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Govt can't put burden of electronic transfers on gullible Indians, when forced through illegal demonetization

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 25 Décembre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Will someone ask Government of India (GOI) , why it didn’t recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion Income Tax (which would have hugely improved also the martial power of India) and instead now doing drama of eliminating black-money at the cost of immense suffering (including killing) of gullible Indians? (ii)- How can GOI ask people to bear the burden of forced electronic transfers?

---- In addition to dereliction by President, Supreme Court, Parliament and NHRC the irresponsibility & shameful submission (to GOI & RBI Authorities who have immensely damaged the banking system & fundamental principle of monetary-economics) by Bankers Association and Bank Employees Trade Unions (giving undesirable importance to only micro matters for which they periodically go for all India strikes too and not to legitimate macro matters concerned with their professional integrity) are mainly responsible for the mess created in democratic India by criminal demonetization.

People should know that if Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion can be allowed as agriculture income by Income Tax department why will not be maximum Rs ~ 4 Trillion (Govt’s initial expectation but in reality may be Rs ~ 1Trillion) from demonetization. Hence Government of India is merely doing the drama of likely stringent legal action against those people whose ‘huge’ cash has been seized by Income Tax department or who have deposited ‘huge’ amounts of cash in banks.
Therefore this Hindu demonetization treating different (new Castes) differently (which harasses and kill lower caste of gullible economically humble people but will do nothing against upper caste of rich & powerful people in Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion case) is merely adding insult to injuries of ordinary Indians as explained at:- OR

Moreover the ‘huge’ cash holder in new currency rather more so the bank official involved in this so-called ‘illegal’ transaction cannot be ‘punished’ [even for VERY MINOR offence (or rather irregularity) of over-shooting the limit of the amount of cash withdrawal of legal money from agriculture income].

Because on Indian currency it is written that Governor of RBI promises to pay to the bearer the sum of. Hence despite Govt / RBI directives for limited cash withdrawal a person can always (as per banking laws all over the World) withdraw his entire money from the bank [especially in case of bankruptcy of RBI which is the case once [in utter violation of Article 21, 14, 19 (1) (g) & 300 A of the Constitution and Section 26 (2) of the RBI Act] its offices & agencies (the Post-offices and Banks) started saying that there is no cash (even to the extent notified in Gazette) with the result run on the bank additionally in view of forced cashless-economy in a situation of poor connectivity / related-infrastructure.

Hence any such action by Govt. against both (the ‘huge’ cash holder in new currency and the bank official) will invite prolonged and ferocious legal battles which are bound to end against Govt / RBI.

Moreover GOI has unnecessarily linked demonetization with cashless (or less cash) economy and forcing the people through ‘dadagiri, to go for electronic transfer by not printing enough notes against demonetized currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 bank notes.

Less cash economy could have been achieved painlessly (without illegal & draconian demonetization) by merely making transactions of services provided by Union Government, all the State Governments and Local bodies (like diesel, petrol, govt. fertilizers, govt. pesticides, electricity, water, Railways, State transport Services etc) cashless without putting any financial burden on the consumers for such electronic transactions.

GOI is not trying to understand that if I purchase vegetable worth Rs 100 then I am supposed to pay only Rs 100 cash against vegetable of Rs 100. But if GOOI is forcing me to do electronic transfer for this transaction then I should not be asked to pay extra money (howsoever small) by way of service tax, transaction, tax, surcharge etc because it is against basic principles of monetary economics and illegal [as Indians are not going for digital transfer out of their choice but due to criminal pressure (‘dadagiri’) of GOI]

It is a matter of great shame for demoralized India that GOI has thus-far managed to get away with such monumental farce of criminal demonetization (Though GOI has given enough evidence that it does not believe in rule-of-law hence has not learnt to function as per Law / Constitution and instead is relying on ‘Ab-tak 56’ syndrome where viewers in cinema hall clap and whistle when encounter specialist kills an accused or sentenced in extra judicial killing which is claimed in the interest of the society).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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