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Obama batting for Israel in NAME, Modi should be careful‏

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Septembre 2014

Prominent Indian media has reported that US president Obama may ask PM Modi (during his coming visit to USA) to provide troops and other help for the US sponsored (Air strike etc) operation in NAME for the elimination of ISIS which has committed brutalities and war crimes in Iraq and Syria. Modi Should be careful that India does not fall to the lure of Dollars (and to even some strategic concerns projected to be emanating  from Pakistan and China) which USA may try on Modi in order to exact such help from India. Instead Modi should provide such help only when this military operation is carried out not only for eliminating ISIS but also to provide justice to suffering Muslims in NAME especially in Syria and to Palestinians, as explained below:-
(1)- First and foremost Modi should understand  that:-
(i)- USA is not concerned about human rights of Muslims as is evident from the case of  Syria and of Palestinians where Muslims have been suffering immensely without any worthwhile response from USA (rather USA is primary responsible for the sufferings of and brutalities on Palestinians).
(II)-  USA is not concerned about threat of ISIS to Nation States in NAME (which rallied governments of all the Muslim countries of the region behind this military operation of USA).  If Ayatollah model can be allowed in Iran by world community there is no reason why not Caliphate ?
(2)- The ISIS which has committed such brutalities and war crimes certainly deserves to be eliminated but it does not require a genius of military strategy to understand that USA will not succeed in eliminating  ISIS without putting adequate boots on ground. But due to domestic pressure especially in this election year,Obama is hardly in a position to put American boots on ground, therefore Obama will expect Modi to provide Indian boots on ground to fill this inadequacy.
(3)- There is nothing wrong or rather in this age of globalization justice demands that India should co-operate with USA in eliminating the menace of ISIS but only when USA agrees to eliminate the brutalities in Syria and to Palestinians also. For this, India should demand the following before committing to USA the Indian troops in NAME :-
(i)- As veto wielding countries have become more a cause than solution to Global political problems, India should demand proper place at UNSC  by replacing veto system with voting right system as per formula based on contribution of men (to UN Peace Keeping Force, UNPKF  and UN Election Commission,UNEC), material and money to UN and human rights record of the member.
(ii)- Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that UN may intervene even militarily through UNPKF in case of serious violation of human rights in erring member countries.
(iii)- The mechanism of ‘International Political Parties’ (IPP) registered at UNEC, should be launched by UN [Merely military and economic power can never stabilize global order unless political power is also pressed in the service of global peace and prosperity]. The ‘Arab - spring’ will never succeed if political management of these countries (like Syria) are left in the hands of the political parties exclusively of the people of these countries, who are hopelessly under the strangulating influence of archaic Sharia-Laws and Jihadi elements being patronized by militant Islam.
(iv)- Instead of absurd (geographically also) Two - State - solution, where Jews and Muslims are sought to live in two separate States of Israel and Palestine respectively, the One  - State - solution should be implemented in Israel - Palestine [If Hindus and Muslims are expected to live peacefully in India then there is no reason why Jews and Muslims can not live peacefully in on State].
(4)- As far governments of all the Muslim countries of NAME region [who covertly and overtly have joined USA in this military operation WITHOUT ENSURING EVEN REMOTELY that the injustice to Muslims in Syria and to Palestinians is addressed (this injustice is also one of the reason for rise of ISIS)] - only time will tell that what a blunder they have committed. But India  should not commit the same mistake given India’s huge dependence on this region (for oil, employment, other trade and socio - religious - cultural links).
Yours truly
Hem Raj Jain
(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
Bengaluru, India

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