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Pak Jihadis may pressurize China (through ‘economic corridor’) about Kashmir solution

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 2 Août 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- In Kashmir Separatists will carry our regular protests and will pressurize elected representatives, through boycott, for resignation (ii)- In Pakistan Jihadis may pressurize China about early Kashmir solution through ‘economic corridor’(iii)- This two pronged approach by Jihadis / Separatists bound to attract international response for early Kashmir solution (iv)- India may face another dismemberment if does not retrieve POK without further delay.

-----Everybody knows that neither Separatists of Kashmir nor Pakistan (including its military) and its Jihadis can snatch Kashmir from India by force hence mobilization of international community for plebiscite in entire J&K is the only way left for Islam to snatch at-least Muslim Kashmir including POK (If not entire J&K) from India. Hence Jihadis / Separatists on both sides of border / LOC in J&K have smelt the blood and will not let go the opportunity provided by widespread resentment in Kashmir after killing of Hizb-ul-Mujahidin (HuM) Commander Burhan Wani and attended violent protests [in which ~ 50 killed, ~ 5,500 inured (~ half the members of security forces) and ~ 150 eyes damaged, fully or partially, by pellet guns].

On Indian side in Kashmir the Separatists have already started pressurizing elected representatives (of Local Bodies, Legislative Assembly & Council and Parliament) and other main stream politicians from at-least Muslim majority Kashmir to resign by giving a call for their boycott if they do not resign. A senior National Conference (NC) leader from Anantnag, Iftikhar Hussain Misger reportedly has already resigned on Sunday and joined the sloganeering youth and chanted anti-India and pro-freedom slogans. This has further enthused the separatists and they will go for further kill and will try to get resignation of all the elected representatives of the valley. In addition to this separatists may carry-out repeated protests / demonstrations in Kashmir for Azadi (independence) / separation. These two approaches will be enough for Separatists (without incurring further injuries / death to protesters) to attract the attention of international community on Kashmir issue.

On Pakistan side Jihadis have become hyper-active. On Sunday the Border Security Force of India reportedly made extra security arrangements at Attari international border and its surrounding villages in wake of march up-to Wagah (Pakistani border village) by Pakistan’s conservative Islamic political party Jamaat-e-Islami in which JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed and HuM Chief Salahuddin were also seen participating. This means that Jihadis in Pakistan will keep Kashmir issue alive in Pakistan on streets not only till Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh visits Pakistan (during SAARC meeting of HMs on August 3,4) but also till UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) session in September, 2016.

But Jihadis in Pakistan have more powerful leverage (through China) to constrain international community to take interest for resolving Kashmir problem without further delay. The ‘economic corridor’ (including Gwadar Port) is almost a lifeline to China as it not only reduces transportation distance drastically but also by-passes Pacific and Indo-Sri Lanka region and many not-so-friendly countries of this region in order to get direct access to economically & strategically important (to China) the Middle East and African countries.

If Jihadis of Pakistan (through mobilization at streets) start pressurizing China (a permanent member of UN) by creating disturbance /sabotages at ‘economic corridor’ including by raising questions about very existence of ‘economic corridor’ in case China does not take effective and urgent measures to solve Kashmir problem (preferably through plebiscite in J&K which is bound to favor Pakistan at-least in Muslim Kashmir and POK if not in entire J&K) then Kashmir problem with this two pronged approach of Jihadis / Separatists will enter such a grave phase that it will be impossible for India to handle with its hitherto stated Kashmir policies.

India should also understand that if government of PM Nawaz in Pakistan does not allow Jihadis to agitate on streets in said manner then Jihadi-Islam of Pakistan [which, as per media, has already laid down the lives of ~ one hundred Thousand Jihadis (including from J&K, including POK) for Kashmir] will make political life of Nawaz untenable and if these Jihadis do not do so then the chances of the entry of ISIS / Caliphate will increase exponentially in AF-PAK-Kashmir region.

In view of above mentioned presently India has only one solution left which is to retrieve POK even militarily if necessary without bothering about Nukes of India and Pakistan (because in ultimate analysis after-all keeping world safe from nuclear disaster is white-man’s burden). Especially after BREXIT where under international pressure (of West, the USA & Europe who are increasingly becoming the victim of terrorist attacks) the ‘Common Wealth’ (CW) of 53 countries (and more bordering Muslim countries by willing assimilation) will be REALIZED sooner than later.

By precipitating the Realization of CW (by trying to retrieve POK) India will be instrumental in a big way in eliminating ‘global Jihadi terrorism’ too [which will bring tremendous beneficial good-will of global community (including of beleaguered majority of Muslims) for India] by bringing Muslim-world under secular regime (as moderate Muslims need help / support) as Muslims cannot be left alone to live because Muslim majority countries always breed Jihadi terrorism (which has rendered tens of millions of Muslims bleeding and weeping profusely in NAME & AF-PAK region).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

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