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Burn should understand, Carnegie-India should not remain irrelevant to India

Alwihda Info | Par hemraj jain - 3 Avril 2017

Bengaluru, India

This refers to interview (in ‘Times of India’ April, 3) of former Ambassador and former Deputy Secretary of State William J Burns, presently the President of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in which Burns says that – “I have been impressed by what my colleagues in Delhi have accomplished in such a short time. It is a consequence of the fact that Carnegie India is led and staffed by extraordinary Indian-experts who have deep stake and commitment to India’s own domestic and international evolution”.

Burns seems to be suffering from a very common US disease of eulogizing so-called experts including in academic circles while country goes to avoidable crises. It happened in USA when all such experts were drawing handsome salaries and perks in various institutions and organizations of USA including in most ‘prestigious’ academic circle while USA was heading towards 2007-08 economic crises which was visible to even an ordinary person who has even rudimentary knowledge about banking principles / practices. Those US experts never had deep stake and commitment to USA rather they had and still have deep commitment to their salaries and perks.

Similarly Burn is wrong when he says these Indian-experts have deep stake and commitment to India’s own domestic and international evolution. How can any Indian-expert be oblivious of the fact that India is legally supposed to recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion ( $ ~ 15 Trillion) State-capital from Income Tax as mentioned at but Government of India (GOI) is not doing it under the pressure of politically powerful guilty ~ 1 million Indians.

These Indian-experts certainly must be knowing what this State-capital of $ ~ 15 Trillion can do to India in view of the fact that reserve of merely $ ~ 4 Trillion has made China a world power. The exclusive global private capitalism has fixed all the politicians, media, social activists etc in India and the people in Indian academic circles are afraid of losing their bread & butter that is why nobody is highlighting and agitating this issue of $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital / Income Tax. But it is surprising that Carnegie has also fallen in the trap of these Indian-experts in Carnegie-India (who have not highlighted the issue of $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital) and who are good for nothing as far as India is concerned.

These Indian-experts are never bothered that half of India (farmers of small land holdings and farm labors) is living in abject poverty and these farmers in tens of thousands are committing suicides every year (some of such poor farmers are still protesting a Jantar-Mantar Delhi with skulls of their friends and relatives who recently committed suicide out of poverty). These Indian-experts says that if manufacturing / GDP grows then these Indians from farm sector can be taken out from farm sector and be absorbed in manufacturing sector as happened in West (USA and Europe). But these Indian-experts do not understand that nowadays growth is practically jobless and any amount of growth which these Indian-experts are prescribing will not take half of India (which is procreating like flies hence adding endless ‘Q’ of new job-seekers in the market) out of abject poverty. There is only one way to remove the poverty of this beleaguered half of India which is to take them out from these small and unprofitable small farm holding by using money out of this $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital / Income Tax.

These Indian-experts are also blinded by the farce of formidable political rise of BJP / Modi (especially after recent elections in 5 States especially with landslide victory in U.P.) without realizing that it was possible for the simple reason that illegal and draconian demonetization was not highlighted by political parties, media etc during these elections and the people were not informed that GOI is not recovering Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion Income Tax from ~ 1 million politically powerful guilty Indians and instead merely for Rs ~ 2 Trillion has harassed innocent rest of India of ~ 1.3 billion people through illegal and draconian demonetization. In a nutshell the imposing political structure raised by BJP / Modi is merely a house-of-cards and the day this Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion V/s Rs ~ 2 Trillion controversy comes in the open (hopefully through Carnegie-India) BJP / Modi will lose credibility and power sooner than later at Centre and in all the States of India where ever it is in power.

These Indian-experts in Carnegie are not doing any research on two more extremely important issues related to Hindu communalism which is bound to decide the political future of India namely:-

(i)- Hindu communalism which has brought BJP (which had only 2 Member of Parliament in 1984) to present day formidable power at center and in many States due to Babri-masjid demolition in 1992 and its attended massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims and this issue is still agitating & scaring India more so after victory of Hindutva forces in recently concluded elections in 5 States as explained at . In this matter even judiciary is scared. Out of fear of Hindu backlash UP high Court converted title suit into partition suit and out of same fear now SCI (which is not a Court because out of fear of terrorists it has allowed itself to be under siege of Delhi Police) is trying to do the same thing where it has offered itself for mediation in Babri-Masjid dispute and which has intrigued many prominent jurists including Soli Sorabji, Nariman and even ex Judge Sachar as given at

(ii)- Hindu communalism which did not allow Hindu majority India to retrieve Muslim PoK in last 70 years and instead Indian Military is showing ‘bravery’ by training guns at civilians mostly Muslims in Kashmir under protection of AFSPA, SPA etc. and which has resulted in acute alienation of Kashmiris (especially its youth) and with the result danger of entry of ISIS in Kashmir is looming large as mentioned at . This is all the more dangerous because as per media Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir. Hence even if Governments of India and Pakistan want to forget Kashmir on either side of LOC the militant Islam will not allow it and with Chinese (through CPEC) already invested heavily in Pakistan (not only economically but politically also) has already created a situation where India can hardly play any role at international level.

If Burn and his team of Indian-experts at Carnegie-India (which claim to be interested in increased global role of India) cannot see these above mentioned implications of Hindu communalism and aversion of GOI towards State-capital (of $ ~ 15 trillion) and which both incapacitates India to play any meaningful global role worth the name then what to say about the competence and goodwill of this Carnegie team to be relevant to the cause and vital interests of India.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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