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Elaboration / clarification of proposed Indian Tibet / China policy

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 1 Avril 2018

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

---In view of muscle flexing by China in South East Asia region my articles / letters and and and and my letter to social media about this, got response / reply from some which necessitates elaboration / clarification of this proposed Indian Tibet / China policy, as given below:-

(1)- This Tibet / China policy has been formulated keeping in view (i)- India can’t be in peace unless fight authoritarian communism and Islamic theology in its neighborhood (ii)- India and countries of SEAARC need federation to protect human rights-friendly secular-democracy in the region (iii)- Support to right of self-determination not only in Tibet but for unified J&K too (iv)- China is world-power hence will not grant right of self-determination to Tibetans easily (v)- India will have to become superior world-power by recovering $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital in order to make China see reason (vi)- If China can become world power with $ ~ 4 Trillion surplus money what India will become with $ ~ 15 Trillion State-capital is any body’s guess (vii)- Whether Indians like it or not India will have to give-up civilian culture and instead adopt martial culture in the interest of world-peace (viii)- India / SEAARC should follow socialism which is nothing but joint-capitalism where (like private-capital) State-capital is also deployed profitably for employment & human rights of the people (ix)- India / SEAARC should ally with USA & its allies after getting UN amended for pro-human rights global order (x)- India / SEAARC should try to solve global problems such as problems in NAME region (including Syria) where millions of people are weeping and bleeding profusely

(2)- The civilian culture [which India adopted since before independence when unlike USA, India did not raise guns against Britishers for getting independence. And India under Nehru (disciple of Gandhi) did not use superior Indian Air-force against China in 1962 rather preferred to face most humiliating defeat. And India did not retrieve PoK militarily in last 70 years though smaller Pakistan tried to take Kashmir militarily many times, etc. etc.] will work no more and India now will have to adopt martial culture.

(3)- If majority of unified J&K so wants then India should grant right to self-determination to unified J&K (comprising both sides of J&K) by asking Pakistan to surrender PoK (peacefully, even militarily if necessary). This unified independent J&K may become 9th member of SAARC like Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Afghanistan etc

(4)- (In order to relieve USA and its allies from the burden of protecting territorial integrity & sovereignty of Pacific countries from muscle-flexing China), India should take the lead for realizing South East Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the SEAARC (based on democracy, secularism, socialism, federalism, globalization and rule-of-law) comprising not only 8 (or 9) countries of SAARC but also geographically contiguous and Pacific countries of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines etc

(5)- India (in addition to GOI, through political and other organizations) in tandem with President Trump, US congress and TLHRC should come forward (also by mobilizing UN / NHRC) for Tibet solution. India should approach Tibetans living in Tibet through Tibetans (especially refugees) living in other countries and in India (preferably without Dalai Lama who is not interested in going back to Tibet and is more a part of problem than solution). Otherwise also in secular India / SEAARC there should be no over-importance to a religious leader like Dalai Lama. If China does not agree to restore human rights (which are grossly violated as per TLHRC) in Tibet then India / SEAARC (through amended UN) should work for independence of Tibet which can be another member of SEAARC.

(6)- India / SEAARC should press for amended UN where:-

(i)- in place of veto to 5 nations (including to authoritarian-communist anti-human-rights China), in new UN the voting power should be given to all member countries commensurate with their contribution of men (especially martial), money and material (especially military) and the record about human rights of member countries
(ii)- Optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR at UN should be replaced with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that even the citizens of member countries can move UN to protect their human rights against erring member country
(iii)- In this age of unprecedented advance of about 500 years in science & technology especially in IT sector, globalization is unavoidable. But without global currency and International Political Parties (IPPs) globalization is impossible hence:-
(A)- Global currency with proper asset back-up with its Central Bank at United Nations and its branches in all the member countries of UN.
(B)- IPPs registered at UN so that governance of some member countries (who can’t rule themselves properly) can be improved.
(iv)- For bringing peace in Syria etc through UN Peace Keeping Force (UNPKF) and UN election Commission (UNEC) with the support of IPPs too (in UNPKF and UNEC India can provide millions of Indians in addition to people from other countries of SEAARC).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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