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India enters civil war and will face imposition of national emergency...

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 19 Février 2016

Bengaluru, India

India enters civil war and will face imposition of national emergency and ultimately communist rule

Sub:- (i)- India enters civil war and will face imposition of national emergency (ii)- National emergency under Modi may see a repeat of 2002 Gujarat as 2016 India.

-- As was apprehended India has entered civil war on JNU controversy as university students, the supporters of popularly termed Right (BJP) and left (Communists and others) have joined the fight and more universities are bound to join it. This is bound to usher India into national emergency as explained below:-

(1)- This fight cannot stop because in democracy nationalism / patriotism of citizens are never questioned and they are free to express themselves (without directly indulging in violence). But India is still in Statist mode of ‘Rajtantra’ (rule of kings and emperors) era where State is projected in larger than life image and is made extras powerful also by saying that being anti-State or critical of State is anti-national / unpatriotic.

(2)- In India even after 70 years of independence it is so for the simple reason democracy (unlike Rajtantra) requires higher moral of citizens (over State) but mis- conceived reservation policy has destroyed any chance of achieving it. There is nothing wrong in giving reservation to any group of people (commensurate with their percentage in population) in order to give them representation in government services (not in elections and education) ON MERIT if they think otherwise they will not get it. But giving them (majority of Hindus) reservation by branding them as oppressed and backward keep them demoralized forever.

(3)- As far Muslims, the Hindu majority communal India (which allowed India’s partition on communal lines in 1947 and did not assimilate Muslim Bangladesh in 1971 despite collapse of two nation theory, the basis of India’s partition) has succeeded in keeping them as thoroughly demoralized as is evident from the fact that they do not have courage to even move Supreme Court (i)- To get reservation laws quashed under Article 13 and 14 of Constitution though these laws are discriminatory against Muslims, giving reservation to even those of Hindus who once ruled in India but not to Muslims (ii)- To get status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid restored (iii) To get justice in 2002 Gujarat massacre cases by invoking section 130 & 131 CrPC

(4)- Hence such India with 75 % of its demoralized population (broadly) cannot question the martial deficiency of India on Kashmir hence cannot win war for freedom of expression especially when remaining 25 % India will support BJP government of fascist Modi. This is evident from the fact that protagonists of freedom of expression (liberals) keep quite when asked what they will do when pro – Kashmiri separatist / Pakistan slogans are raised or when capital punishment to terrorists like Afzal guru is questioned by liberals.

(5)- Though entire Kashmir problem is due to dereliction of martially deficient Union of India which did not retrieve POK (even militarily). India is under delusion that mentioning in Constitution of J&K as integral part of India is enough without realizing that acquiescence and inordinate delay in retrieving POK has already damaged Indian title on POK due to adverse possession especially when Pakistan much smaller than India tried to take Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971 during Kargil etc. At the top of it and to make matter worst the Indian military (instead of taking-on Pak military for retrieving POK) is showing its 'bravery' by training guns at civilians and Indian citizens of J&K especially in Kashmir valley under AFSPA etc (with horrible stories of human rights abuses including rape in J&K even by security forces of India).

(6)- This is bound to continue the main fight between BJP and communists where State protection may give edge only initially to Hindutva goons over communists in street fights as happened at Delhi courts too (which is hearing sedition case against JNU students) where despite order of Supreme Court of India (SCI) Hindutva goons (including advocates) were again successful in perpetrating violence against JNU students, journalists and even pro-JNU advocates.

(7)- Here people should understand that SCI will continue to remain helpless for the simple reason that it is not a court in proper sense of the term. Judicial system rests on two basic principles that Court can never be in abeyance and Court can never be under seize. But SCI is under seize of Delhi Police (where Indians cannot go freely to SCI but only when allowed by Delhi Police which has seized SCI by giving lame excuse by Union of India that due to terrorist threat Delhi Police has taken SCI under its protection). Even during rules of kings and emperors people could approach the rulers by sounding bell by pulling its rope but not so in democratic India where in so-called rule of law Indians cannot approach last hope of justice, the SCI). In a nut shell when SCI cannot protect itself how it can be expected to protect the Indian citizens from violence (it is needless to say such legally objectionable pathetic state of SCI is due to martial deficiency of India).

(8)- Hence in such a fight (where Hindutva goons will have State protection) initially Communists will take the beating which is bound to revive ultra-leftism in India. And then communist will hardly take time to take muscle / gun support from Naxalites (who were launched by communist / Marxists and who have presence in one third of Indian territory) to take-on Hindutva goons not only in street fights but even through cold blooded political murders.

(9)- Here one more very important international factor will be at work. Communist China after encircling India in South through Sri Lanka and Maldives (through ports and other infrastructure) has done so in north too through Pakistan (through economic corridor) and Nepal (through infrastructure development help) after massive 2015 earthquake and especially after violence between Hindus of Indian origin and Nepalese after promulgation of new Nepali Constitution. China is already saying if China had democracy it also would have been as poor as India. Hence economical failure and huge unemployment in India (which has no chance of improvement despite Modi government especially which came in power by Modi arousing high hopes) is bound to revive debate about relevance of democracy in India and in view of this how much time China will take in bring communist regime in India is any body’s guess [especially in the backdrop of communists (with the covert support of Naxalites) fighting rightists Hindutva goons all over India].

(10)- Due to failure of exclusive private capitalism the liberal democracies of West also will not be able to stop this rising liking for communist rule in India because in West also people are disenchanted with exclusive private capitalism. This is evident not only what is going on in Europe but in USA too where a presidential candidate Bernie Senders (who openly claims himself to be a leftist socialist though ultimately may or may not win but) is attracting huge support among ruling Democratic Party in primaries.

(11)- Therefore it does not require a genius of political science to say that in such situation (communist / Marxist / Naxalites v/s Hindutva violent civil war) the Indian rulers will panic and will go for national emergency. This will especially pose grave threat to Indian Muslims because national emergency under Modi may see a repeat of 2002 Gujarat as 2016 India.

Let us see how Indians and world community avoid imminent and inevitable national emergency and communist rule in India.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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