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Bengaluru, India: Sunni-Shia Muslims mistaken if think not Prophet Mohammad but Trumps, Putins etc will solve their problem

Alwihda Info | Par hemraj jain - 4 Avril 2017

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Iran’s apprehensions about anti-Shia Sunni NATO are genuine (ii)- How can Prophet Mohammad bless Sunnis and Shias when they are killing each other (His followers) (iii)- Muslims first need to follow abcd of Islam from Quran and not xyz of it (iv)- Muslims should understand that Islam is the most modern and humane religion and deserve to be spread in all of the mankind (v)- SaAr – Pak should try for Muslim Consolidation (MusCon) including all Sunni – Shia countries and not merely Sunni Alliance (vi)- As per modern age and basic preachings of Islam some institutions need to be developed in MusCon countries and all disputes amongst Muslim countries (including Shia-Sunni hostility) will be solved (vii)- MusCon should almost forget about UN at-least for 5 years (viii)- Regarding Kashmir MusCon should tell India that Kashmir solution should wait and further assure India that meanwhile terrorism in Kashmir will be stopped and outside (other than J&K Police) Security forces along with AFSPA, SPA etc should be removed (ix)- Israel - Palestine problem will easily be solved by one-State solution

----This refers to media report that – “[Shia Iran has accused Sunni Pakistan of deepening the age-old sectarian schism within Islam by appointing Pak ex-Army Chief General Raheel Sharif as the head of Saudi Arabia (SaAr) led 39 nation’s Sunni military alliance that is being dubbed as NATO of Sunni Muslim countries. Pakistan’s Shias also believe that the actual purpose of this Saudi alliance is to further its own interest in war torn countries of Yemen, Syria, Iraq].

Iran’s apprehensions about anti-Shia Sunni NATO are genuine given the history of Sunni-Shia bloodbath going-on in Yemen, Syria, Iraq etc. But here both Shia Iran and SaAr led Sunni alliance are wrong the way they are looking at this alliance with apprehension and the way this alliance is being formed. Muslims are wrong in expecting that others (UN permanent members including USA of Trump and Russia of Putin and other countries) will solve their problems. Rather both should convert this occasion into an opportunity to solve the problems of tens of millions of Muslims all across the world that are weeping and bleeding profusely right from AF-PAK-Kashmir region to NAME region including in Syria. For this to happen following need to be done by Muslims (Sunnis and Shias):-

(1)- First and foremost Muslims should understand that for the problems in these Muslim countries, only Muslim themselves are to be blamed for the simple reason that they started thinking themselves above Prophet Mohammed and started killing the followers of Prophet Mohammed (mainly of other sects of Islam). How can Prophet Mohammad bless Sunnis and Shias when they are killing each other (His Followers)? Therefore Sunni SaAr – PAK etc and Shia Iran etc should come together and form Muslim Consolidation (MusCon), a Muslim military alliance (and not merely of either Sunnis or Shias).

(2)- Muslims should understand that Islam is the most modern (because it believes in worship of abstract in this age of modern science & technology) and humane (because it is against usury and promotes Zakat, Waqf) religion and its basic preachings deserve to be spread in all of the mankind. This reality dawns on any one who cares to practice the basics of Islam even for few months (as given in Quran by Prophet Mohammad) and not merely read Quran. The problem with Muslims all over the world is that (i)- They try to achieve xyz of Islam without understanding and practicing abcd of Islam (ii)- Muslims think that there religion is perfect hence do not update this-worldly-matters of Islam and are unnecessarily impervious to the good in other religion / societies [such as human rights (including freedom and liberty) advocated by Christianity or emphasis on non-violence in Hinduism etc].

(3)- For MusCon to succeed Muslims first, as per modern age and basic preachings of Islam, need to develop following institutions and policies for all the member Muslim countries:-

(i)- MusCon countries should try to adopt democratic political model (with list of some temporal / secular matters in which religion will not interfere).
(ii)—MusCon should have MusCon Council (being represented by all the Muslim countries may be with different voting rights) which will decide (by votes) how and where the military of MusCon is to be used.
(iii)- Muslim countries should almost forget about UN at-least for 5 years till UNSC is modified where all the member countries will have voting rights as per their contribution of men, money and material to UN and their record about human rights in UN member countries.
(iv)- MusCon should endeavor for the elimination of WMDs from the world (which unnecessarily kill civilians including women, children and old people). For this MusCon should motivate and mobilize all the nuclear weapon countries (UN permanent members, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea etc) to surrender all their nuclear and other WMDS to some world body which will destroy all these WMDs in a time bound program and will ensure that no country tries to develop WMDs in future.
(v)- MusCon should have one currency with adequate asset back-up (of precious metal and landed properties etc) which will go a long way in discouraging the un-Islamic practice of usury, the interest earning (Many countries including Western countries are indulging in unbridled fiscal deficits under the pressure of global usurers with the result public debt is 60 – 200 % of GDP which has spoiled the economy of these countries).
(vi)- Unless the institutions of health-care and education are under the control of the people, democracy has no meaning. Hence health care should be brought under the control of people in all MusCon countries by Employee State Insurance (ESI) system where in addition to representatives of government the representatives of contributing employees and employers should be there in the management
(vii)- For education the institution of ‘Waqf’ and the properties under ‘Wakf’ can be utilized by suitable modification in the management of ‘Wakf’ where contributors / donors should have appropriate presence in the management of the properties and activities (including of education) of ‘Wakf’
(viii)- In addition to national political parties in all the countries of MusCon there should be pan MusCon political parties registered at MusCon head office which will be sort of ‘Zakat Parties’. Muslims should consider it their duty to take part in political activities in a democratic country hence those Muslims (who have competence and inclination to participate in political activities) should spare some money (similar to Zakat) in order to sustain such political parties financially in which members will not work for selfish personal gains but for the furtherance of the basic principles of egalitarian Islam.
(ix)- MusCon should have Election commission (MusConEC) which will ensure peaceful elections in politically troubled countries of MusCon (like troubled countries in NAME region including in Syria) especially when MusCon country request for such assistance from MusCon or if MusCon thinks that such assistance from MusConEC is necessary.
(x)- All over the world economy has changed / is changing from agriculture to service economy which has increased the mobility of the people with the result house ownership is a problem now a days. Hence Governments in MusCon countries should make residential houses and should give these to the people on rent to be decided by statutory ‘Rent Commission’.
(xi)- Every country of MusCon should have National (and States) Human Rights Commission which will have power to requisition military of MusCon in case government and judiciary of erring country fail to protect the human rights of its citizens.
(xii)- In the name of freedom and liberties in democracy MusCon countries should not allow / encourage through law the pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, homo-sexuality etc. Rather fidelity between married couples should be encourage by law in MusCon countries

(4)- It goes without saying that with MusCon in place all disputes amongst Muslim countries (including gory Shia-Sunni hostility) will be solved. Only two problems will remain where Muslims are facing hard time in a non-Muslim country:-

(i)- Regarding gory and chronic Kashmir problem, MusCon should tell India that Kashmir solution should wait for some time. MusCon should further assure India that MusCon is prepared to depute observers in J&K who will report any act of terrorism by Muslims of J&K on which MusCon will take appropriate action to maintain peace in J&K. At the same time MusCon should tell India that outside (other than J&K Police) Security forces along with AFSPA, SPA etc should be removed from J&K.

(ii)- As far gory and chronic Israel – Palestine problem it has unnecessarily been complicated by two-state solution. MusCon should support one-State for Jews and Muslims and the problem will be solved.

(5)- World is composed of mainly four major human groups namely Christians, Muslims, Chinese and Hindus, All other three except Muslims have one military that is the reason Muslims are militarily weak hence no body is bothered about solving the problems of Muslims though tens of millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely all over the world.

Therefore Sunni SaAr – PAK etc and Shia Iran etc should show wisdom and come together and should form MusCon (like NATO of both Sunni and Shia Muslim countries) so that like Christians (through NATO), Chinese and Hindus the Muslim community will also have one military power which will go a long way in solving all the hitherto intractable problems of Muslims all across the world.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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