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US Congress address is evidence, Modi surrounded by incompetent strategy advisers

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 9 Juin 2016

Bengaluru, India

US Congress address is evidence, Modi surrounded by incompetent strategy advisers

Dear Editor

Sub:- Pakistan and Kashmiris are happy after Modi made Kashmir an international issue in address to US congress

---- Pity on the incompetent strategy and security advisers of PM Modi who may be patting on their back that Modi has done a great job on Wednesday by bringing, the issue of terrorism emanating from neighbor (Pakistan) in his address to both the houses of US Congress. Because without solving Kashmir problem terrorism emanating from Pakistan can never be eliminated hence who will tell these novices that in reality Modi has made Kashmir an international issue and Pakistan and Kashmiris must be happy that now USA (its Government and Congress) can be teased if do not take initiative to solve chronic and gory Kashmir problem, preferably by referendum / plebiscite which has become common in present age after such recent referendum also in UK, the country which partitioned India (the cause of Kashmir problem).

India knows that referendum in Kashmir (if not in entire J&K) will go against India. Though India is never tried of claiming that overwhelming majority of Kashmiris is with India because, as per India, it is evident from huge voter turn-out during elections in J&K. But world-community (especially USA) is more intelligent than what India gives credit to it. Entire world knows that if majority of Kashmiri Muslims are satisfied with India then why hundreds of thousands of Indian army is in Kashmir with AFSPA etc [where instead of taking-on Pakistan military (for retrieving POK which is the only solution to Kashmir problem in the interest of unification of Kashmir), the Indian military is showing its ‘bravery’ by training guns on Indian citizens with the result there have been horrible & gross violation of human rights of the people of J&K].

Modi, while addressing US Congress, wrongly assumed that using Jihadis for political end will be condemned and resisted by USA. Modi forgot that USA had used such Jihadis to win cold war in Afghanistan in eighties. Moreover USA knows that stability of theocratic Pakistan will be threatened seriously if government of Pakistan tries to ‘discipline’ militant Islam by asking Islam to forget Kashmir especially when, as per media reports, Islam has laid the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis (many free from Afghanistan after cold war) for Kashmir.

Modi and his advisers seem to be oblivious of the fact that blood is thicker than water. Relationship between USA and Pakistan (which gave immense blood for USA in Afghanistan in winning cold war and is still giving in war against global Jihadi terrorism) is based on blood. Whereas relation between USA and India (which up-to end of cold war was sitting in the lap of USSR) is based on water (economy). Hence it is beyond the capacity of non-martial India to wean USA away from Pakistan (whose blood is still valuable to USA in Afghanistan).

Notwithstanding lip service given by world-community (including USA, the so-called leader of free world, about global war against Jihadi terrorism including from Pakistan against India), the world-community knows that India is trying to play over-smart by demanding stoppage of terrorist attacks by Jihadis emanating from Pakistan but at the same time India does everything in its power to frustrate any solution to chronic and gory Kashmir problem. If world-community does not say so openly to India for obvious reasons (India being functioning secular democracy of ~ 1.28 Billion people that too in this part of Asia) that does not mean that world-community does not understand the farcical policies of India about Kashmir.

When Modi (in his US Congress address) did not say anything:-

(1)- Against China in military terms (about South China Sea and Pacific, which presently is the biggest military headache of USA) except offering some meaningless cooperation about limited patrolling of the waters

(2)- About offering Indian boots on ground to effectively eliminate the menace of Jihadi terrorism inflicted by ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc in NAME region (which is another major military headache for USA)

-- Then in such situation it is absurd and impractical and too much to expect any effective assistance from USA in favor of India on the issue of Kashmir / Jihadi terrorism emanating from Pakistan.

Still there is time therefore instead of making Kashmir an international issue Modi should immediately start dialogue with Pakistan (whether terrorism stops from Pakistan or not because it will never stop due to said condone of world-community) for retrieving POK. If Pakistan does not hand over POK on table then India should be prepared to retrieve POK militarily in a time bound program [which will need considerable economic resources hence instead of brazenly & flagrantly protecting black money and corruption, Modi government should start recovering ~ 1,000 Trillion Rupees income tax as mentioned at ]


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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