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Trump grossly underestimating Islam with dangerous dereliction about plebiscite in united J&K

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 27 Août 2019

Shakopee, MN, USA

As per media reports on Monday on the sidelines of the G-7 Summit in Biarritz, France PM Modi and President Trump discussed various issues including Kashmir. Modi told Trump Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, and Trump expressed confidence (politically naively as given below) that both the countries will sort it out themselves. After this PM Imran khan publicly told that even if nobody supports Pakistan on Kashmir issue nuclear Pakistan will go to any extent including war with nuclear India bringing death and destruction to the region and adverse repercussions to entire world.

There is no doubt that during said G-7 Summit talks Trump has acted irresponsibly on Kashmir issue. First, in meeting with Imran on July, 22 Trump said Modi asked for mediation on Kashmir [and then despite its denial not personally by Modi but by Government of India (GoI) Trump talked thrice about mediation in Kashmir] which is generally considered the cause of precipitate action by India on August, 5 through legislation to change the ground-reality of disputed (as per IoA) territory of united J&K by unconstitutionally & illegally amending Article 370 and repealing Article 35-A of the Constitution and by converting the State of J&K into two union territories without consent (through their elected representatives) of the people of J&K.

Trump should try to understand that:-

(1)- For the first time even those politicians who had been with India (representing the majority of Kashmiris) have been detained and arrested by GoI and the fear of opposition by Kashmiris to this Aug, 5 misadventure is so wide-spread that entire valley is locked-down for the last 3 weeks in utter violation of their fundamental and human rights as enshrined in ICCPR of UN.

(2)- As per media reports Islam has laid down the lives of about one hundred thousand Jihadis (from many Muslim countries) for Kashmir. Hence even if Government of theocratic Pakistan wants to calm down on the matter of said August, 5 misadventure of GoI the Islam will not allow it .

(3)- Every country has two forces for sanctioned physical coercion namely military and police but Islam has one more, the Jihadis (if Christian & Hindu civilizations do not have such third force then Islam can’t be blamed for this). Whatever success USA might have got after 9/11 in branding every Jihadi activity as terrorism but fact remains that only the killing & injuring of the civilians is terrorism whereas doing so with security forces is an act of war and which Pakistan has been waging for decades against India and will do it LEGITIMATELY now also through Jihadis (from many Muslim countries) against India especially after this Aug, 5 misadventure of India [it is in context to add that Jihadis after 26/11 terrorist attack at Mumbai (under international pressure) have hugely reduced killing civilians in India and have been killing mostly the Indian security forces including recently in Pathankot, Uri, Pulwama etc]

(4)- Despite meaningless talks in Indian media about declaring Baluchistan as independent country recognized by India if Pakistan declares united J&K (on both sides of LoC) as Independent country (as India did about Bangladesh due to human rights issues) and recognizes it and mobilize Muslim countries and other Countries (including China) to recognize it then it will be impossible for India (notwithstanding USA, as happened with Bangladesh) to stop this United J&K coming into existence as an independent country.

(5)- The habitual misadventure of Modi (as he did during criminal demonetization too in 2016) has left only either of two options for Imran (i)- Either go for Plebiscite as per UN resolution or (ii)- Go for war with India for bringing united J&K in existence as independent country (even through conventional war with the support of the countries recognizing independent united J&K).

(6)- The military of India & Pakistan unnecessarily should not give their lives & blood and should not create nuclear flash-point when Kashmir problem can easily be solved by civilian method of plebiscite not only as per UN-resolution but also as mandated by Instrument of Accession (IoA) as mentioned at

(7)- Hindus in India and Muslims in Pakistan are people of ‘Hinsak Pravatti’ (violent predilections). Hence, as they have done in the past (where they, instead of going for plebiscite, unnecessarily fought many full scale and limited wars for Kashmir), they will again try to drag this region in war for Kashmir. In India nowadays they are talking jingoistically in media about ‘Akhand Bharat’ (integrated pre-partitioned India) by force and similarly in Pakistan they are hysterically talking about Gazwa-e-Hind (allegedly written in one of the ‘Hadees’ where forces of Islam will not only conquer India but will also convert all Hindus into Muslims). Therefore this unnecessary bloodshed now only the USA can avoid by civilian remedy of plebiscite as per UN-resolution.

(8)- The present India is the conglomerate of British India and of 562 princely States [which except three the J&K, Hyderabad and Junagarh (where plebiscite happened in February 1948 which went in India’s favor) joined India just before independence on August 15, 1947]. The British India mindset trifurcated India in 1947 which resulted in killing of about 1 million people and displacement of about 20 million people in most gory way. Now again the same British India mindset (if not stopped by USA) will cause another dismemberment of India and that too at the hands of Jihadis (which will not be good for global peaceful political order).

(9)- Still there is time. Trump is the President of USA ( the leader of free world and responsible for managing peaceful global political order since World War II which it has done reasonably well where it successfully avoided World War III despite its many failings and short-comings). India and Pakistan both are presently friends of USA (Pakistan as a friend due to its help in taking out USA from Afghanistan and India as a friend due to its strategic importance to USA in Pacific region in the interest of protecting US-Pacific-Allies from alleged high-handedness of China). Hence Trump should persuade rather constrain both the friends of USA (India & Pakistan) to implement the UN-resolution for carrying-out plebiscite to ascertain whether people of United J&K want to go with India or with Pakistan.

It is hoped Trump will understand that it is not merely Government of Pakistan (which is hugely inferior to India on military and economic fronts) but Islam which has unlimited capacity to give lives and blood for Jihad (which India has always underestimated as it did before partition of 1947). Hence at-least Trump should stop underestimating Islam rather should try to avoid otherwise-highly-likely-war between nuclear India & Pakistan by implementing UN-resolution for plebiscite in United J&K because this is the only peaceful, just and legally expected solution for chronic & gory Kashmir problem (otherwise Trump would go down in history as US President who could have avoid catastrophic war between two nuclear countries India and Pakistan but remained politically paralyzed for the reasons best known to him only).


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Shakopee, MN, USA
Whatsapp 7353541252

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