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At-least after 29/11 friends should advice India to spend $ 4,400 to solve Kashmir problem

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 29 Novembre 2016

Bengaluru, India

----- Which ever country considers itself a Friend-of-India (FOI) should advice Government of India (GOI) to realize the truth and should further ask GOI to give Rs 50,000 per month for six months total Rs 3,00,000 (~ $ 4,400) to ‘United India Party’ (UIP) in order to solve the Kashmir problem as mentioned at

The FOI should understand the helplessness of India as given below:-

(1)- After surgical strike of September 29, 2016 the GOI has been saying that Pakistan will be humbled and disciplined and there would be no terrorist attack on India. But it never stopped the latest being at Army-base at Nagrota in J&K in which 7 officers and soldiers have been killed by Pak Jihadis (my condolence for the killed and prayers for early recovery of injured).

(2)- India does not understand that, as per media report, Islam has laid down the lives of about one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir. Hence even if governments of India and Pakistan forget Kashmir the Jihadis will not.

(3)- Though only attacks on civilians are called terrorist attacks but India is cowardly terming even attack on its military and military installations as terrorist attack as if Military can be terrorized. India is doing it because it wants to put the burden on USA of stopping so-called terrorism from Pakistan in pursuance to US sponsored ‘global war against terrorism’.

(4)- Up-to 1998 (when India and Pakistan became nuclear) Hindu majority so-called secular India did not retrieve allegedly its territory of PoK militarily because it is Muslim majority, whereas theocratic Pakistan tried to retrieve allegedly its territory of at-least Muslim Kashmir (if not entire J&K, having Hindu Jammu & Laddakh regions) militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc.

(5)- Now even if India of ~ 1.3 Billion population wants it can’t snatch PoK from Pakistan (one sixth of India in population, territory and economy) because both India and Pakistan have nukes and any now Indo-Pak war will bring total destruction of Indo-Pak region.

(6)- There is a difference between Muslims of Bangladesh (who became Muslims after India was won by Muslims) and Muslims of Pakistan (whose ancestors came from Muslim countries West of India and won and ruled India for ~ 600 years till Britishers came to India in full force in 18 th century). Hence Pakistanis think that (once Britishers left India) they have a right to rule India again.

(7)- India is the only country (unlike Iran etc) which fully did not convert to Islam (despite ~ 700 million Muslims in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) hence it is still the unfinished agenda for both Hinduism and Islam.

(8)- Hindu India for most of its history has never remained under one political authority. Present India (rather pre-partition India) under one political authority was made India by Britishers and ruled it successfully through Rule of Law and secularism.

(9)- Therefore the only solution to Indo-Pak problem is to wean both Hindus and Muslims away from their religions (in this-worldly-matters) by developing a new religion. This new religion can be nothing but humanity and that can be achieved only through human rights friendly political party which UIP will be.

(10)- As mentioned in above published letter the launch of this UIP is stuck-up for want of Rs 50,000/- for six months (total $ ~ 4,400). Here it is in context to add that as per former Army Chief Gen VK Singh (presently a Minister in GOI) the GOI has been giving money to Kashmiri politicians in order to keep situation in Kashmir under control. Apart from this GOI has spent huge amount of money due to unresolved Kashmir problem, which has also costed immense lives & bloodshed and loss of properties for India (and still GOI could not solve Kashmir problem). Hence FOI should advice GOI to spare a meager (for GOI) amount of Rs 50,000 per month for six months ($ ~ 4,400) for UIP for solving Kashmir problem.

(11)- After over four and half months of Kashmir shutdown after killing of Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani on July, 8 ~ 100 Kashmiris mostly youth have lost lives ~ 300 eyes of Kashmiri youth injured and ~ 12,000 Kashmiri youth injured by pellet guns. Hence in desperation the disenchanted and disillusioned Kashmiri youth (from Kashmir-cause-supporters the Separatists from Indian side and Government, military including ISI, Jihadi leaders from Pakistani side) are highly likely to invite ISIS in Kashmir as is being publicly said by prominent Kashmiri leaders too]

It is hoped that in view of OTHERWISE imminent and inevitable danger SAARC is facing about entry of ISIS in the region, the Friends-of-India will understand the extremely difficult situation of India and will do everything, as mentioned and in view of above, to solve the chronic and gory Kashmir problem, once and for all.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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