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Actors from Africa and Latin America share in COP22 experiences of indigenous peoples in the fight against climate change

- 9 Novembre 2016

Indigenous peoples play a major role that cannot be ignored in protecting the environment and fighting against global warming. This was the result highlighted by the participants at a side event held today, November 8, at COP22 headquarters by the Peruvian Indigenous Cultures Center (CHIRAPAQ) on the role of these peoples and the Green Climate Fund.

The event was marked by the participation of representatives of indigenous peoples of Africa and Latin America. That is why it has been a good opportunity to exchange the experiences of these peoples and their actions that can contribute to the protection of our common home, Earth.

In this regard, the executive director of Indigenous Partners for Livelihood Improvement (ILEPA), Kenya, Stanley Kimaren, noted that the Paris Agreement recognized the rights of indigenous peoples, as well as the UN, the UNFCCC and many institutions, emphasizing that they can not be marginalized, especially in terms of climate mitigation and adaptation.

This was confirmed by Tarcila Rivera Zea, president of CHIRAPAQ, noting that the international community, especially the developed countries, should offer everything possible to the indigenous peoples to have access to funding and green climate fund. "Several indigenous peoples have been able to develop important experiences in mitigation and adaptation to climate. We must support and encourage them," said the Peruvian activist.

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