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Russia may defeat USA on democracy in Ukraine‏

- 27 Février 2014

Due to bungling on Federalism, USA & Allies may face defeat (on its own turf of democracy) in Ukraine, at the hands of Russia.

By Hem Raj Jain

After dismemberment of USSR, who would have thought that within quarter of a century USA will become defensive (on its own turf namely on the question of democracy) against Russia? Clearly, Russia has put USA & Allies on mat and smelling the blood therefore Russia has taken a strong position (including Russian military and Eastern Ukraine militia mobilization) while siding with ex- Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych -[who as per Russia was removed by armed rebellion supported and instigated by West (USA & Allies) against legitimate democratically elected President Viktor]. If USA & Allies immediately
do not correct their stand, as given below, by demanding Federalism (along with democracy) in Ukraine then it is bound to leave political credibility of USA & Allies terribly battered & bruised :-
(1)- After all, if majority of Ukraine wants some thing then elected President is not a fool who will ignore such demand especially in view of the fact that during next election incumbent President will need the votes of these people to come in power again.
(2)- In democracies, policies need to be changed by ballot and not through bullet or arson, violence etc. Even US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Chairman House sub-committee of Foreign Affairs on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats) also feels the same way when he said during interview on US & Russian TV Channels that - "[Russia offered the Ukrainians a deal if they wouldn't go towards the European direction. Okay, they have a right to accept or reject that, their
government has a right to accept or reject it, without having us trying to say: 'Well, if you accept any closer ties with Russia that must mean you're a puppet and you're corrupt and you're a gangster.' Well, for the United States, that's really interfering locally with what the Ukrainians should be deciding for themselves]".
(3)- The USA & Allies reached to this sorry state of affairs in Ukraine by misreading the situation. No doubt, majority that lives in Western part of Ukraine wants EU tilt but major part of GDP comes from Eastern Ukraine. Therefore USA & Allies instead of blindly and out-rightly supporting the Western people - (who do not generate most of GDP but want to dictate economic policies on the Eastern people who generate most of the GDP) - should have tried to find its solution through Federalism.
(4)- Even now, by invoking genuine Federalism the USA & Allies should demand that economical matters of Ukraine should be left to States. The Ukrainian each State Government should decide whether it wants to contract with EU or with Russia or with any one else on economical matters. This way the States of Ukrainian Western part may contract with EU and States of Eastern part may contract with Russia. President (Center / Union) may have jurisdiction on Interstate-matters such as
pipeline to supply Russian petroleum oil to EU countries, which will pass through more than one State. In other words there should be Union List, State List and Concurrent List where unlike India, most of economic matters (including natural resources) pertaining to one state should be in State List of Ukraine.
Instead of dangerous and self-defeating banking merely on Western Ukrainian people's present support on streets, the USA & Allies will be well advised to go for solutions within 'Federal Democratic' constitutional-institutional political frame work of Ukraine
Yours truly
Hem Raj Jain
(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
67, Heath Ct. Pennington, NJ - 08534, USA

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