly surrounded. Pakistan will supposedly issue, though some say it already has, tens of millions of long-term visas to Chinese nationals to settle in Baluchistan for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor projects (CPEC). According to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), by 2048 the majority population of Baluchistan will be Chinese. Mandarin is already being taught to Pakistani children and the Yuan will soon be legal tender in Pakistan. Earlier we had China to the East and Pakistan to the West. We now have China to the East and China to the West.]”

There is nothing wrong in CPEC because it will be good for entire region and even India can benefit from it. But the way Pakistan (by suppressing its people for making CPEC) is allowing China to be in Pakistan in a big way it is going to be serious security threat for India. Hence if Indians and Indian-origin US Citizens in USA take initiative to launch Human-Rights oriented International Political Party in USA (IPP as mentioned at ) it will help in solving problems in AF-PAK-Kashmir and NAME region. This political party can persuade USA & India to work for retrieve of PoK by India so that the world community can constrain both India and Pakistan to ultimately realize ‘Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC’ in the interest of peace and prosperity in South-Asia (which will pave the way for solution in NAME too).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Shakopee - 55379, Minnesota, USA

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