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New Gandhian technique by GMY trio etc bound to bring success to agitating Kashmiris

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 20 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- With 6 weeks of curfew / Bandh the Kashmiris getting uneasy mainly due to no result in sight (ii)- Nothing succeeds like success hence separatists will have to change the strategy (iii)- Separatists should exploit momentum of India’s stand to their advantage (iv)- In a fight to finish the communal forces, the separatists should plunge Kashmiris in one year Bandh (v)- This non-violent new Gandhian technique bound to bring success to agitating Kashmiris

---- Naturally curfew / strike for 6 weeks and that too without any result in sight will disturb the people. Hence as per report in media of J&K the Kashmiris have started questioning ‘hartals’ ( strike / Bandh), violence in Kashmir and questions are being asked from separatists (Geelani-Mirwaiz-Yasin) trio etc that if Azadi (independence) is achievable by such ‘hartals’ and violence we can wait even for a year and close our shops but tell us it's achievable.

Obviously separatists GMY trio etc is at the cross road. Uprising in Kashmir in 1990s was mostly cross border sponsored (by ~ 70 % Jihadis who became free from end of cold war in Afghanistan) but present uprising (after killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani on July, 8) is only ~ 30 % from cross border and rest ~ 70 % is home grown Jihadis from Kashmir valley and at the top of it Kashmiri society (including children, women and old people) is participating in protests in which over 65 civilians killed ~ seven thousands (including security forces) have been injured including ~ 150 eyes of civilians injured by pellet guns. Therefore separatists GMY trio etc know that if they allow this highly potent ‘opportunity’ let go then may not get another in their life time.

By this time separatists GMY trio etc must have realized that nothing succeeds like success and the way agitation is going-on there is no chance of any success. But what GMY trio etc do not understand that people of India also want Kashmir problem to be solved at least this time because otherwise it may end up in the entry of blood-thirsty ISIS in Kashmir (as Member of Parliament Muzaffar Hussain Baig in a TV interview said, if present unrest continues in Kashmir without any solution in sight) which will make not only separatists GMY trio etc but even Pakistan irrelevant in Kashmir dispute and will even pave the way for ISIS foothold in AF-PAK-Kashmir region.

Therefore separatists GMY trio etc should change the course and should adopt new Gandhian technique to get success for their present 6 week long agitation as explained below:-

(1)- First of all separatists GMY trio etc should understand that the might of Indian State is proportionately very large than their’s (including their mentor Pakistan) hence there is no point in fighting it head-on. Rather separatists GMY trio etc should use the technique of cricket where the momentum of fast ball is used to get boundary by using this momentum (by diverting it). Government of India (GOI) has taken two stands (i)- Entire J&K (including PoJK) is integral part of India (ii)- Pakistan should give PoJK back to India. The separatists GMY trio etc should exploit second stand of GOI and should say that Kashmiris will observe Bandh till PoJK is retrieved by GOI and whether PoJK is retrieved by India on table by talking to Pakistan or by militarily is the head-ache of GOI (while demanding retrieve of PoJK the Kashmiris should keep in mind that the last world on India’s partition is yet to be written). For this the separatists GMY trio etc should ask Kashmiris to observe Bandh initially for the period of one year (which will avoid Kashmiris becoming restless after every week of extension of the call for Bandh and will prepare them for long haul) and should say that it will be extended further if no result comes-out within one year.

(2)- For this to happen the Kashmiris should first persuade all of their elected representatives (of Local Bodies, Vidhansabha, Vidhan Parishad, Rajyasabha, Loksabha) to resign. After-all during independence struggle also it was done by Congress governments in various States. During this one year period of Bandh the Kashmiris will require five basic needs namely food, clothes, house, healthcare and education. As far education heavens are not going to fall if students drop their studies for one year. After-all during independence struggle led by Gandhi many students did so. As far clothes and house the Kashmiris have enough and can manage without getting more at-least for one year. As far health care even during Governor / President rule in J&K hospitals and ambulances will be provide by State. Therefore the success of one year Bandh will depend only on one factor which is food for Kashmiris if it can be arranged by separatists GMY trio etc.

(3)- The separatists GMY trio etc can do it without much difficulty by appealing to various Charity & Human Rights NGOs and other organizations not only in India but also across the world (headed by Hindus, Muslims Christians etc). Also Kashmiris can use Islam for this purpose. The Imam of Jamia Masjid Kishtwar Farooq Ahmed Kichloo on Friday reportedly rightly said “Kashmir issue and the current crisis is not a fight between Hindus and Muslims.” But it should not prevent Kashmiri Muslims from getting relief for all Kashmiris (may be by moving All India Imams Council and other national organizations of Islam) about secular commodity food out of huge amount of money (which Muslims give by way of Zakat, Waqf and other contributions to Masjids).

It does not require a genius of political science to understand that if Geelani-Mirwaiz-Yasin trio and other separatists reasonably succeed in persuading Kashmiri youth to give-up the path of armed rebellion / militancy then with said no-violent new Gandhian technique Kashmiris are bound to get satisfactory solution to chronic and gory Kashmir problem much before the end of one year.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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