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King Salman of SaAr facing disgrace & humiliation because fears USA and not Allah

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 24 Décembre 2017

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Islam is not a religion which, with impunity, can be trifled with (ii)- At his advance age King Salman should think of serving Islam (iii)- King Salman should work for Muslim-brotherhood through Palestinians

---In the entire history of Islam Saudi Arabia (SaAr), having Mecca-Medina, has had an especial place for Muslims all over the world (especially for Sunni Muslims, who constitute ~ 85 % population of global Sunni-Shia Muslims). In modern times the King of SaAr has acquired an added role as a leader of Sunni-Muslim world. But King Salman of SaAr has failed in his duty to provide leadership to Sunnis with the result they are weeping and bleeding profusely [from AF-PAK-Kashmir to NAME (including Syria) regions]. This is in addition to Palestinian problem which has caused immense bloodshed, loss of lives through wars between Israel and Arab countries and terrorist activities throughout the world including 9/11 etc. Moreover though fortunately (this fortune may not last forever) both missiles were intercepted by SaAr but on December,19 SaAr has faced disgrace & humiliation when second time a missile fired by Houthi Yemeni rebels has reached as far inside the kingdom as its capital Riyadh (on November 4, 2017 first missile reached Riyadh international airport). The Sunni – Muslim world has faced all these problems because Sunni-Muslims mostly led by SaAr have allowed themselves to be taken for granted by USA, which recently inflicted humiliation on Muslims by declaring Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

Islam is not a religion which, with impunity, can be trifled with. At his advance age of 82 years King Salman should stop fearing USA and start fearing Allah. If does not mend his wrong ways, old King Salman, as per Islam will face tough time on Judgment-Day. Fortunately for him King Salman has opportunity for atonement by taking advantage of US Prez Trump’s absurd declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. King Salman should solve Israel-Palestine problem by rehabilitating all Palestinian refugees in Israel-Palestine and for this King Salman should immediately launch ‘Organization for Rehabilitation of Palestinians’ (ORP) because the ‘Organization of Islamic Cooperation’ (OIC), ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’ (GCC) etc wouldn’t do. King Salman through ORP should ensure peaceful & non-violent march of ~ 1 million volunteers and ~ 4 million Palestine refugees to Israel-Palestine as given below:-

(1)- Israel PM Netanyahu on December 10, 2017 said during his visit to France that US president Trump has done justice while recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (hence USA is also shifting its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem) because as per Netanyahu Jerusalem has been the capital not only of Jewish State of Israel for the last 7 years but also of Jews for the last 3,000 years. PM Netanyahu is wrong. No-doubt both USA & Israel are trying to play over-smart about Palestinian problem. As far history of 3,000 years, by brazenly violating the terms of Balfour Declaration of 1917 (and other League of Nation's subsequent promises regarding Trusteeship), the present day Israel (from where Palestinians have been summarily driven out by force), has been justified mainly in the name of holocaust in which ~ 6 million Jews were allegedly butchered in Europe during World War II, though Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust. Before 1917 Muslims were ~ 85.5 % Jews ~ 12 % and Christians & others were ~ 2.5 % in Israel / Palestine. Before 1917 there was no movement or armed struggle by Jews in or out of Israel to take Israel back from the Palestinians. Even as per Old Testament Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to kill the then residents of and capture this ‘Promised Land’ of Israel). Now Jews want to make Israel a Jewish State with 75 % Jews in it and wants to leave Palestinians in either very small area of unviable State of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) or as permanent refugees in other countries.

(2)- As per media reports presently the population of Israel is ~ 8 million in which 75 % (~ 6 million) are Jews where as there are ~ 10.5 million Palestinians (~ 4.75 million in Palestine the West-Bank, Gaza-Strip and East Jerusalem + ~ 1.75 million in Israel and ~ 4 million registered refugees). All these Muslim Palestinians like Jews are legally entitled to remain in Israel / Palestine. This of-course will bring Muslim Palestinians in majority in Israel / Palestine but this is the only justifiable remedy for the over-smartness of USA and Israel, that have forgotten that world community expects UN member countries to have their citizens from different religions (In India also Hindus and Muslims are expected to live together, peacefully). The USA, the self-proclaimed leader of free world is especially more in the wrong when in this 21 st century of Secularism the USA is supporting a theocratic Jewish State of Israel (therefore two-State-solution based on religion should be discarded in favor of one-State-solution)

(3)- Hence ORP should call an urgent meeting at SaAr to formulate details of program for peaceful march of ~ 1 million volunteers and ~ 4 million Palestine refugees to Israel-Palestine. Though SaAr and other oil rich Muslim countries can provide funds for this mission but it should not be done in such a way. Muslims all over the world should be asked to contribute (as per their financial capacity) for this peaceful march (This will ensure participation of entire Muslim world in this peaceful march and will further buttress faith of all the Muslims in Muslim-brotherhood and will bring tremendous respect among non-Muslims for Islam). After this contribution whatever shortage will be there in funds can be given by oil rich countries. The ORP should have its ordinary members and members in its executive committee from all the Sunni-Muslim majority countries (their leaders from government, social organizations, religious leaders etc) and from Shia Muslim majority countries and from non-Muslim majority countries too.

(4)- From their countries the travelling, food during transit etc expenses of volunteers and refugees should be taken care of by ORP. Volunteers should be taken from all Muslim countries preferably proportional to their population (including from India which has ~ 180 million Muslims, the ~ 10 % of global Muslim population). Secular non-Muslims from all over the world, who want to join this peaceful march to Israel-Palestine, should also be welcomed by ORP. These ~ five million people (~1 million volunteers + ~ 4 million Palestine refugees) should enter Israel-Palestine at about 10 entry points @ ~ one hundred thousand persons per day (total for all entry points) so that government of Israel can arrange their arrest and accommodation in prisons in a smooth manner in a period of ~ two months.

(5)- Once these ~ five million people (~1 million volunteers + ~ 4 million Palestine refugees) are accommodated in prisons by government of Israel then King Salman should call another meeting of ORP to discuss further course of action in the interest of rehabilitating all the Palestinian refugee in one state of Israel-Palestine and also to get ~ 1 million volunteers freed from the prisons of Israel-Palestine and sending them back to their respective countries.

It is hoped King Salman of SaAr, will start endeavoring to see in his life time not only the solution of chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem (as mentioned above) by getting all the Palestinian refugees rehabilitated in one State of Israel-Palestine but will also consolidate all the Muslims of the world in Muslim-brotherhood which will facilitate in getting justice especially to beleaguered Muslims all over the world.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India.

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