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Open letter to NIAC : Iran can turn table on USA, Israel, SaAr etc by solving Palestinian & NAME problems

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Mai 2018

Bengaluru, India

Dear Mr. Trita Parsi and Mr. Jamal Abdi
National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
Washington D.C. - USA

Sub:- Iran can turn table on USA, Israel, SaAr etc by solving Palestinian & NAME problems

--Thanks for your email to me in response to my given article

You will appreciate that presently Iran is facing most serious problems on three fronts (i)- Iran nuclear deal with USA etc (ii)- Palestine problem due to USA shifting its Embassy to Jerusalem and (iii) Huge bloodshed and loss of lives in NAME region (including Syria). All these three problems can be solved for which Iran should start the process of solution to these problems by first taking peaceful march to Jerusalem as mentioned in my article Or

It goes without saying that if NIAC takes interest rather takes lead in this matter [also by motivating and mobilizing leaders of various fields (like economic, political, social, religious, journalism, academic, NGOs etc) in Iran] then this mission regarding solution of Palestine problem can be accomplished easily, by peaceful march as mentioned in my said article.

I have mentioned in said published article that – “[Volunteers should be taken from all Muslim countries preferably proportional to their population, including from India which has ~ 200 million Muslims, the ~ 11 % of global Muslim population]” - which comes to about one hundred thousand volunteers from India (out of ~ 1 million volunteers from all over the world) for Palestine solution.

But it will be better if double the numbers (about two hundred thousand) volunteers are taken from India for the solution of Palestine and ~ 1 million for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME region because (i)- Indians are expert in carrying out peaceful non-violent march (out of their experience of non-violent independence struggle against Britishers and out of their experience of 70 years of secular democracy in India after independence where such peaceful marches are carried out all over India every alternate day by Indians including by Indian Muslims) (ii)- One day India will recover $ ~ 15 Trillion huge State-capital ( which will, sooner than later, make India top-class world power (economic and military) hence participation of Indians (with such enhanced clout) will be a guarantee for the success of this mission.

If NIAC takes interest in this mission and if NIAC thinks that I can be useful in mobilizing ~ 200 million Indian Muslims (for providing ~ two hundred thousand volunteers for Palestine solution and ~ 1 million volunteers for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME) then I am prepared to do so. For this I will have to go to Muslim populated areas all over India (may be such 50 places on the average 2 places in 25 States of India) which I can do. This will not cost much for NIAC because I can travel by train and buses [preferably by car arranged by NIAC (which will save precious time) along with 1 or 2 companions suggested by NIAC, preferably minimum one Sunni and one Shia] and we can stay in Mosques or other Muslim charitable institutions (which can take care of our boarding and lodging at these places).

Once Hindu majority India provides (under the banner of NIAC or otherwise) about two hundred thousand volunteers (Sunni & Shia Muslims, Hindus etc) for Palestine solution and ~ 1 million volunteers for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME then other countries (mostly Muslims) from all over the world will have to come forward to provide remaining volunteers (even more from India if NIAC wants) for this mission. I hope NIAC will consider my proposal and will do the best for the solution of said all the three problems in an effective and peaceful way.

By realizing this mission NIAC & Iran will not only solve said three problems presently being faced by Iran (and also by Palestine and NAME) but will also pave the way for ‘International Political Parties’ (registered at UN) without which (in addition to global currency with proper asset-back) the inevitable, imperative and desirable globalization (due to unprecedented advance in science & technology) is impossible.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

Presently at: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

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