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Zivadin Jovanovic: G20 Hangzhou Summit should adopt more realistic approach to the world economy

Alwihda Info | Par peoplesdaily - 27 Août 2016

By Ren Yan from the People’s Daily
“The G20 Hangzhou Summit will be world event of the highest importance. It comes at the time of continuous economic and financial crises in major parts of the world, including destabilization of EU after “Brexit” . Therefore, the G20 summit offers rare opportunity to consider economic and security problems being interconnected,” said Zivadin Jovanovic of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, when speaking about this year’s G20 summit.
Zivadin Jovanovic said that it is true that the world is still far from solution to one of the most serious economic crisis since the one that preceded the Second World War. This one is multidimensional crisis. At the same time it is economic, financial, political, security and social. Therefore, the approach to solutions has to be multidimensional. We all should be aware that development and prosperity need stability and true partnership.
“It is high time to understand and accept that the policy of domination, confrontation and militarization has no future. The stable and prosperous future can be built only on multipolarity, shared responsibility and sovereign equality of all nations, without anybody`s domination. This spirit of G20 has to be strengthened at the forthcoming Summit. Other approaches lead to confrontation and conflicts, ultimately, to self-destruction. In order to ease economic, political and social tensions and confrontations, the world needs truly sustainable development strategy, win-win cooperation and solution of major crises by peaceful political means,” Zivadin Jovanovic said.
“G20 Hangzhou Summit is recognition to China’s unprecedented economic, ethnological and innovative achievements, to Chinese contribution to the development of the underdeveloped world and to the role of China in containment of the world economic and financial crisis. At the same time, it is recognition that Asia is the center of economic and technological development of the world in 21st Century.
“ I expect that forthcoming G20 Summit will adopt more realistic approach to the world economic and financial situation of today. Deep, systematic, accumulated problems certainly cannot be resolved by mere printing of new trillions of dollars or Euros, nor by the continuous egoism and transfer of one’s problems to the others but by removing of all politically motivated barriers, by openness and acceptance of shared responsibilities for common destiny. ” Zivadin Jovanovic said.

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