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State of Dar-El-Kuti: Seleka backpedalles

Alwihda Info | Par V.M - 18 Août 2014


The 2 press releases of August 17 issued by Seleka, announcing the creation of the "STATE OF DAR EL KUTI" had two different origins.
- Nourredine Adam

But later in the day. HAMAT MAL-MAL Essène from Bambari issued another press release denying the previous one, on the pretext of : "my email box has been hacked by someone with malicious intent, and in bad faith to fuel hatred and to smear my reputation.
[...] I wish to inform the public opinion and Press that the Communiqués published on several websites, especially those concerning the creation of the « STATE OF THE DAR EL KOUTI » establishing the division of CAR, and regarding an interim Government of the STATE OF THE DAR EL KOUTI do not imply a commitment from myself or the Popular Front for the Revival of CAR (PFRC)."

However, on Nourredine Adam's side, no correction or denial has been released.

Michel Djotodia, contacted by telephone by our colleague 'Alwihda' also denied the press release, but unambiguously concluded that "publication of such press release was a bit premature."

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