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Kashmiris paying price for putting (another power-greedy) Mehbooba / PDP in office

Alwihda Info | Par hemraj jain - 29 Mars 2017

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- With summer coming, irresponsible Kashmiris should be prepared for their more bloodshed

-----The solution to Kashmir problem is not a rocket science. Any person even with a little knowledge of politics knows that India was partitioned in 1947 on religious lines but Muslim majority J&K (sharing border with Pakistan) still opted for secular India. The day the veneer of secularism of India came-off Muslim Kashmir stared alienating. Some drifted towards Pakistan more so after 2016 when over 5 months of shutdown of Kashmir was observed after killing of Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani in July 2016 and many are undecided as to what to think about future of Muslim Kashmir (if not entire J&K) whether it will or should remain with India or Pakistan or independent.

Unification of J&K is the only solution to Kashmir problem. Taking Kashmir issue by India in 1947 to UNO was not wrong. After Pakistan refused to vacate PoK militarily in 1948 (as was stipulated in UN resolution) and when UN did nothing to enforce its resolution, India (the petitioner and judgment creditor) should have but did not retrieve PoK militarily and it was the main problem and still remains the main problem as communal Hindu majority India in the last 70 years never tried to retrieve Muslim PoK militarily though theocratic Islamic Pakistan, much smaller than India, came to take Muslim Kashmir militarily many times.

It was hoped PM Modi of 56 inch chest will retrieve PoK militarily (if necessary) before the end of his tenure in 2019 (but Modi is not talking to Pakistan even for retrieve of PoK and meanwhile China is in the process of grabbing huge Indian territory of Gilgit - Baltisatan, by getting it made another province of Pakistan, through which CPEC runs). Now when Kashmir is witnessing heightened alienation and killing and injuring of civilians and home grown Kashmiri terrorists (with the support and instigation of Pakistan) people are afraid that with coming summer Kashmiris may see more and more of their bloodshed. In a nutshell unless India talks to Pakistan for retrieving PoK there is no solution to Kashmir problem. This was the reason that ruling party PDP kept in agenda of alliance (with BJP) that India will talk to Pakistan and Kashmiris (including Hurriyat) about Kashmir solution.

But two years of J&K government have passed and Modi Government has shown no interest in talking to Pakistan despite repeated demands by PDP / Mufti and other Kashmiri leaders. It does not require a genius of political science to understand that if Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti gives ultimatum (that if Modi Government does not start talking to Pakistan within a time frame of say one month then she / PDP will resign and relinquish power in J&K), then Modi Government will have to start talks with all the stake holders (Pakistan and people of J&K) and that will forever bring end to suffering and bloodshed of Kashmiris.

But Mehbooba / PDP will not do it because like Abdullahs / NC the PDP / Mehbooba Mufti is also after power (and callous towards suffering and bloodshed of Kashmiris) despite knowing that the Military of Hindu majority India does not have courage to take-on the Military of Pakistan for retrieving PoK and instead training their guns under protection of AFSPA, SPA etc at mainly the Muslim civilians of Kashmir. And worst Hindu majority India uses politicians of Kashmir (like of Abdullahs and Muftis and Lones) as a fig leaf to make Kashmiri leadership share the blame for said excesses on Kashmiris born out of cowardice of security forces of India.

It is not that Kashmiris do not know about this game plan of Government of India (GOI) and the power greed of said Kashmiri leaders. The Kashmiris know that they can easily come out of their difficult situation by demanding that Mehbooba / PDP should come out of J&K government if GOI does not talk to Pakistan, Hurriyat etc for the solution of gory and chronic Kashmir problem. But Kashmiris will not do it for the simple reason that Muslim Kashmiri men (like their counter part in NAME region including Syria where tens of millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely) are also irresponsible people and they also do not bother if their women, children and old people suffer so much.

God only knows immensely suffering Muslim Kashmirs are following which Quran? Because the Quran given by Prophet Mohammad gives peace, prosperity and happiness to anyone after one cares to practice it (and not merely read it) even for few months with little common-sense. It is evident that Kashmiri Muslims are following some other Quran (and not Quran given by Prophet Mohammad) given by Maulvi, Mullah and other Islamic religious leaders who are enjoying enormous power and pelf in Kashmir at the cost of Kashmiris.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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