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Backsliding by G20 countries on climate commitments is "unacceptable"

Alwihda Info | Par CNW - 26 Juin 2019

Backsliding by G20 countries on climate commitments is "unacceptable"
In light of the worrying signals that the G20 are sending about their commitment to climate ambition, civil society representatives said that these countries are threatening to exacerbate the climate emergency and push the limits of dangerous warming beyond 1.5C degrees.
Language on climate change and the Paris Agreement of the G20 communique expected to come out of the leaders’ summit in Osaka, Japan this Friday, is looking weak and alarming. Worryingly, it omits the phrases “global warming” and “decarbonisation” and limits to temperature rise. Signals coming from the G20 countries are indicating that they will continue to support fossil fuel subsidies and overall expansion.
Civil society representatives, who spoke at a news conference at the Bonn climate talks, said that countries are going against the tide, people’s will and the science. This will soon make these countries irrelevant and their policies incompatible with the reality on the ground and the requirements for a better future that leaves no one behind.

Countries are increasingly caving to fossil fuels interests and the agenda of rich countries backing them, which will lead to increasing and more intense climate impacts and loss and damage.

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