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Right time for Gandhian Yasin to launch non-violent agitation to solve Kashmir problem soon

Alwihda Info | Par Hem Raj Jain - 3 Octobre 2016

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Kashmir issue already internationalized (ii)-Hence present situation ripe for early Kashmir solution (iii)- Violent methods for Kashmir solution will be self-defeating (iv)- Expecting further Bandh / strike by Kashmiris (when not required in present situation) will damage the on-going agitation of Separatists (v)- Present situation best suited for Gandhian non-violent agitation for Kashmir solution (vi)- Time for Yasin Malik has come to prove his Gandhian credentials (vii)- Separatist trio should also keep only the interest of the people of J&K in mind and nothing else

--- The surgical strike by India against Pakistan on September, 29 in response to Uri Attack of September, 18 by Pakistan on Army camp has created a situation for very early Kashmir solution if Yasin Malik (a militant turned Gandhian) starts non-violent Gandhian agitation to solve chronic and gory Kashmir problem.

The present situation is all the more conducive for Kashmir solution because whether India likes it or not but Kashmir issue is now internationalized as (i)- Now US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly said - the entire world is worried that Jihadis may take over Pak government & nukes and there may be coup in Pakistan and (ii)- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman reportedly said that the UN Chief is "deeply concerned" over the "significant increase" in tensions between India and Pakistan in the wake of the recent developments, in particular the "reported cease-fire violations" along the Line of Control following an attack on an Indian army base in Uri on September 18 hence Ban-ki-Moon has called on India and Pakistan to resolve their outstanding issues, including Kashmir, peacefully through diplomacy and dialogue and said his "good offices" are available, if accepted by both sides.

Moreover Yasin must be aware that Pakistan will continue to help and assist the Kashmiris in every way but Pakistan has limitation. After 1971 partition of Pakistan (when Bangladesh came in existence) Pakistan has become much weaker and cannot face India militarily hence Pakistan has only one choice that is to use Jihadis against India in order to keep Kashmir issue alive and to internationalize the Kashmir issue.

But this also has limitation. Firstly, it unnecessary involves killing and bloodshed (including of civilians) which brings global opposition to this violent approach. Secondly, India is reconciled to violent Jihadi attacks in J&K and even in India where few dozen people get killed and injured in various parts of India.

Therefore if Yasin Malik depends only on Jihadi support from Pakistan then nothing will come out of it except NOW unnecessarily harassing the Kashmiris by Bandh /strikes which is already going on for the last 87 days in Kashmir and which has caused immense hardship to the people of Kashmir and which may even turn people against Bandh callers (the trio of Geelani – Mirwaiz – Yasin) if an alternative and effective program is not offered by Yasin Malik (a Gandhian which Geelani and Mirwaiz are not) to solve Kashmir problem (once Yasin takes lead in this Gandhian agitation Geelani, Mirwaiz etc can join it).

For this Gandhian agitation Yasin has to do only two things:-

(1)- Yasin should take the peaceful march of millions of Kashmiris (and people from rest of India who have sympathy with Kashmiris and want early Kashmir solution) from Srinagar to India’s territory Muzaffarabad (Capital of PoJK).

(2)- Yasin should ask Kashmiris of PoJK too to take a similar peaceful march of millions of Kashmiris from Muzaffarabad to Srinagar

It will be more effective if Yasin asks his Jihadi friends in Pakistan to bring pressure on government of Pakistan to order its security forces to not arrest rather allow Indian security forces to arrest these marchers from Muzaffarbad to Srinagar. Which means Yasin should ask these Kashmiri peaceful marchers from both side of LOC to offer arrest to security forces of India at LOC (so that Kashmiris from both sides of LOC can remain in one prison which will unify Kashmiris de-facto before de-jure). It does not require a genius of political science to understand that when Kashmir issue has already been internationalized (as mentioned above) in such situation with at-least 2 million Kashmiris (from both side of POC) in Indian prisons, the world community will see to it that Kashmir problem is solved soon to the satisfaction of the people of J&K (including PoJK).

Here it should be understood because Kashmir problem has not been solved by governments of India and Pakistan for the last 69 years hence every Indian has legal right (in a peaceful march) to enter PoJK which is India’s territory and every citizen from PoJK has legal right to enter his / her country which is not only Indian side of J&K but entire India. Hence Indian security forces can maximum take these peacefully marching protesters in custody and can send them to prison but Indian security forces can neither fire bullets nor do lathi (baton) charge on these Indian citizens from both sides of LOC.

Therefore Yasin should realize that Kashmiris have already suffered a lot hence he should now think of solving Kashmir problem without further delay. If Yasin wants then there are people from rest of India (without putting any financial burden for their personal expenses on Kashmiris) who are prepared to come to Kashmir in order to help / assist Yasin Malik (even to offer arrest along with Kashmiris) in said Gandhian peaceful march / agitation for solving Kashmir problem soon.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India


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