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Revive the moment with Adobe RGB wide color space through BenQ's SW2700PT Photographer Monitor

- 4 Septembre 2016 modifié le 1 Janvier 1970

Leading human Technology and solutions provider BenQ launches their Photographer Monitor SW2700PT allowing for excellent 99% Adobe RGB color space, giving the user a wide color range and spectacular colors display.

BenQ understands photographers' pursuit of perfect color and true-to-life image quality. The BenQ SW2700PT Photographer Monitor offers unparalleled technology to preserve your special moments.  Specially designed to bring out the best in color-sensitivity, BenQ Adobe RGB color space reproduces your images using the widest spectrum possible.

It also incorporates a brand new AU Optronics panel in the professional display, and includes a high quality light shading hood that complements any workstation.