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No chance of Kashmir solution unless J&K Govt understand this problem

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 4 Mars 2018

Bengaluru, India

---As per prominent media of J&K on March 3, 2018 the State Government spokesman and Minister for Works, Naeem Akhtar of PDP has, on behalf of J&K Government, felicitated the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for BJP’s impressive electoral performance in three North-Eastern states and further said that “[With its latest impressive performance in the N-E states, Prime Minister, Modi and his party have got the fresh political and electoral legitimacy to take on the challenges confronting the country and the region (J&K) on economic and political fronts. Akhtar reiterated that the resolution of momentous problems confronting Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) should be brought to the centre-stage with fresh political resolve. Akhtar called for making renewed efforts in reaching out to people of J&K to end the vicious cycle of death and destruction and ensuring a prosperous future for its enterprising young generation like their counterparts in other states of the country. Akhtar said despite ideological and political divergences, PDP joined hands with BJP on the basis of an “Agenda of Alliance” to provide a broad-based political platform to the people in all the regions and sub-regions of the State]”.

The world community is baffled why gory and chronic Kashmir problem has not been solved during last 70 years. If someone wants to know the reason behind non-resolution of Kashmir problem then the reasons for this failure can be got from above naïve statement of Akhtar, as mentioned below:-

(1)- First of all Akhtar has failed to understand that in North-East the minority is Christians and not Muslims. Hence not only Akhtar (PDP) but many in India (media and political commentators) are wrongly assuming that BJP has become acceptable to minorities (which generally means ~ 200 million Indian Muslims). Acceptability of BJP to Muslims will be decided mainly by the fate of Ayodhya dispute where BJP & Hindutva forces are bent upon making Ram-Mandir at disputed site irrespective of Supreme Court judgment.

(2)- The Hindutva forces presently led by PM Modi (without any need to say so because he already has certificate of pro-Hindutva forces due to 2002 Gujarat) are not realizing that (post ISIS & renewed Al-Qaeda) 2018 is not 1992 when Babri-Masjid was demolished by Hindutva forces which increased the political strength of BJP (from 2 MP in eighties) and which has ultimately brought it in power at Centre and in many States [mainly due the cowardice of Indian Muslims who did not move (are still not moving) Supreme Court for the restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri-Masjid and which emboldened the Hindutva forces and which is the main rather only reason of electoral success / rise of BJP from nineties till date]. Therefor if Akhtar / PDP are thinking that PM Modi has gained acceptability among ~ 200 million Indian Muslims then they are living in make believe word. Modi’s political power is a house of cards and will crumble the day Muslims move Supreme Court for the legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri-Masjid.

(3)- Majority of Hindus are prejudiced against Muslims and don’t want to live with Muslims. That was the reason India did not assimilate Bangladesh in 1971, though ‘two nation theory’ (the basis of India’s partition in 1947) collapsed when Bangladesh parted away from Pakistan. This is also the reason that Hindu majority India does not want (unlike Hindu Goa) to retrieve Muslim PoK [on the other side Muslims of India including Kashmiris (including Akhtar / PDP who compare Kashmiris like their counterparts in other states of the country) do not demand retrieve of PoK because Indian Muslims do not want Hindu India to attack Muslim Pakistan for retrieve of PoK].

(4)- Hence the Kashmir policy of India / Modi is very simple what National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah has said that let PoK be with Pakistan and present J&K be with India. But India does not want to say so openly and instead keep on parroting (by quoting Constitution and unanimous resolution of Parliament) that entire J&K (including PoK) is an integral part of India (despite almost half of J&K is with Pakistan for the last 70 years which makes instrument of accession of J&K to India not worth the paper it is written on). In consonance with this policy India wants that Kashmiris and Pakistan should not create any disturbance (including terrorism) in J&K and in order to ensure this India has deployed hundreds of thousands of security forces in J&K.

(5)- As far bloodshed in J&K (mostly of Kashmiri Muslims) the Hindus don’t mind it because Hindus believe that for about one thousand years Muslim invaders and rulers had inflicted immense atrocities on Hindus (including on Kashmiri Pundits by militant Jihadis around nineties). That is the reason instead of taking-on the military of Pakistan for retrieve of PoK the security forces of India are showing ‘bravery’ by training guns (under the protection of AFSPA, SPA etc) on Kashmiri civilian Muslims.

(6)- Without unification of Kashmir there is no Kashmir solution. But in this matter Pakistan also can’t do anything to help Kashmiris because militarily (especially after separation of Bangladesh) Pakistan is much less powerful than India hence can’t snatch Kashmir from India militarily. Moreover even if Government of Pakistan wants then also (in this age of ISIS and renewed Al-Qaeda) Pakistan can’t forget Indian side of J&K (especially Muslim Kashmir) because, as per media reports, Islam has laid down the lives of about one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir [as long as Islam / Pakistani Jihadis try to snatch Kashmir from India the Kashmiri Jihadis (who have gained more support among Kashmiris after Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani was killed by Indian security forces in 2016) will also clamor for independence (Azadi) or separation].

(7)- If Akhtar / PDP really want Kashmir solution then they should not give merely lip service to their Indian-ness (like their counterparts in other states of the country) rather they should demand that India should retrieve PoK, even militarily if necessary. As far nukes with Pakistan it is a lame excuse because India’s Air Force’s strength (as per Air Chief’s statement on October 5, 2017 too) is sufficient to disarm Pak nukes. Moreover the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written.

(8)- In addition to this PDP should expand all across India as a genuinely secular party. Because all the parties in India sponsored by Hindus have failed to win the confidence of Indian Muslims therefore party sponsored by Muslims (PDP) should show how to win the confidence of Hindus all across India.

It is hoped that Akhtar / PDP will come on ground and will try to understand the said complex nature of chronic & gory Kashmir problem for the purpose of solving (as mentioned above) the Kashmir problem so that Kashmiris (especially their children, women, old people) may get succor without any further delay.


Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India

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