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PwC’s 27th annual global CEO survey: Navigating the imperative of reinvention

Alwihda Info | Par Alwihda - 13 Juin 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and climate change, the urgency for businesses to reinvent themselves has never been greater. PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey sheds light on the pressing need for companies to adapt to these megatrends to ensure long-term viability and growth.

The Imperative to Reinvent

According to the survey, 97% of CEOs have taken steps to change how their companies create, deliver, and capture value over the past five years. This drive for reinvention is fueled by the realization that current business models may not sustain them in the future. Alarmingly, 45% of CEOs doubt their companies will remain viable beyond a decade if they continue on their current path, up from 39% the previous year. This statistic underscores the critical need for transformative actions in business strategies.

Technological and Climate Challenges

Two major forces driving the need for change are technological disruption and climate change. Generative AI stands out as a transformative technology, with 60% of CEOs expecting it to improve operational efficiency. However, this optimism is tempered by concerns about cybersecurity risks and the potential spread of misinformation. The survey indicates that while generative AI has significant potential, its integration must be managed carefully to mitigate associated risks.

Climate change remains a central issue, with two-thirds of CEOs actively working on energy efficiency and climate-friendly products. Despite this, many companies lack comprehensive plans for broader climate actions, such as incorporating climate risks into financial planning. This gap highlights the need for more holistic approaches to sustainability.

Economic Optimism and Emerging Threats

While CEOs are more optimistic about global economic growth than last year, with 38% expecting improvement in 2024, caution persists. Nearly half of the CEOs remain uncertain about their companies’ long-term survival. Inflation continues to be a top concern, especially for U.S. CEOs, while geopolitical risks loom large in regions like Central and Eastern Europe.

Resource Allocation and Efficiency

Effective resource allocation is crucial for successful reinvention. The survey reveals that nearly two-thirds of CEOs reallocate 20% or less of their resources annually, with more aggressive reallocation linked to higher profitability. However, inefficiency remains a significant issue. CEOs perceive that a substantial portion of time spent on routine tasks is inefficient, equating to a self-imposed $10 trillion tax on productivity.

Climate-Friendly Investments

One encouraging trend is the willingness of CEOs to accept lower returns for climate-friendly investments. Forty-one percent have set lower hurdle rates for such investments, signaling a shift towards sustainability despite financial trade-offs. Geographically, CEOs in Asia-Pacific are more likely to accept these lower returns compared to their global counterparts.

Strategic Reinvention Actions

The survey highlights several strategic actions that positively impact profit margins, including technology adoption, strategic partnerships, and novel pricing models. Collaboration across industry boundaries through joint ventures and alliances is emphasized as essential for innovation and market agility.

Generative AI Adoption

Generative AI is expected to significantly transform business models, with CEOs anticipating increased competition and the need for new workforce skills. While some foresee job reductions due to AI, others predict new hiring opportunities, reflecting a complex balance between short-term disruptions and long-term benefits. Transparent and ethical AI integration is crucial for building trust and ensuring successful adoption.


PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey illustrates the critical need for continuous reinvention in response to accelerating megatrends. CEOs must navigate technological innovation, climate action, and strategic resource allocation to ensure long-term viability and growth. The report emphasizes that leadership is paramount in managing these complex challenges and transforming aspirations into realities. As businesses face an age of continuous reinvention, the opportunities to thrive on disruption and reshape the future are immense.

In summary, the survey provides a roadmap for CEOs to embrace change, harness new technologies, and prioritize sustainability, ensuring their companies are well-equipped to navigate the uncertainties of the future.

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