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Nawaz, by ditching Kashmiris, paving way for ISIS in AF-PAK-Kashmir region

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 6 Octobre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Nawaz evidently does not understand abcd of Islam (ii)-Reported instruction of Nawaz to ISI to apprehend Jihadis-for-Kashmir without declaring plan for Kashmir solution tantamount to ditching Kashmiris (iii)- Separatist leaders in Kashmir al-ready fast losing credibility (iv)- If Pak Jihadis & military (ISI) listen to Nawaz then blood-thirsty ISIS bound to enter AF-PAK-Kashmir region (v)- Indo – Pak region should hope Theresa May will show global leadership in Realizing CW especially after BREXIT

---- On October, 6 the leading newspaper of Pakistan ‘Dawn’ reported that – “[After exclusive presentation in PM office to a group of civil and military officials, by the Pak foreign secretary, of the results of the recent diplomatic outreach by Pakistan, the crux being that - (Pakistan faces diplomatic isolation and that the government’s talking points have been met with indifference in major world capitals as USA is demanding that action be taken against the Haqqani network and India demands the completion of the Pathankot investigation and some visible action against JeM and though China has reiterated its support for Pakistan, it too has indicated a preference for a change in course by Pakistan. Specifically, while Chinese authorities have conveyed their willingness to keep putting on technical hold a UN ban on JeM leader Masood Azahar they have questioned the logic of doing so repeatedly) - Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif instructed that military-led intelligence agencies are not to interfere if law enforcement acts against militant groups that are banned or until now considered off-limits for civilian action and ISI DG accompanied by National Security Adviser, are instructed to travel to each of the four provinces with this message for provincial apex committees and ISI sector commanders. Nawaz directed that fresh attempts be made to conclude the Pathankot investigation and restart the stalled Mumbai attacks-related trials in a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court]”.

This new found anti-Jihadi sentiment of Nawaz has either of the two meanings:-

(A)- Either Nawaz is be-fooling India by giving a false assurance that now Pakistan will not allow any terrorist activity in Kashmir or in India to emanate from Pakistan and instead will take effective and prompt action against the perpetrators of Mumbai & Pathankot attack. OR

(B)- If Nawaz is really serious about what he is reported to have said then it is only a matter of time that blood-thirsty ISIS will enter AF-PAK-Kashmir region, as explained below, if Pak Jihadis & military (ISI) listen to Nawaz (especially when separatist leaders in Kashmir are also fast losing their credibility):-

(1)- It is a different matter that after 1971 (when Bangladesh separated from Pakistan) Pakistan has become one sixth of India hence not in position to impose its will militarily on India for snatching J&K from India but Pakistan has better claim on J&K because :-

(i)- Muslim theocratic Pakistan tried to take Muslim Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc but so-called secular Hindu India never tried to take Muslim PoJK militarily (not even once). Hence as per adverse possession and even ideologically Pakistan has better title on entire J&K than of India.

(ii)- Despite example of Hyderabad etc (where Muslim rulers of Hindu majority States wanted to aced to Pakistan but denied by India) In 1947 Muslim majority J&K preferred to accede to Secular Hindu majority India over Islamic theocratic Pakistan because people of J&K rightly thought that Secularism is a better and more powerful ideology. But India gradually gave good-bye to secularism which has alienated Muslims of J&K hence Pakistan government its military and its Jihadis have every right to snatch J&K from India.

(2)- Despite better claim of Pakistan over J&K India is entitled to retrieve PoJK for the simple reason that if J&K goes to Pakistan then it will be the victory of militant Jihadis which is simply not acceptable to either India or to world community especially in this age of ‘Global war against Jihadi terrorism’.

(3)- Though after 9/11 under US pressure Pakistan might have stopped equating Jihadis with freedom fighters (especially who do not kill and injure civilians) but after Pak PM Nawaz has equated HuM Commander Burhan Wani to freedom fighter, it will be morally wrong on the part of Nawaz to arrest or harass any Jihadi in Pakistan (who are not involved in killing civilians in J&K / India) who is trying to snatch Muslim majority J&K from Hindu majority India.

(4)- Evidently Nawaz does not understand even abcd of Islam and for this (Quran is not enough) he should read also the biography of Prophet Mohammad to know what Islam ESSENTIALLY is (here only Indian matters will be discussed and not of Afghanistan). But to be fair to Nawaz even Maulvis do not understand Islam (as evident from ) where Mirwaiz has squandered the golden opportunity to get Kashmir solution especially after on-going unrest in Kashmir where entire Kashmiri society has come on street for Kashmir solution. [Even as a politician Nawaz like Yasin does not think of giving succor to millions of bleeding and weeping Kashmiris by undertaking political movement (through his party in PoJK) as mentioned at - ]

(5)- Nawaz should know that Jihadis are fourth party in Kashmir dispute as explained at - . Hence if Nawaz in any way tries to stop Muslim Pakistanis (including its military, ISI, Jihadis) in helping Muslim Kashmiris (who are agitating for the last ~ 90 days and have suffered immense deaths, injuries, maiming, blinding etc) from getting early Kashmir solution then the days of Nawaz in power will be numbered (as happened to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf after ordering operation of security forces in Lal Masjid).

(6)- Nawaz should understand that now the only solution to on-going problem between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is ‘Realized Common Wealth’ (CW) as explained at - and which can be Realized only when Indians take the lead for launching ‘Commonwealth Party of India’ which will also try to retrieve PoJK and then under international pressure (both India and Pakistan being nuclear countries) it will ultimately usher into Realized CW (because if Hindus and Muslims are left alone then they will again fight if Christians are not there). Though said Common Wealth Party of India will come in existence sooner than later but it will help a lot if British Prime Minister Theresa May takes interest in it.

Therefore instead of unethically ditching Kashmiris, the Pak PM Nawaz Sharif should wait patiently for the re- unification of India and Pakistan through Realized Common Wealth.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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