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Trump should promote only 'One-State-Solution' for Israel

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 23 Février 2017

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Jews of Israel don’t understand that Two-State-Solution is harmful for Jews as it will create permanent animosity between Jews and Muslims of rest of the World (ii)- Trump should work only for One-State-Solution for Israel in the interest of all.

---- It is heartening to note that during last week visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to USA the US President Trump gave a message that he is open to any solution to chronic and gory Israel – Palestine problem (whether One-State-Solution or Two-State-Solution). But justice and humanity demand that Trump should work only for One-State-Solution as explained below:-

(1)- Post World War II nothing has taken more lives and has spilled more blood than Israel – Palestine conflict in addition to being the main cause of on-going ‘Global Jihadi Terrorism’. This conflict has become more intractable due to adamancy of Israel in favor of Two-State-Solution (one State of Israel for Jews and other State of Palestine for Muslims and which has potential of alienating the two communities in permanent hostility).

(2)- By brazenly violating the terms of Balfour Declaration of 1917 (and other League of Nation's subsequent promises regarding Trusteeship), the present day Israel (from where Palestinians have been summarily driven out by force), has been justified mainly in the name of holocaust in which ~ 6 million Jews were allegedly butchered in Europe during World War II.

(3)- Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust. Earlier there were above 90 % Arabs and less than 10 % Jews in old Palestine (present day Israel). Before 1917 there was no movement or armed struggle by Jews in or out of Israel to take Israel back from the Palestinians. Even as per Old Testament Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to kill the then residents of and capture this ‘Promised Land’ of Israel).

(4)- Have Americans ever thought that what will happen if US logic (of giving land to so called original inhabitants) is applied to India where (as per most of the historians) Aryans came from outside and took India from Dravids, tribes etc. (for that matter even to USA where originally this land belonged to Native American Indians and not to present day other Americans).

(5)- The USA has been soft towards and has shown undue favor to its cousins of Europe (and of Christianity) like Germany, Poland, Ukraine etc who were responsible for said holocaust against Jews and who should have been forced by USA and World-community to accommodate back, these Jews in their respective European countries, honorably and peacefully. On the contrary USA unnecessarily became party in harassing and persecuting Muslim Palestinians (who were not at all responsible for said holocaust) even by going to the extent of promising to establish the theocratic Jewish State of Israel and that too in this age of 'Secularism' (another American value since the days of US Revolution). All this absurdities have been possible because USA all along supported Israel in this farce of Two-State-Solution.

(6)- USA, its allies and UN have been unnecessarily penalizing the Palestinians through two nation theory especially when Netanyahu indirectly demanded one State solution during his 2011 address to joint session of US Congress by demanding demilitarized Palestine in addition to deployment of Israeli armed forces along Jordan river (whereas everybody knows that without armed forces there cannot be any State hence de-facto Netanyahu demanded only one State of Israel).

(7)- Israel has been successful in roping-in many Muslim leaders from Palestine and from rest of the world to subscribe to this mischievous ‘Two State Solution’. Instead in view of countries like India, where Muslims and Hindus are expected to peacefully live together (so in USA, Europe etc where Christians and Muslims live together), UN (especially USA & Allies) should demand one state of Israel-Palestine for both the communities (Jews and Muslims). Hence President Trump should rectify this gross injustice done to Palestinians by USA and others by NOW working for One-State-Solution where Jews and Muslims will be in the ratio of ~ 2:1.

(8)- It will take only one clarion call by Trump to ask the Muslim countries / Muslims to demand and work for One-State-Solution of Israel - Palestine problem [and the entire array of US Allies and some rulers of Muslim countries including some so-called Palestinian leaders (who are working for realizing this absurd and unethical and illegitimate Two-State-Solution) will be rendered ineffective and irrelevant if they continue to support inhumane Two-State-Solution]

Because in addition to solving gory and chronic Israel – Palestine conflict it will go a long way in successfully fighting global war against on-going Jihadi-terrorism therefore Trump should work only for ‘One-State-Solution’ of single State of Israel where Muslim Palestinians will live in peace together with Jewish majority population.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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